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Season 7

Episode 8

(She Was Wearing The Romantic Wedding Dress)

Gu Jingze had always made her feel that he was not a prince but a knight. He brought darkness with him and terror while protecting her, but there was always a faint gloomy air about him.

However, Gu Jingze seemed more like a prince today. He was obviously as cold as usual but his gaze was much warmer.

Lin Che looked at him while walking towards him step by step.

She was suddenly beginning to look forward to a wedding.

Perhaps the meaning of marriage did not lie in letting everyone know who she was married to, but simply in wanting to see him receive her warmly as if declaring to God that he was going to bring her to a new world.

The only thing on her mind was that she really wanted people to see him right now.

He was so warm, so handsome, and so tender-hearted.

She did not know why everyone was so afraid of him. Lin Che thought that Gu Jingze was actually not that scary, but no one could see this good side of him.

She walked towards him while the photographer said excitedly behind her, “You two look good. You look great together. Then Mr. Gu, Madam, can we go out and start taking photographs?”

Gu Jingze nodded and led Lin Che out.

They drove all the way to the seaside. The moment they alighted, they could see a boat anchored on the blue coastline.

Gu Jingze said, “I just bought a boat. Let’s go up and take some photographs.”

Lin Che let out a sound of affirmation. He then pulled her onto the boat.

They could see the blue sea from the boat. In front of them was a beautiful fairytale castle. It looked extremely beautiful.

Lin Che could still see many people taking photographs below. They looked at the huge boat on this side and looked at the two people on it in wonder.

Lin Che said, “So many people come here to take wedding photographs.”

Gu Jingze hummed in affirmation. “We got on the boat to take photographs so that people would not disturb us.”

While the sea breeze was blowing, the photographer adjusted his camera and. He looked at the two of them; one was Gu Jingze and one was Madame Gu. After considering it for a long time, he still did not dare to use the methods he usually used on models. Thus, he could only say to the two of them, “I think. I think the two of you can just pose randomly and we’ll take some photographs first.”

Lin Che said, “Ah… Mr. Photographer, please just tell us what to do… otherwise… I’ve never taken wedding photographs before. I don’t know what I should do.”

However, the photographer looked at Gu Jingze standing tall over there and still did not dare to instruct him.

It was fine for him to command models.

It was also fine for him to shout and scream at them because he was a famous photographer and all the models had to try hard to please him.

But telling him to shout and scream at the great Gu Jingze?

Forget it. Of course, he did not have the guts.

Lin Che stood there and looked at him for a long time.

However, Gu Jingze suddenly pulled Lin Che to him swiftly and said to her, “Turn around and look at me.”

Lin Che let out a sound of surprise and suddenly felt Gu Jingze’s face come close.

That dashing and handsome face had a gentle aura to it. He moved towards her and grabbed her by the shoulders as if taking in her scent…

Lin Che eyes widened considerably. She was a little surprised. Her blank expression looked very adorable.

The photographer saw the highlight immediately. Having been a professional photographer for such a long time, he was able to grasp such beauty very easily.

Thus, the photographer aimed his lens at the two of them and began taking shots.

After kissing her, Gu Jingze brushed his lips lightly over her face while caressing her cheeks with his large hand. Then, he pulled her towards him.

Thereafter, his sensual and unyielding eyes met hers. Gu Jingze’s entire body gave off an enticing atmosphere. With his back facing the sun, the warm light shone down on his body and perfectly emphasized his extraordinary figure. He looked as dignified as royalty.

Even the photographer was stunned. Not missing a single opportunity, he began to take photographs again.

Then, he caressed her body gently. The veil on her head floated all the way out of the boat and towards the azure blue sea.

Gu Jingze looked at her lovingly. With his arm wrapped around her waist, he smiled and said to her, “Behave like you normally do. Pretend that there’s no one around. Do what you do when we’re together normally. Relax.”

Normally… they would be this intimate. However, of course, that was only when they were alone. How could she do that now?

She looked down in embarrassment and did not dare to look at him. However, he continued to stroke her face and gently kissed her hair, her nose, and her lips.

The staff around them nearly went into a daze staring at them.

Only because this picture was truly too beautiful.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman. They were both as beautiful as deities. Right now, they had even specially dressed up on this rare occasion. Between the blue sea and the azure sky, they truly looked like part of a painting however they stood.

There was no need for them to deliberately strike other poses.

Furthermore, Gu Jingze treated Lin Che so gently and tenderly. The two of them looked impossibly intimate and Gu Jingze was really very gentle.

Everyone thought enviously, If only Gu Jingze could treat them gently for just a moment… it would be worth it even if they died.

They could not imagine it. Could it be that Gu Jingze was so gentle towards Lin Che on a daily basis?

In that case, Lin Che was really lucky.

Just by looking at Gu Jingze, they did not expect that he would have such a side to him. However, they knew from looking at how natural his movements were that it was definitely not the first time they were being so intimate.

The people down below seemed to see this scene.

Although they were also taking photographs on their boats, most of their boats were small, rented boats. The boats were very small so of course, their photographs did not look that stunning.

In particular, the two models on the boat made many people gasp in admiration and yearn for something like that.

One person could not help but say to his own photography team, “Why do they have such a huge boat but we don’t?”

“Precisely. We spent a lot of money to go overseas to take our wedding photographs too. Why did you give us such a small boat?”

Their photography team could only tell them, “That boat was custom-made. Our company doesn’t have that boat.”

The people whose photographs were being taken said unhappily, “Do we have to give you more money? Let us know if that’s the case. We’ve already come this far. We don’t mind having to pay more money.”

The photography team said in disbelief, “That’s really not the case. We really can’t get another boat. We heard that that boat belongs to them and they brought it out here to take photographs. We can’t borrow it even if we want to.”

“Ah. It’s their own boat?”

Everyone looked up at them. All they saw was that beautiful picture. It looked unreal.

They looked at them enviously for some time before deciding that there was nothing they could do.

The photographer took some photographs before looking at them. Every single photograph needed no editing. They could totally just print it out and use it.

Ultimately, it was because the foundations were already laid. Thus, no matter how they took the photographs, the two of them had beautiful figures, beautiful figures, and great presence. There was no way the photos would not turn out well.

He felt that these wedding photographs were truly the best ones he had ever seen.





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