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Season 8

Episode 6

(She Seemed Very Fragile At That Moment)

Gu Jingze looked at her demeanor and was worried. He frowned and his voice grew hoarse. “Tell me. What exactly happened? Lin Che…”

However, Lin Che still refused to say anything and even turned away.

Gu Jingze grew more anxious. He chased up to Lin Che and stood in front of her, “Lin Che, will you tell me?!”

Lin Che felt his head looking down at her. His face was all twisted and his gaze was much darker.

Lin Che speechlessly looked at Gu Jingze.

This man was way too anxious.

“Idiot, Gu Jingze. I’m pregnant.”


Gu Jingze’s face stiffened.

He looked straight at Lin Che as if a movie scene froze up.

“Pregnant? You?” His thin lips quivered. He obviously heard it loud and clear, but he still asked her again.

Lin Che nodded and looked into his eyes. She was unable to see through them.

Then, Gu Jingze carried her up.

“Ah, Gu Jingze. What are you doing? Put me down…” Lin Che felt herself get spun around. When he stopped, he was still holding her up and looking up at her face. Really? She was pregnant?

Lin Che hugged his head and looked down at him. That deep gaze of his made her face feel hot.

Seriously. She couldn’t take his focused gaze the most.

Especially like this. It was as if he was piercing right through her and firing her up from within.

She was amazed at how there could be a man like this on earth. His eyes were enough to kill somebody and it was not because they were sharp. Rather, it was because of that gentle gaze. It was so gentle that it made her willing to do anything for him, including ending their own lives.

She looked away and he finally put her down. He said, “Come. Let me take you out.”

Lin Che replied, “I need to tell the crew first.”

“Okay. I’ll wait in the car outside.”

His eyes were still fixated on her as he smiled.

Lin Che’s heart was sweetened. She was worried that she might not want to let go of his hand anymore. She quickly collected herself and ran inside.

The crew member who came in asked her, “Hey, Lin Che, was that your boyfriend?”

Lin Che nodded sweetly.

That person gave her a thumbs-up and seemed very envious.

Lin Che was even happier with her praise.

Stephen saw that she was back and asked, “Is the man outside your boyfriend?”

Lin Che nodded, “Yes, Director.”

He looked outside, rubbed his chin, and nodded, “Yes, he has a very good image. Has he considered being an actor? I think his image is the closest to our requirements for an Asian image be it in height or physique… He’ll definitely be famous here.”

Lin Che only pursed her lips and smiled. She said, “No, he’ll never act.”

“Oh? Is that so? What makes you so sure?”

“Of course. I’m certain that he doesn’t want to be an actor, but I must still thank you for your interest.”

“He really could be famous.” The director still thought that it was a waste.

Lin Che could only smile. He was the big CEO Gu. Why would he come here to act? It was really impossible.

She walked out and Gu Jingze was already waiting in the car.

Lin Che got in the car. Seeing that he was behind the wheel, she asked strangely, “Didn’t you bring your men with you?”

Gu Jingze nodded, “Not many people recognize me here, so it’s a lot safer than back at home. Let’s go. I’ll take to you eat.”

He held her hand and looked so intensely at her until she wanted to escape again. He then smirked and turned away.

Very soon, they arrived at a restaurant by the sea.

Gu Jingze got out of the car and refused to let Lin Che move. He opened the car door for her and said, “Let me help you. You don’t need to exert yourself.”

“…” Lin Che said speechlessly, “It’s opening the car door. How exerting can that be?”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and still seemed concerned. He might as well carry her up.

“Hey hey hey, what are you doing now?”

Gu Jingze said, “The ground is uneven here. I’ll carry you in.”

“No… I… I’m not handicapped. You don’t need to carry me. Put me down.”

The people around saw a bickering couple enter and couldn’t help but stare after them.

Lin Che noticed people looking at them and she quickly hit Gu Jingze’s head.

Nobody had hit Gu Jingze on his head before. He glared at Lin Che.

This woman was so brave now. She dared to climb all over his head?

If anybody saw this, they would definitely have thought that Lin Che was crazy.

However, Gu Jingze glared at her but did not get angry.

He put Lin Che down and she said, “Don’t do that again. This… I’m not ill or anything. I’m just pregnant.”

Gu Jingze only looked at Lin Che and asked, “What if you fall…”

“Gu Jingze, do you want me to lie in bed this entire time then?”

Gu Jingze sighed and looked at Lin Che. She was really making him worry this way.

He always wanted to have a child with her. He hoped to have a child to inherit her beauty and her everything. However, now that they really were going to have one, he was rather worried.

It was such a small thing. It was too fragile…

What if some accident happened? He believed that she definitely wouldn’t be able to take it.

He pondered for a while. “I’ll get a doctor to follow you around tomorrow and also some bodyguards and assistants solely to stick to you.”

“Huh?” Lin Che looked speechlessly at Gu Jingze. “What for?”

“It’s just like a presidential guard like that girl at Yu Minmin’s side. I also have some selected. I’ll assign them to you tomorrow.”

“N-n-no. There’s no need for that. I’m just pregnant…” Lin Che really thought that it was too troublesome. Was she going to have a bunch of people following her wherever she went?

There were already assistants and a bunch of crew members wherever she went now and she already thought that it was bothersome. If there were more people…

If the media and fans saw this, wouldn’t they think that she was showing off? A personal bodyguard?

Furthermore, a female bodyguard would appear more specialized and expensive than male bodyguards. She couldn’t afford this.

She knew that all these cost a ton of money. It would definitely burn her pockets and pained her heart.

“This is not a good idea. The family will think that I’m weird and demanding if they know about it. I’m just pregnant. Why make it so scary…”

“Relax. If the family finds out, they probably wouldn’t be able to wait to send all the bodyguards to protect you.”


“This is the first child for the Gu family after all.”

Lin Che couldn’t help but think of Gu Jingyan’s child previously.



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