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Season 7

Episode 65

(He Is Just Anxious About Government Affairs)

When Qin Wanwan came out, Mary walked with her.

Mary said, “I’ll look for you when we get a chance next time.”

Qin Wanwan did not dare to offend Mary. Although she wasn’t feeling great, she didn’t dare to flare up. “Thank you for taking care of me during this trip.”

However, Qin Wanwan wanted to go find Lin Che and satirize her. She kept looking back but Lin Che did not appear.

Instead, Lin Che’s crew came down one by one.

As they looked at Qin Wanwan, they raised their chins triumphantly.

Sister Lin mocked, “Where’s Lin Che? Does she not dare to appear so she sent her minions down instead?”

The crew laughed as they looked at Sister Lin.

“Stop thinking about pouring dirt on other people. Our Sister Che’s work is settled and she went to stay in a villa at Beverly Hills.”

“What? Ha, Lin Che has a villa in Beverly Hills?”

“Well, we don’t know where Sister Che has properties at. Anyway, she moved over there yesterday.”

Sister Lin and Qin Wanwan looked at one another in puzzlement. How did Lin Che have a property there?

Beside them, Mary said, “I asked around and Abigail said that she has an extremely wealthy boyfriend. Don’t you guys know about it?”

The boyfriend Qin Wanwan thought of Gu Jingyu.

Gu Jingyu admitted to it before.

Did Gu Jingyu really buy a property for her?

Once again, Qin Wanwan was jealous. She opened the car door and sat in the car with a gloomy face.

Sister Lin was also feeling angry.

The main thing was that they were going home without an answer. They came to Hollywood and didn’t get anything in the end. They were really going to be the laughing stock.

It was so embarrassing.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze were also preparing to head back. She called Yu Minmin first and told her that she was bringing a girl along.

Yu Minmin heard this and was extremely shocked. She wondered how she was going to make arrangements…

However, this was a Wesley family member. She had to make arrangements.

Yu Minmin said, “Leave it to me. We’ll talk when you guys get back. Seriously, Gu Jingze only just settled things over here and he immediately wanted to go pick you up. He loves you too much.”

“Stop it… He also just wants… to take a breather. Oh right, how is Mr. President?”

Yu Minmin lowered her voice. “It’s quite a serious injury and I’m still taking care of him here. We’ll see if we can go to a hospital back in B City. However, I’m worried that the move will aggravate his wounds. Investigations are still ongoing.”

“Alright. Then, I won’t disturb you further. Go take care of Mr. President.”

Yu Minmin hung up and looked at Gu Jingming who was inside.

This man was stubborn and overbearing. Sometimes, he was very difficult to deal with and it led to things being very annoying.

The doctor looked at Yu Minmin. He approached her and said, “Madam, I’ll still advise Sir to stay in this hospital. Although our hospital is not as well infrastructured as hospitals in B City, any slight movement can really aggravate his wounds. Now, the infection is still under control. If something happens… it could easily lead to acute pneumonia. By then, it would be even more dangerous.”

Yu Minmin said, “Mr. President doesn’t think that the infrastructure here is bad. It’s just that he is anxious and wants to return to Glazed Tile Palace to handle government affairs. Doctor, don’t worry. It’s not that your treatment is not good.”

The doctor heard this and seemed to understand. Glazed Tile Palace was in B City and some governmental matters were more convenient to handle in B City.

Previously, he was worried that they were not doing a good job. After all, the president’s health was a national affair. Any slight mishap was a huge thing. Thus, the entire hospital was on their toes now. They were afraid that any small problem could arise.

Yu Minmin sent the doctor off. As she walked back to the ward, she thought about the doctor’s cautious demeanor.

Indeed, no matter of Gu Jingming was a small matter.

Just one thought could make one obsess over it and almost fall to their knees to beg for mercy…

No wonder Gu Jingming hardly revealed any special expression outside.

Yu Minmin entered the room and Gu Jingming was still in deep sleep. She stood there and quietly observed his sleeping face. His handsome brows were knotted as if they could not be ironed out. Her hand gently stroked them.

This man was really beautiful. Even in this state, he didn’t seem lethargic. Instead, there was a kind of beauty in this weakness.

Sharp edges and corners outlined his cheeks. His pores were fine and his skin was very good. With the shadow of his nose, it gave his face even more depth.

Yu Minmin thought that if he wasn’t the President, he was also an absolute giant among men. Every expression on his face showed that he was extraordinary.

Her hand went up and touched his forehead as if she wanted to smoothen the worry on his head.


Gu Jingming suddenly opened his eyes.

Before she could react, Gu Jingming already quickly grabbed her hand and held her firmly.

His strict eyes were like sharp knives that stared coldly at her.

“Who is it?!” A cold warning came through his thin lips. Obviously, he thought that it was someone else.

Yu Minmin didn’t expect him to be so vigilant even when he was not well.

Her wrist hurt so much. She exclaimed, “M-… Me. It’s me.”

When Gu Jingming heard her wince in pain, he quickly let go of her.

Yu Minmin rubbed her wrist and said depressingly, “You’ve got great strength.”

Gu Jingming looked at her and his voice calmed down. He was a lot less tart now. “What are you doing?”

Yu Minmin’s eyes shifted. How could she dare to say that she was staring at him?

“I… Oh, I saw something on your face just now so I wanted to help you get rid of it.” She was lying. She was playing with her ear.

Gu Jingming looked at her intensely and observed her sheepishness.

She quickly turned around and asked him, “Are you hungry? I’ll get the staff to bring you food.”


Yu Minmin heard this and quickly went out to call for food.

Under the cooperation of the doctor and nutritionist, the nutritious porridge was brought to him.

His wound was infected. Thus, his food had to be prepared extra meticulously.

Yu Minmin also got to witness what defined a Glazed Tile Palace chef. Even a simple bowl of porridge could have so many extra ingredients.

It could not be boring and it had to be easy to absorb. It had to whet the patient’s appetite and also had to be extremely nutritious.

Yu Minmin placed the bowl in front of Gu Jingming and fed him mouthfuls.

As she fed him, she remembered the doctor’s advice. She deliberated for a while and said, “I saw that they’re preparing to return to B City.”

“That’s right.”

“But your injury is not healed yet. It is still infected and I think it’s too risky if there’s a sudden change in environment, doctor, and treatment.”

Gu Jingming looked at her. “Are you concerned about me?”

“I…” Yu Minmin knew that she was not qualified to care about these national affairs. However, the person in front of her was her husband after all. If others didn’t dare to say it, she needed to say it as his wife.




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