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Season 7

Episode 5

(They Were In The Washroom While He Was Outside)

Yu Minmin responded with a word of thanks. Then, she said, “But this is too expensive. I’ll politely refuse it.”

“It’s alright, Ma’am. This is just a token of our appreciation. It’s not something very expensive. This is a standard gift for anyone who spends at least one million in our restaurant.”

At least a million…

Exactly what restaurant was this?

Yu Minmin was about to speak but sensed that everyone was looking at them. Thus, she could only say, “Thank you.”

From time to time, people would look over at them. It made Yu Minmin feel slightly uncomfortable. In her heart, she thought reproachfully to herself, What exactly did this Gu Jingming mean by this? If he did not come, she would have continued to keep a low profile. In ordinary circumstances, other people would not notice her. But now that he had actually come to greet her…

He had really caused a lot of trouble for her.

Across her, Feng Shaoqing said, “I didn’t expect Mr. President to actually come here. Don’t you need to go upstairs and take a look?”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s alright. He’s busy with his work and I’m eating. It’s fine as long as we don’t mutually disturb each other.”

Hearing her words, Feng Shaoqing smiled and said, “It must be very irritating to be the Madam President, right?”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s alright. I don’t have to do anything.”

Being obedient and listening to him was enough.

Feng Shaoqing said, “I understand. Still, it must be very terrifying. But you have always been very independent and resilient. But I wonder how exactly you and Mr. President got to know each other. In the past, I never heard you say that you knew Mr. President.”

Yu Minmin said, “It… was just an accident. I guess you can call it a coincidence.”

“Then, you fell in love at first sight?”

“Hehe. You can say so.”

Feng Shaoqing suddenly narrowed his eyes. “Minmin, you can trust me. You don’t have to respond to me in the same way you would talk to outsiders. I won’t tell anyone.”

Yu Minmin felt slightly uncomfortable under Feng Shaoqing’s unwavering gaze.

She drew in a deep breath and clutched the bag in her hands. Then, she said, “I’m going to the washroom first.”

She stood up and headed for the washroom.


Feng Shaoqing fiddled with his hands in disappointment.

After waiting for some time, Yu Minmin was still not back.

He recalled Yu Minmin’s expression earlier. He could not help but think that she was definitely not living a blissful married life with Mr. President.

Otherwise, she would not have shown such a troubled expression.

Perhaps she still liked him, so she wanted to confess but could not do so at the same time. That would explain her earlier expression.

Seeing that she was not back, he stood up and thought that he would simply go and look for her.

However, just when he had arrived at the corridor.

A tall and well-built figure in black stood there for a long time and immediately shocked him into stopping.

He looked at that person and mumbled, “Mr. President…”

Gu Jingming narrowed his eyes at him.

Feng Shaoqing stared blankly before regaining his senses and said, “I… I just. She has been in there for a long time… I…”

Gu Jingming asked, “She’s still inside, right?”

“Hn, yes yes…” It was the first time Mr. President was speaking to him so directly. Just like when they had spoken over the phone the last time, his voice was stable and calm.

He said, “I’ll go in and look for her. We won’t make Young Master Feng worry any further.”

“Alright… alright then…”

Feng Shaoqing stopped in his tracks. He continued to wonder if Mr. President was going to the female washroom to look for her.

If someone came here…

But he immediately understood what was happening when he saw the President’s personal bodyguards surrounding the area beside him. Some distance away from him, they were stopping anyone from entering.

If Mr. President did not want people to follow him where he went, no one could approach him.

Then, why did he, nonetheless, let Feng Shaofeng come here?

Gu Jingming did not spare him a second glance. He pushed the door open and went in directly.

Yu Minmin happened to be washing her hands.

She could not be bothered to go out even after washing her hands for a very long time. Once she was done, she touched up the make-up on her eyes to prevent it from fading.

However, just then, the door opened.

Yu Minmin was shocked when Gu Jingming appeared behind her.

“You… you…”

Why was Gu Jingming here? This was the female washroom.

Gu Jingming did not say a word but kept walking towards Yu Minmin. He looked down at Yu Minmin and made her feel slightly scared for a moment. The fear spread through her heart faintly.

However, Gu Jingming did not say anything but continued to push her by the waist. He stared into her eyes. Unknowingly, his hands had already moved from her waist to beside her, slowly pressing her against the basin counter in the washroom.

Yu Minmin sensed that he was leaning in dangerously close. His face was leaning down towards hers and his dark eyes had an enchanting misty-eyed look to them. The corners of lips were slightly turned up as if he was in such a good mood that they were about to lift completely, yet did not want to lift. She sensed that something was amiss.

Her arms were already being pressed forcefully to the counter behind her. She looked at him and asked, “What are you doing…”

In the next moment, Gu Jingming carried her in his arms and placed her on the counter and asked, “What do you think I’m going to do?”

Immediately, Yu Minmin felt uneasy. “No… no way. Someone will come in…”

This was the restaurant’s toilet.

It was clear from the luxurious furnishing of the washroom that this place was very expensive. There was no odor at all either and there was even a faintly pleasant scent. The washroom was so clean that there was not a speck of dust in it. Still, this place was ultimately a washroom.

Furthermore, it was the female washroom…

But Gu Jingming was not concerned about this at all. He simply pushed her against the counter and buried his head in her chest.

Her breasts made him feel extremely hot. His face was buried there and he was also putting his lips and teeth to use. After some time, Yu Minmin grabbed his shoulders and cried out, “No… ooh, what are you doing…”

But her breathing nevertheless became irregular and her body started heating up because of his movements which were at times vigorous and at other times relaxed.

“What am I doing? I’m doing you.”

“…” Of course, Yu Minmin was unwilling. “When we get back. We’ll do it when we get back…”

“Can you withstand it until then? I think you can’t control yourself anymore, right?”

“Oh, no way. I…”

“Look. You’re already giving in to me.”


His hand also moved downwards slowly. He tugged at the thin fabric, neither removing it nor letting go. He stroked it lightly and seriously made Yu Minmin feel helpless…

There was a thin sheen of sweat on her body and her whole body was about to tremble from his teasing.

Just then, he smiled and said softly in her ear, “I said it… you won’t be able to control yourself at all.”


She was simply playing into his hands! It was true that she could not control herself… who would be able to control themselves in this situation…

But she did not have enough energy left to scold him. She could only hug him and listen as he said gently, “Don’t worry. I’ll satisfy you right now.”

Thereafter, he lifted her body up directly and aligned it with his.

When the two of them merged completely into one, she cried out in surprise.

He said, “Keep shouting. Keep shouting. It will be great if the people outside all hear it.”

Only then did she remember that this was a public place.

She covered her mouth but her voice could still escape.

Especially when he suddenly bit her hand and pressed his lips directly against hers.

The sounds became even more suggestive. She could not help but whine. At the moment, she was already unable to think about where exactly they were. Furthermore, she was unable to think about who exactly was outside…



  1. This guy family have problem. What of the third son Gu? Thanks dear author



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