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Season 7

Episode 61

(Gu Jingze Has Also Came To Los Angeles)

Seeing Mary charge towards her, Lin Che was shocked. But at that moment, Abigail dashed in front of Lin Che.

“Mary, what are you doing? She’s my friend. You’ll have to get through me before laying a finger on her!”

Mary looked at Abigail furiously, “How on earth did you become friends with her?!”

“Of course, we are very good friends. Besides, I have also asked her about the injury on your face. She didn’t know that you would be there. I met her boyfriend. He is so good-looking and extremely wealthy, someone who drives his Lamborghini around. Why would she be together with Henry? You must have been misled by others!”

“How can that be?!”

“So be it! Will you believe me or the woman next to you?”

Mary was taken aback. She turned to look at Qin Wanwan and back at Abigail.

Not waiting for Mary to respond, Wesley stood up. He looked at her and said, “Hey, I believe what my daughter said. She had told me about her experience in France. She had also mentioned that charming guy. I believe there must be some misunderstanding.”

Now that Wesley had also given his stance, Henry got up quickly and wrapped his arms around Mary, “Alright, darling. I have told you many times. There’s nothing between us and you wouldn’t believe me. You should understand now, right? You are my one and only.”

Henry looked at Lin Che. In order to make Mary happy, he initially wanted Lin Che to back out of the film.

Now that Wesley was also on Lin Che’s side…

Mary could only endure her unhappiness and let it go. “Fine.”

Abigail then turned around and said, “Don’t worry, Lin. I have already explained to her and Mr. Henry understood as well. He won’t make things difficult for you anymore.” Abigail shifted her eyes to Henry and continued, “Uncle Henry, am I right?”

Henry looked at Abigail. He would surely do Wesley this favor. He went through many difficulties to make connections with Wesley. How could he give it up so easily? “Yes, you are right.” Then, he told Lin Che, “Sorry that I have made things difficult for you, but you know, I can never offend a woman. I was just too compliant with Mary.”

Mary hit him shyly. “Don’t push the blame to me okay? It’s because you are too flirtatious.”

“Oh, darling. I have done so much for you, yet you still doubt me.”

It had never crossed Qin Wanwan’s mind that she would get to witness this scene. She gaped at them in astonishment.

Lin Che and that girl…

That girl looked at Qin Wanwan and frowned. Then, she asked Wesley, “Daddy, who is she? I met her just now, but she looks so annoying, I don’t want to see her here. She only knows how to bootlick and resemble a dog.”

“Oh, is that so?” Wesley said.

He raised his head and ordered the security to usher Qin Wanwan to the exit, “Take her out. There are currently too many people on the yacht, so we won’t be accepting any more guests.”

Qin Wanwan looked ashamed while she was ushered out of the yacht. She glared at Lin Che, feeling very indignant but could only wonder how did Lin Che come to know this young lady, Wesley’s daughter?

Lin Che was truly very lucky. She always met someone who could save her out of the dire situation.

But Qin Wanwan never knew that the reason Abigail liked and helped Lin Che was due to Lin Che’s kindness. Her kindness has created many opportunities for herself.

Abigail would never forget what Lin Che had told her while they were in France, so when she saw the promotional poster, she thought it might be Lin Che and rushed over.

This was no coincidence. Lin Che was merely reaping what she had sown.

Qin Wanwan was driven out of the yacht. Abigail had stood up for her and settled her problem. It then dawned on Lin Che what had just happened.

“It can’t be right. This boat belongs to your family?”

“That’s right.”

“Did Henry just let me off on your account?”

“Not really. He thought he could take advantage of you easily but now, he knows that you won’t allow others to bully you so he became very courteous with you. He gives in and dotes on Mary too much.”

“Alright…” Lin Che said, “You have such a comfortable home. Your father loves you so much and you still left home for three years?”

“Of course… In fact, if I had not done it, my dad’s attitude towards me would have never changed. I have also learned many things in the past three years and it has helped me find my directions in life.” Looking at Lin Che, Abigail said, “And because of you, I have decided to start my life anew, so I would like to thank you, Lin.”

Lin Che smiled, “If you truly take me as your friend, call me Lin Che. Over here, if you call someone by their surname, it means that you guys are not friends yet right?”

“That’s right… Over here, if you are not familiar with the other person, you address them by their surname. Alright, I will call you Lin Che.”

The girls smiled at each other.

The next day, Steven had received the news.

He was overjoyed to be able to work with Lin Che again. Although he initially thought that Lin Che was lacking, after comparison, he felt that Lin Che was the best candidate out of all the actors in C Country. Also, compared to Qin Wanwan, Lin Che was so much better.

“We will be signing the contracts soon. That Qin fellow, is really bad. I thought I would be working with her and it would have just ruined the script. Thankfully, you are back,” Steven said.

“I am also very glad that I can continue to work with you,” Lin Che smiled and replied.

She left Steven and went out to call Gu Jingze. His phone was switched off and that was strange.

Why would he switch off his phone? Could it be that something happened again?

Lin Che was still deep in thoughts when her phone rang. It was Abigail. She wanted to ask Lin Che out for a meal.

“I’m currently with my staff members,” Lin Che said.

“Awesome, bring them along. My family owns a villa by the beach here in Los Angeles. The view there is spectacular.” Abigail said.

Lin Che told her assistants and the interpreter and they were overjoyed.

“The Wesleys specialize in petroleum technology. They are very powerful and wealthy. Sister Lin Che, we are very amazed that you actually know her,” the interpreter told Lin Che.

“We met by coincidence due to some matters. I never expected her family to be so powerful,” replied Lin Che.

Brushing aside the worries that had accumulated over the past few days, the staff members could finally lift up their spirits. They exclaimed cheerfully, “Of course, Sister Lin Che is really capable. She knows many influential people.”

“Alright, enough of the boasting. Abigail is just a little girl.”

“But she’s an extraordinary little girl. Anyway, we are going to benefit from Sister Lin Che’s honor and take a look at the wealthy’s holiday villas.”

However, Lin Che did not know that Gu Jingze had just landed in Los Angeles.

“Should we inform Madam?” His staff asked while looking at Gu Jingze.

“No.” Taking a glance at his watch, Gu Jingze said, “Let’s head to our accommodation first.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Gu Jingze pondered for a moment and decided to send Lin Che a message.

“Were you looking for me?”




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