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Season 7

Episode 80

( They Were Actually Taking Such Great Pains For A Wedding)

However, the process would be slightly dangerous. There was a possibility that extracting the child’s DNA in advance would cause danger to it. Furthermore, anesthetizing Mo Huiling would possibly cause danger to the child as well.

Hence, Qin Hao was worried that Gu Jingze would be criticized if the child was placed in danger.

Lin Che was in the room looking at the wedding locations.

France, the Great Barrier Reef, the Swan Lake, Manhattan… every location looked good.

Upon seeing Gu Jingze, Lin Che asked, “About this, if we’re having our wedding overseas, are we going to ask everyone to go and attend it?”

“No. We’re not inviting many people to our wedding. So even though all of them will have to go overseas, there probably won’t be many people.”

Hearing this, Lin Che nodded her head in understanding. She figured that it made sense. Ordinary people probably could not attend Gu Jingze’s wedding.

“So there will be around 20 to 30 people?”

“Probably just more than a hundred people.”


Alright. She had thought wrong. She thought that this was what he meant when he said there weren’t many people going.

“More than a hundred people… then, how will they go there? On their own?”

“They would be willing to go even if we made them go on their own. But it wouldn’t look good on us to make them do that since we’re the ones having our wedding there. When the time comes, I will dispatch all of our family’s planes. All of our guests will probably be able to make it in time for our wedding then.”

“Ah. It still sounds very troublesome. In that case, shouldn’t I choose a closer place?” Lin Che looked at the options and asked, “Manhattan seems quite easy to access. If we choose it… how much do you think we’ll spend?”

“It probably won’t cost more than three hundred million.”

“Not more than three hundred million? !” Lin Che felt that he spoke as if he was talking about three hundred dollars. But he was already talking in terms of hundreds of millions…

“Then, what about the Great Barrier Reef?”

“This will probably be much cheaper because we can simply choose our family’s holiday resort as the hotel. It will only cost about two hundred million.”

“Then… France…”

“It will definitely be expensive. We’ll have to plan for the hotel, the local church, and everyone’s attire. I think we will spend at least five hundred million.”

Lin Che shuddered in fear. She suddenly hugged Gu Jingze’s arm tightly and said with infinite sincerity, “Why don’t you give me the money to look for a wedding planner? We can go to some village and have a wedding that’s a bit more special. What do you think…”

“…” Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. “Can you be more mature? I only get to marry my wife once in my lifetime. Even if we spend a lot of money, it’s just this one time. If you don’t treasure this chance, you won’t get a second chance for the rest of your life.”

Lin Che smiled sheepishly. While smiling, she suddenly remembered what he had said. What did he mean when he said that it was a once in a lifetime affair…

She gazed at him and her face turned red immediately. She looked at Gu Jingze’s mysterious eyes that were shrouded in mist. At the moment, they had a hint of arrogant gentleness. It truly made her feel… a huge sense of sweetness.

Gu Jingze was Gu Jingze. He was so charming even when he was saying romantic words.

It was perhaps quite ordinary to other people. But when paired with his face, his words easily became very touching.

He was so sweet. Gu Jingze was so good at saying romantic things! Furthermore, he was getting better and better at it and becoming more and more of a natural at it.

Lin Che continued pestering him for a long time before Gu Jingze left again to work. He left Lin Che there to choose the location. Lin Che looked at them again and again and gasped internally at the prices. She thought of Shen Youran and quickly sent her a WeChat message. “Yours truly is finally about to get a wedding that costs hundreds of millions. Do you know how much Gu Jingze wants to spend on our wedding? Even the cheapest costs two hundred million!”

Shen Youran was very surprised when she saw her message and immediately replied to her, “No way. It’s so expensive. Is the great President Gu planning to cover the red carpet with gold?”

Lin Che said, “It’s a wedding. I guess it’s alright to spend a lot of money. I don’t think mine is considered very peculiar either. Previously, I heard that there was a celebrity who spent hundreds of millions on her wedding.”

Shen Youran immediately said, “That’s the result of roping in numerous sponsors. Your wedding isn’t sponsored. Gu Jingze is the one paying for everything!”

Fine. She was right.

Lin Che looked at the list of items for the wedding and truly felt that she was literally dreaming.

The wedding was fit for a princess.

Lin Che recalled that when she had married Gu Jingze back then, she had not had any expectations for their wedding at all. But now…


The next day.

Mo Huiling was looking at the results of her criticism towards Gu Jingze. She saw that everyone was talking about how Lin Che was totally a femme fatale who would put Gu Jingze in danger. They felt that Gu Jingze would definitely lose many things because of Lin Che.

She scoffed and thought to herself that that was a matter of course. Lin Che had nothing to her name at all. She was just a poor woman. Being together with her would bring Gu Jingze no benefits at all.

If that was all she amounted to, how could she not be embarrassed staying by Gu Jingze’s side? Wasn’t she being very shameless?

In the afternoon, the doctor arranged a pregnancy check-up for Mo Huiling.

Mo Huiling had been staying in the hospital, so the doctor pushed her out of her ward that afternoon.

Just then, Mo Huiling’s father came up to them. He looked at Mo Huiling and immediately said, “Huiling, I think nothing you do will work now. Look, even if you stay in the hospital and everyone else curses Gu Jingze out, it won’t affect Gu Jingze and Lin Che’s relationship at all. Everyone is afraid of Gu Jingze. Even if they criticize him behind his back, it’s just some criticism. They definitely won’t actually challenge with Gu Jingze.”

Mo Huiling retorted, “Of course it works. Look at how many people in the Gu family are scolding Lin Che. They will definitely know that Lin Che isn’t a good person. Then, they wouldn’t easily let Gu Jingze marry her.”

Her father immediately said, “Look at what’s happening now. Everyone is saying that Gu Jingze has already started planning the wedding. He’s inviting bids and the wedding is estimated to cost three hundred million in funds. The people trying to bid are already at their wit’s end.”

“What?!” Mo Huiling took the phone from him and looked at it. It displayed details of the wedding. Looking at it, Mo Huiling was about to die from anger. Gu Jingze had actually planned such an expensive wedding for Lin Che. Was he insane?

As she looked at the luxurious details of the wedding, she felt that any woman would have no regrets in her lifetime if she could have such a luxurious and expensive wedding. However, why did it have to be Lin Che?!

She scoffed enviously and threw the phone back to her father. Then, she said, “Hmph. That’s provided the wedding actually happens. But I won’t let it happen.”

The doctor pushed her into the room.

The ultrasound showed the size of the fetus. The doctor smiled and said, “Miss, the child is healthy.”

Mo Huiling merely looked up expectantly and asked, “Doctor, is the child male?”

“This… it’s still too small. I can’t tell…”

Hearing this, Mo Huiling immediately said impatiently, “What do you mean you can’t tell because it’s still too small? Don’t you just want money? I’m telling you that as long as the child is male, he will be the successor of the Gu family. Money won’t be a problem.”

The doctor said helplessly, “Miss, you’ve misunderstood. I’m telling you the truth. Don’t get agitated. I can’t tell the child’s gender right now. When it grows a little, I will take a look at it for you. Have a drink first and lie down to rest. Don’t get too worked up. It’s not good for the child.”





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