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Season 7

Episode 70

(The Three Of Them Went Out Together)

On the other side.

Gu Jingze already had someone follow after Lin Che. He heard that Lin Che first went to a hotel. After that, Lu Beichen took her away.

He immediately called Lu Beichen.

Lu Beichen knew that he would call. He intentionally asked over the phone, “What brings the big CEO Gu to call me all on his own accord?”

“Enough of your nonsense. Bring her back to me,” Gu Jingze said unceremoniously.

“Oh my, send her back to you? On what basis? You bullied her and even prevented her from leaving home. If you want her back, come and get her yourself. I’m not sending her to you.”

“Lu Beichen, I’m giving you one more chance. Bring her back to me,” Gu Jingze’s voice lowered.

Lu Beichen chuckled lowly. He imagined that Gu Jingze definitely looked very funny now.

“I said I’m not bringing her to you. What’s wrong? I’m standing on the logical side. It’s all your fault for not cutting clean with your ex-girlfriend. You even accompanied your ex-girlfriend to the hospital behind your wife’s back. You are seeking death. Tsk tsk. At this point, I should give you some words to show how I feel right now,” Lu Beichen said. He felt so happy that both his feet were propped up. “You deserve it.”

“…” Gu Jingze really wanted to beat him up.

However, Lu Beichen hung up and laughed at his phone. Then, he walked out to check on Lin Che.

Lin Che was on the phone with Ah Bi. She told Ah Bi that she was not at the Gu household for the time being and was staying somewhere else.

Ah Bi didn’t say anything. She only said, “See you at work tomorrow.”

Gu Jingze called after that, but Lin Che did not pick it up.

Lu Beichen watched and said to her, “He must be going crazy at home right now. Ignore him. Men need to be ignored once in a while.”

Lin Che thought that Lu Beichen was a little sadistic.

Lu Beichen said, “You didn’t bring anything with you. Jingyan said that she’ll take you out shopping later to buy some clothes.”

Lin Che asked, “Isn’t Jingyan busy?”

Lu Beichen said, “Since you’re here, what can she be busy with? Go tidy up and I’ll drive you guys out.”

Lin Che nodded.

When they went out, Gu Jingyan already packed up. She looked at Lin Che and said, “Sister-in-law, let’s go. You still hold bigger importance. If I ask Lu Beichen to be my chauffeur, he will refuse at all costs. Now that you’re here, he immediately volunteered.”

Lu Beichen said, “But of course. You have so many chauffeurs. Why would you need me? Lin Che is our guest of honor now, so of course, I will provide my service for her. Furthermore, she is an important hostage related to your second brother. It’s up to her if I can see Gu Jingze go crazy or not. Are you able to hold such an important position? Will your brother even look at you? Seriously.”

“…” Why did Lin Che feel as if she had been tricked by him? It sounded as if she was abducted. However, this was the first time she saw a kidnapper getting so happy only because he could make his target go mad.

Lin Che said, “If you’re taking me as a hostage, can you please be more discreet and talk about this behind my back? Respect your hostage’s feelings.”

“There’s no need to. Isn’t this a win-win situation? You’re just like me and you want to teach Gu Jingze a good lesson too. Isn’t that right?”


Lin Che knew that he also loved to joke around. Gu Jingyan couldn’t be bothered with this childish man. She said to Lin Che, “Come on, Sister-in-law. Lu Beichen will pay for everything today so we should shop until we drop.”

At the mall, Lu Beichen followed behind them. He watched speechlessly as the two women in front linked arms and began shopping.

Lin Che finally understood the true meaning of ‘shop till you drop’. Gu Jingyan’s spending power did not lose out to her second brother at all. In every shop, she bought everything that she saw and liked.

She never considered if she truly liked the item. As long as she had her eyes on something, she would ask for it to be packed.

Behind them, Lu Beichen took out his card to pay. He paid so much that his hands felt like jelly and he asked speechlessly, “Aren’t you guys tired? We’ve been to so many places.”

Gu Jingyan asked, “You’re already tired? This is only the second mall.”

“…” Lu Beichen said, “The second one… You still have the cheek to say that. Do you want to see the record we walked on my phone? We’ve walked 20,000 steps already. Do you know how many kilometers that is?”

Gu Jingyan said, “That many? Sister-in-law, are you tired?”

“Me? I’m okay,” Lin Che replied.

Shopping was different from usual. Normally, if she really walked this much, she would indeed feel tired. However, shopping didn’t make her feel tired.

Gu Jingyan turned to look back at Lu Beichen. “You’re too weak.”

Lu Beichen was really dying. “The clothes are all the same. Can’t you just buy some and go off? Let’s find something to eat. I can’t take it anymore. My legs are going to break off.”

Gu Jingyan sighed, “That’s too bad. We can see a man’s fitness just from this aspect.”

“Hey, you…”

Gu Jingyan said, “Come on. We have indeed bought enough clothes for a few days.” She thought for a while and then said to Lu Beichen, “Take the clothes back to the car first. I’ll shop a little more with Sister-in-law. You don’t have to follow us.”

Lu Beichen couldn’t be happier. “Okay, I’ll wait for you guys in the car. Hurry up. Don’t shop so much.”

Gu Jingyan said, “Hehe, Sister-in-law, the annoying one is gone. Let’s go buy our stuff.”

Lin Che asked, “What else are we buying?”

Gu Jingyan replied, “Lingerie! You have to buy a few sets to change about. Seeing as you came out with nothing, you’re way too inexperienced. Remember this the next time. You can leave everything else behind, but you must bring a box of underwear with you. Otherwise, buying new ones won’t feel as comfortable as your old ones. Everything else can be new, but when it comes to underwear, it is really more comfortable after wearing them a few times.”

“…” Lin Che speechlessly thought that she was really… too experienced.

They casually walked into a lingerie shop. All kinds of lingerie were displayed that it looked dazzling.

The staff saw them enter and quickly welcomed them.

Gu Jingyan said, “Wow! This is gorgeous. Sister-in-law, if you wear this, you’ll definitely make noses bleeds.”

Lin Che looked down. What?! It was so translucent.

“I don’t want it. You’re joking.”

“Do you think I’m joking here? If you wear this in front of Second Brother, he’ll definitely regret and cry. He would question himself for fighting you for no reason and immediately kneel down to beg for your mercy. After that, he’ll grovel at your feet.”

“Hey hey hey, don’t talk blindly. I’m not wearing that.”

“I don’t care. I’m buying this for you. Take it as a gift from me.”

“Hey, there’s really no need to. I don’t want it…”

“I will not take no for an answer. I’ve already bought it. How can Sister-in-law bear to reject me? You must wear it!”

Gu Jingyan went to settle the bill.

Lin Che tried to stop her.

The two of them bickered playfully until they reached the cashier.

The staff did not say anything and let the two of them continue.

Naturally, the staff didn’t bother about them making so much noise since they were casually spending hundreds of thousands at their store.





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