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Season 7

Episode 4

(Mr. President Suddenly Arrived At The Western Restaurant)

Because traveling on a budget was all about rushing for time. Of course, they would not deliberately take it slow and look for someplace to rest before continuing.

Putting aside thoughts of budget traveling, Lin Che was still thinking about where to go tomorrow.

She had never been to Greece, the country of romance. Many people had always liked the white houses and the blue coastline here.

She took a photo and sent it to Yu Minmin. On the other end, Yu Minmin was very envious. She looked at the photo and said, “I’m going to die from envy. This is too romantic…”

Lin Che said, “Ask Older Brother to take you out too.”

Yu Minmin responded in disbelief, “Do you dare to ask Mr. President? Forget it. He has so many things to deal with every day. I don’t dare to ask him. Furthermore, I’m not as lucky as you either. This marriage of mine… we’re just living together. What romance? It’s good enough if he doesn’t find fault with me.”

Yu Minmin hung up the phone and saw Gu Jingming still looking at something opposite her.

Earlier, she had deliberately spoken softly out of fear that he would hear her.

At the moment, she did not see much of a reaction from Gu Jingming, so she quickly looked down while texting.

Just then, she looked down and saw that Feng Shaoqing was calling her again.

She glanced at her phone before rushing out to answer his call.

Gu Jingming saw her stand up to take a call and seemed to glance over at her.

When Yu Minmin turned around, he was looking down again. Yu Minmin thought that she had seen wrongly earlier.


“Minmin.” Feng Shaoqing continued over the phone, “Are you in the Glazed Tile Palace?”


“I went to your studio to look for you and they said you weren’t there.”

“Ah. Is something the matter?”

“Lin Che has a project with our family, so I wanted to send the contract to you and take the opportunity to thank you for your help this time.”

“There’s no need.”

“No. I must treat you to a meal. Let’s go out and eat. I can also pass the contract to you at the same time.”

Yu Minmin thought that it was difficult to reject him. The contract was still with him, so she could not refuse to meet him. She could only say, “Alright then. Where should we meet?”

After going back, Feng Shaoqing kept thinking about the fact that Yu Minmin was, as expected, different from the past.

He did not know why he was always thinking about her. He felt as if being together with her would raise his self-esteem.

Especially when she previously had a crush on him in the past.

She must still have feelings for him now. Otherwise, she would not help him out like this.

When Yu Minmin arrived, she saw that this place was a very large restaurant.

After going in, she saw Feng Shaoqing at a round desk inside. A restaurant like this did not have any private compartments since it mimicked Western restaurants.

Thus, she saw him the moment she went in.

He greeted her and said, “Here, Minmin.”

He welcomed Yu Minmin enthusiastically. Then, he pulled out a chair for her to sit.

Yu Minmin looked at her surroundings and said, “This place looks so expensive. You didn’t have to go to such a nice place.”

“No way.” Feng Shaoqing continued, “I must choose a place that suits you. How can I treat you to a meal at a cheap place? Furthermore, this place is alright. It’s not that expensive.”

Feng Shaoqing gestured for someone to bring the menu.

She randomly chose a set meal and Feng Shaoqing proceeded to choose a few dishes. At the same time, he also said, “Bring that bottle of red wine I opened and placed here earlier.”

The red wine that the waiter brought to them looked like it was of a very high-grade.

Yu Minmin did not expect him to make this such a grand affair. For a moment, she felt even more embarrassed.

In actual fact, she had not done anything either. There was no need for him to thank her like this.

Feng Shaoqing looked at her and said, “Good wine to accompany good people. Minmin, to be honest, back then I already felt that you were different from the rest. Sure enough, I didn’t misjudge you.”

Minmin smiled while saying, “Does Young Master Feng still remember how I was back then? You were one of the most handsome boys in our school back then.”

“Everyone was just flattering me. I’m just an ordinary person too. How can I forget you? I have always felt that you were a very special person.”

He gazed at Yu Minmin and made her feel uncomfortable momentarily.

He looked at her very affectionately and nearly made Yu Minmin mistake it for something else. However, she thought to herself rationally that this could not be.

He knew that she was already married. He probably just felt deeply for her as a fellow schoolmate and was reminiscing past events.

Yu Minmin smiled but heard cries of surprise from behind her.

Yu Minmin turned around to take a look. There seemed to be some commotion on the other side.

Before she could even react, she heard someone say, “Mr. President. It really is Mr. President.”

Mr. President… Gu Jingming?

Shocked, Yu Minmin stood up immediately.

Feng Shaoqing had not expected this at all. He looked at Yu Minmin. “This… you…”

Yu Minmin’s expression changed and she said, “Of course not. I came here alone.”

Was it a coincidence?

However, Yu Minmin always felt a little nervous when she saw Gu Jingming outside.

Especially because he had always been domineering and unreasonable. When something did not go his way, his face would become tight. She was still wondering whether she had done something wrong and something had happened, so he was here to capture her.

However, before she could continue thinking, Gu Jingming’s personal bodyguards had arrived to clear the venue.

After they entered, Linda looked around and saw that there were not many people here. Then, she gestured for the people behind her to come in.

They would only clear out the miscellaneous personnel when clearing the venue. They would not disturb the people who were already eating here.

Thereafter, Gu Jingming walked in.

Dressed in a black suit, he appeared very calm.

He was handsome and had an air of righteousness that easily enchanted everyone.

Feng Shaoqing was very surprised. He had wanted to meet Yu Minmin to tell her that he… had feelings for her.

But he did not expect Gu Jingming to actually come before he had finished speaking…

Mr. President had unexpectedly come.

He clasped his hands together immediately and stood up as well.

However, Gu Jingming saw Yu Minmin with one look and headed straight towards them thereafter.

That powerful aura and the decisiveness and sternness of the head of nation simply swept Feng Shaoqing away and left nothing.

When he walked towards them, everyone only looked at his boundless radiance to the point where they did not even notice Feng Shaoqing beside him.

Gu Jingming said, “You’re here.”

Yu Minmin hastily said, “Yes. I… I’m here to eat. This is my classmate, Feng Shaoqing.”

Feng Shaoqing jolted slightly at the mention of his name.

Gu Jingming tilted his head a little as if sweeping his gaze over Feng Shaoqing.

Feng Shaoqing was about to speak but Gu Jingming had already turned his head. He looked at Yu Minmin and said, “I’m going upstairs. I have to deal with some matters upstairs.”

Phew. So he was not here to capture her. But this was way too much of a coincidence.

She said frantically, “Then, go ahead. I won’t disturb you.”

Gu Jingming nodded and glanced at Feng Shaoqing apathetically again. Then, he said to Yu Minmin, “I’ll see you later.”

What did he mean by this…

Were they going back together later?

Gu Jingming left when he was done speaking and did not give her any answers.

At the same time, Yu Minmin did not step out of line to ask him about it either. In any case, given his personality, even if someone asked him about it, he would not answer if he could not be bothered to.

After Gu Jingming left, the attention on him earlier shifted to Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin was a little dazed as she looked at Feng Shaoqing. “It’s really… such a coincidence. Let’s sit down.”

Feng Shaoqing laughed dryly. He looked as if he had yet recovered from his earlier shock.

Just then, the waiter brought a bottle of wine to them.

“Ma’am, this bottle of red wine is a gift from our manager. We hope that you’ll try it.”

They had sent this after discovering that she was Madam President…

Being Madam President… was really…





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