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Season 7

Episode 84

(She Could Not Believe The Results Of The DNA Test)

Gu Jingze looked at Gu Xiande.

He knew that he was being weak and hesitant.

He looked at Gu Xiande. “Grandfather, isn’t this a good thing? I’m hesitating and being weak only because ordinary people are all like this. I’ve simply become more normal. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Ordinary people? You’re the successor of the Gu family. You can never be ordinary. No day in your life is ordinary because you’re going to become the head of the family!”

“Yes, I will become the head of the family. But I also want to be a good husband. To be a good husband, I should do all I can for my wife. I should support her when she needs me to back her up. I should be considerate of her when she needs help…”

“Jingze, you’re wrong. A wife is a partner you should merely make use of. It’s only right for her to help you out all the time. But you should not be helping her all the time!”

“But Grandfather…” Gu Jingze looked at Gu Xiande. “In the past, I never thought that I would want to become a good man for the sake of a woman. But now, I do when I’m together with Lin Che. I also never thought that I would want to become an ordinary person one day because of her. But now, I want to be that as well. Grandfather, you’re the one who told me to marry her. Because I have her now, I experienced what ordinary people do in their daily lives. I came into contact with a world that I had never touched.”

“That’s enough. If I knew from the start that you would pamper her so much, I definitely wouldn’t have told you to marry her.” Gu Xiande scoffed and immediately continued, “You’re not allowed to hold your wedding.”

Gu Jingze clenched his hands. “What if I insist on having the wedding?”

“In that case, relinquish your position as head of the family!” Gu Xiande continued, “Even if I have to make Jingming give up his current position and return to take your place as head of the family, I definitely won’t hand the family over to you! Hmph.” Gu Xiande left with a flick of his sleeves.

Gu Jingze stood unmoving for a long time.

However, Qin Hao called at this moment while he was silent in his persistent thoughts.

“Sir, the results of the DNA test are out.”

“Alright. Send them to my office now.”

As he had thought, the results of the DNA test showed that there was no possibility at all of the child being his.

Clenching the results in his hand, he said to Qin Hao, “Make two copies: one to be sent to the Mo family and the other to be given to the Gu family.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Qin Hao was really looking forward to the reaction of the Mo family when they saw the results. They might have been fantasizing about producing an heir for the Gu family, but now…

In no time, the Mo family received a delivery.

The moment Mo Huiling’s father took the envelope, he felt that it was quite light. However, his heart started sinking. He pulled its contents out to see what it was…

It was the results of the DNA test!

Mo Huiling’s father trembled as he opened it up. At that moment, his entire face lit up.

From the start, he had supported Mo Huiling wholeheartedly, thinking that Mo Huiling would give birth to the bloodline of the Gu family. In that case, the Mo family would have a connection with the powerful Gu family. How grand that would be. This was the first child of the Gu family’s new generation. For the sake of their own bloodline, they would have definitely been willing to recklessly spend money on the child all the time. The Mo family would then achieve meteoric success.

But now, all of a sudden…

In a fit of fury, Mo Huiling’s father called Mo Huiling.

Mo Huiling had been sleeping when she received the call. In a daze, she mumbled, “Father, I was sleeping. You disturbed my sleep.”

“You’re still sleeping? I’ve seen the results of the DNA test. You fool. The child in your stomach isn’t Gu Jingze’s.”

Mo Huiling immediately shouted, “It’s not? That’s impossible! Where did you get the results from?!”

“Someone sent it by mail. Didn’t you say that Gu Jingze had extracted your DNA? He must have sent it!” Mo Huiling’s father continued angrily, “I can’t believe it isn’t Gu Jingze’s child. This child of mine, you’ve really put me in trouble. Is the Mo family going to die in your hands now? I told you a long time ago to give up and stop provoking Gu Jingze recklessly. But now…”

“That’s enough. I don’t believe you. I won’t believe you no matter what. The child must be Gu Jingze’s. Fine, Gu Jingze has fabricated results for Lin Che’s sake. That must be the case!”


“It’s all because of Lin Che! Hmph, I won’t let Lin Che off!”

“Hey, Huiling…” Mo Huiling immediately hung up. Mo Huiling’s father did not know what this stupid lass was going to do again. But he could not afford to offend the Gu family again. If she wanted to take the risk and do something, she could do it herself!

Mo Huiling sat on the bed and harbored malicious thoughts. She was sure that Gu Jingze was deceiving her. But if he had really fabricated the results of the DNA test and was insisting that the child was not his, then absolutely no one would believe her given the Gu family’s power.

Lin Che… right, Lin Che. She needed Lin Che to die right now. If Lin Che died now, Gu Jingze would not continue to lie! Everything would be completely resolved as long as Lin Che was dead!

Even though Gu Jingze wanted Lin Che to rest at home, Lin Che was not a person who could stay idle.

She had already arranged with Abby to go to the company and have a video call with Yu Minmin. They would discuss ways to resolve this issue.

If Lin Che stayed at home, she would only become more anxious and her imagination would keep running wild. It was better for her to go out and get some air.

When Lin Che heard her phone ringing, she picked it up and saw that Abby was calling.

She answered the call and said, “Abby, I’m nearly there. I’m about to get into the elevator.

“Lin Che!” Just then, however, a voice as cold as ice traveled from behind her. It seemed to be laced with a vengeful fury.

Lin Che turned around only to be faced with the black muzzle of a pistol instead of Mo Huiling’s face.

Lin Che subconsciously stepped backward and shrank into herself.

“Mo Huiling…”

“Lin Che, go and die. If you die, Gu Jingze won’t resort to underhanded methods for your sake. He can only accept my child and stop looking for excuses.”

“You… Mo Huiling, think about this clearly. You’re holding a gun in your hands. You – where did you get the gun? If you kill me like this… you’ll be a murderer. When the time comes, what will happen to you and your child?”

“Huh. A murderer? If that happens, Gu Jingze won’t leave his child without a mother. He will definitely save me!”

“Even so, you’ll be a murderer. Your child will become the child of a murderer too. How can you bear to…” Lin Che looked at the pistol while retreating backward step by step. She felt as if death was slowly approaching. She could even sense the violent weapon.

But… was she going to die just like this?

Because Mo Huiling had gone mad?

Of course, she refused to!

She looked at Mo Huiling with her teeth clenched together. She turned to see that the number shown on the elevator was still flickering. As if she had thought of something, she walked backward and said to Mo Huiling, “Actually, I’m sure that Gu Jingze still has feelings for you.”

Mo Huiling’s eyes flashed. “Really? How… How do you know?”





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