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Season 7

Episode 7

(He Had Unexpectedly Brought Her Here For This)

“It’s basically having no one to help you make preparations. You’ll book a cheap hotel wherever you end up and look at the options to choose something cheap to eat. Anyway, it’s just going around without much fanfare. It doesn’t suit a company president like you.”

Gu Jingze pondered for a bit before saying, “Of course. That would be a total waste of time.”


“But it would be good to give it a try once in a while.”

“Really? Do you want to try?”

“Hn. If there’s a chance.”

He hugged Lin Che. “I can try it together with you.”

He was not very interested in it but there was no harm accompanying her around.

Hearing this, Lin Che broke into a smile. She headed down the stairs first and looked at the enchanting scenery around her. Then, she smiled and said, “This place is so beautiful. It’s like we’re living in a fairytale world. It doesn’t look that big though. It looks so big in pictures, but it looks smaller here.”

Gu Jingze said, “Of course, you can’t completely believe what you see in the pictures.”

He pulled Lin Che down the slope. Lin Che kept looking around and felt that it was indeed inadequate to just stay at home and look at pictures of many places. She still had to come out and walk around to know exactly what these places were like.

If not for Gu Jingze, she really did not know when she would have the fortune to come here.

Furthermore, it was such an extravagant experience too. It was a trip that did not require her to think about anything and they left when they wanted to.

While Lin Che was still thinking about this and that, Gu Jingze had already brought her all the way to a small villa.

She called it a small villa because it was really much smaller than the Gu residence.

After going in, Lin Che looked down at her surroundings. She thought that they were going to stay here but when she looked up, she realized that there were many people currently looking at them from inside.

Everyone bowed respectfully when the two of them entered. From the looks of it, it seemed that they had waited for them for a long time.

When she walked into the room, the first thing she saw was the many wedding dresses on the clothes rack across her…

Lin Che was completely frozen. She looked at the dresses and said, “Wow. What is this…”

Gu Jingze turned his head and looked at Lin Che who was covering her mouth with her hands. “Although we can’t hold a wedding at the moment, we can take our wedding photographs first.”

Wedding photographs?

Lin Che had never even worn a wedding dress…

Even when acting, she had never filmed such a scene. A wedding dress…

So did he bring her here to take wedding photographs?

Lin Che turned her head and gazed at Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze said, “Come. Let’s go and try the wedding dresses on.”

Lin Che nodded and followed him in. The photographer was a man with a glib tongue. He was slightly sissy but still looked very adorable.

Upon seeing Lin Che, he immediately said, “Aiya. You’re too beautiful. Mrs. Gu, it’s truly an honor to be able to take photographs of the two of you.”

Lin Che froze. She looked at him and thought he looked familiar.

“Hey, aren’t you that photographer who got an award last year…”

“That’s right. So you know who I am, Ma’am.”

Of course, she knew him. He was the person who had gotten an award at the international photography competition. A professional photographer who was hired to take photographs for Victoria’s Secret.

Was the photographer for Victoria’s Secret going to take her wedding photographs?

Lin Che went over to choose a dress. There were wedding dresses of different styles; some were fitting, some were puffy, some were vintage, some were pretty, and some were coquettish.

Lin Che randomly chose a dress to try on first. When she came out in a puffy dress, the handmade butterfly bows cinched around her waist were of different sizes, causing the layers and layers of fabric below to pile up thickly.

Gu Jingze was sitting at the side and resting when he heard someone cheering. Then, he looked up.

Only to see Lin Che standing inside fully dressed in white. She was as beautiful as an angel in the snow.

Everyone immediately fixed their eyes on Lin Che. They simply felt that she was too beautiful. How could there be a woman so suited to wear a wedding dress? How could there be a woman who looked so good in white?

“Madam, you’re so beautiful. I think this dress looks quite good.”

“Yes. Madam hasn’t even put on make-up. She will definitely look even more beautiful once she puts on make-up later.”

Just then, Gu Jingze stood up as well. He gazed at Lin Che unwaveringly before suggesting, “Why don’t you try on the other dresses?”

Lin Che thought that this dress looked quite nice but she did not want to decide after trying on just one either. In any case, since they had prepared so many dresses, she had to try a few more so that their efforts would not go to waste.

Thus, she chose another vintage wedding dress that was cinched at the waist.

After she went in and came out again, everyone cheered once again.

This time, she had chosen a fitting dress. It was made of the heavier type of cotton material and was lined with decorative details. It covered some parts of her body, making her look sexy but not at all cheap. Instead, it made her look very elegant.

“Wow. You’re so beautiful. You really look like a princess.” Everyone started cheering again.

They knew that Lin Che was a celebrity and that she definitely looked better than ordinary people. She would look better in whatever clothes she tried on too.

However, they had not expected her to look this good.

Seeing how everyone gasped in admiration at Lin Che’s appearance, Gu Jingze was in an extremely good mood at that moment.

He squinted his eyes and looked at Lin Che, thinking to himself that they were right. She was very beautiful.

He walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. He looked down at her and smiled. “I also think that all the dresses look good. Why don’t we take photos of both dresses?”

Beside them, the photographer added, “Fantastic. Your figure is really great. The shape of your face and your neck are all so beautiful. You would definitely look very pretty under the lens. I’m very honored to be able to photograph a person as beautiful as you. You’re truly as beautiful as the scenery.”

Lin Che pursed her lips and smiled. Her cheeks were warm. “I really don’t deserve such praise.”

“No way. You absolutely deserve it. You didn’t see how stunning you looked when you came out. You’ll realize it when you see the photographs later.”

Gu Jingze said, “Her arm is still injured. Don’t make her move dangerously.”

“Oh, of course. Don’t worry. We’ll just take photographs of her in her most typical state. We want something very natural because Madam is most beautiful when she’s smiling naturally.”

The concept designer and the make-up artist then walked towards them and put make-up on Lin Che.

It had always been easy to put make-up on Lin Che as her skin was in a very good condition and was very healthy too. Staying in the Gu residence for so long and eating balanced meals prepared by the chefs at the Gu residence made her skin even better.

Gu Jingze sat there and watched Lin Che dress up. He thought to himself that back then, he could already see the shape of this piece of unpolished jade. Now that it had transformed and become so much more beautiful, it really made him marvel at it.

Although he had known from the beginning that she was very beautiful, he had not paid attention to her appearance again for a long time. This was because he had already gotten used to her. He felt that she looked fine regardless of how she looked. Now that he was really looking at her in detail, he felt that they were right; she had become more beautiful.

Her facial features seemed to have grown into themselves. Her skin was also moister. It was as if water would come out if he pinched her face; it was as fine and smooth as a baby’s skin.

He felt even happier. He seemed to feel extremely satisfied, especially when he saw how everyone looked at Lin Che so adoringly.

When her make-up was done, Gu Jingze had already changed his clothes as well.

The gray suit Gu Jingze was wearing was meant to match with the white wedding dress and made him appear to have a much more sunny disposition. He no longer looked so cold as well. Lin Che’s eyes lit up when she saw him.





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