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Season 7

Episode 82

(Photos Of Him Begging For Forgiveness Went Viral)

Lin Che said, “My reputation…”

Gu Jingze approached her and said, “If your father did not offend anyone recently, his affairs would not have been exposed so suddenly. It gives me reason to suspect that the target was someone else.”

“By someone else… do you mean… me?” Lin Che pointed to herself and asked.

Gu Jingze nodded. “That’s right. At a time like this, you would probably attract more attention than him. You’re also a much easier target than your father.”

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and internally sighed in admiration. He was worthy of his name as an unscrupulous businessman. Thoughts like these had not occurred to her at all. However, Gu Jingze had already thought of so many things because of one sentence from her.

Lin Che said, “But I don’t want to help him at all. He has never fulfilled any of his responsibilities to me as a father, both in the past and in the present. He had only hurt me and my mother. I don’t want to give him the time of day at all.”

Gu Jingze said, “You don’t have to bother with him. I’ll get someone to find out what exactly is happening.”

“Alright then.”

Gu Jingze said, “I will be busy with work today. Can you choose your wedding dress on your own?”

“Of course I can. Go ahead. I can ask Abby along with me. Anyway, I’m just going to check the dresses out,” Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze placed his arm around her head and kissed her forehead.

In the wedding dress boutique, Lin Che and Abby watched the staff present to them drawing samples of several wedding dresses.

Lin Che looked at each wedding dress and found all of them very beautiful.

The salesperson enthusiastically told her more about the dresses. “Mr. Gu has already sent someone here to instruct us that we will only select wedding dresses designed by Italian designers. Mr. Gu has very good taste. The works of our Italian designers have all won major international awards. There are numerous outstanding designs. You can take a look at these few first. The designers of these dresses are all pretty well-known in their field. Their designs suit your figure very well too.”

The salesperson selected a few designers for her without hesitation. She only introduced the designers and their works. There was no need to mention the prices; since it was Gu Jingze’s wedding, she could definitely choose whichever wedding dress she wanted.

Lin Che looked at a few of them. Although Abby was still young and did not appreciate the beauty of wedding dresses, she could not stop showering praises on the choices on display.

The two of them looked at the dresses for some time and narrowed down the selection first. They were planning to keep the dresses there so that they could take the time to look at them carefully. Then, they left the store.

However, upon reaching the entrance, Lin Che heard Lin Youcai’s voice again before they even got into the car.

“Lin Che, Lin Che, don’t leave.”

Lin Youcai came up to her from behind. He ran towards them in a frenzy while looking at Lin Che.

Lin Che frowned. Her relaxed mood had been disrupted all of a sudden. She immediately said to Lin Youcai, “Father, I’ve already told you that I will not help you in this matter. You coming here doesn’t change this.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Lin Che, listen to me first. Don’t be in such a rush to leave.” Lin Youcai suddenly kneeled down with a thud. Lin Che instinctively stepped backward and looked down at Lin Youcai in surprise.


With both his knees on the ground, Lin Youcai looked at Lin Che. “Little Che, your father is begging you. Help me out. With your current status and power, isn’t this a trivial matter? Just help me even if it’s out of pity. You’re in such a powerful position right now, but I’m being investigated. Wouldn’t it cast a shadow on your reputation too?”

Lin Che smiled grimly and looked at Lin Youcai. “All of you tried ways and means to cause trouble for me but now, you’re even asking for my help? I’m not so magnanimous as to forget the past completely. When I was young, I lived with the nanny in her room. After I grew up, you wanted me to marry a fool. When I got together with Gu Jingze, you wanted me to share him with your daughter. If I can forgive all of this, I really don’t know… what is considered unforgivable.”

“I… I… I really regret it very much, Lin Che.” He looked up at Lin Che with his tears and snot streaming down his face altogether. “I was blind. I was wrong. I was blinded by greed. I was afraid that you would get revenge on me after you attained power so I wanted you to give them a leg up too. I’ve already learned my lesson now. I really shouldn’t have treated you that way. Because I’m your father and I watched you grow up… give me a chance to enjoy my late years, alright? I can’t spend the rest of my life in jail.”

He looked at Lin Che. “You’re the only one who can save me now, Lin Che. I can’t pin my hopes on anyone else. No one in our family is more successful than you. Right now, you’re really famous and wealthy. Furthermore, Gu Jingze dotes on you so much. Other people can’t help but envy you. Please be magnanimous and help me out…”

Unaffected, Lin Che headed towards the car. Beside her, Abby glanced at him and said to the person beside her, “Why aren’t you getting rid of him? The situation looks so ugly.”

Abby got into the car. Seeing that Lin Che was sitting there silently, she said, “So, it turns out that every father is bad.”

Lin Che said, “Of course not. Your father treats you very well. I really don’t like my father because he has never been a father to me apart from giving me a place to live. A father would not be willing to sell his daughter off for profit. Neither would he be willing to push his daughter into a fire pit. Thus, I won’t help him no matter what he does. But my mood turns sour whenever I see him. I keep recalling many bits and pieces of my past. I think of the fact that I almost didn’t have a father. It’s such a shame that I don’t know what fatherly love is at all.”

“Alright… In that case, your father is indeed worse than mine.”

Before Lin Che had even arrived home, she saw that a photo had suddenly been released on prominent websites.

The photo showed Lin Che and Lin Youcai on the road. It was obvious that the photo had been taken from a distance. However, it was still pretty clear. Lin Youcai was kneeling on the ground. Lin Che’s expression was cold and there was clearly a sneer on her face.

There was an explanation of the photo below and the headline stated, “A Well-Known Celebrity Is Ruthless Towards Her Father After Becoming Famous. She Sneers Even When Her Father Is Kneeling And Begging For Forgiveness”.

The article stated that Lin Youcai was Lin Che’s father. As Lin Youcai was the mayor, his family was doing pretty well. However, at the moment Lin Youcai was being investigated. There was also a possibility that he would be charged with corruption. In the photograph that was taken recently, it seemed that Lin Youcai had asked Lin Che for a favor, but she obviously behaved in a way that was not befitting of a daughter. Instead, her father had kneeled down to beg her for forgiveness.

Mo Huiling looked at the photograph and grinned evilly.

“Good, good. I’ll see if the Gu family dares to take someone like Lin Che into the family. She’s a heartless actress who will be detested by everyone.”

Li Mingyu looked at Mo Huiling’s sinister expression. “Huiling, don’t go overboard. You can’t hide something like this from Gu Jingze.”

Mo Huiling said nonchalantly, “It doesn’t matter. What can Gu Jingze do to me?”

Li Mingyu was about to say something again but Mo Huiling was already ignoring him.

Li Mingyu always felt that she took things too far. But it was obvious that Mo Huiling did not know that trouble was ahead. She was really being arrogant.





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