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Season 7

Episode 2

(Now You Know Yunshi’s Identity)

Eric looked down at Lu Yunshi.

In front of them, the boy also looked at her blankly.

Lu Yunshi stood up and said, “I know that I was at fault for this incident and that he was too. But he didn’t force me to go out. I was the one who wanted to go out. Furthermore, he was actually very nice to me. He really treated me very well. He also took very good care of me while we were out and did not bully me. I kept bullying him instead. Nonetheless, I think he’s a good person. He merely made a mistake this time. All of you have forgiven me for my mistake. So you must give him a chance even though he did something wrong too, okay?”

Hearing this, Eric could only look down.

There was simply no way to rebut her final sentence.

She was completely forgiven for her mistakes, not just because she was Eric’s daughter, but also because her mistake was not undeserving of forgiveness.

Eric patted her head. “Alright then. I understand your kind intentions.”

“Really? Will you really forgive him?”

Eric looked at Gu Jingze in front of him and nodded silently.

Gu Jingze’s gaze slowly shifted. “Alright. I don’t necessarily have to pursue this matter.”

The boy merely looked at Lu Yunshi as if he had something to say. However, he still remained silent in the end.

Eric left with Lu Yunshi first.

He said, “Let’s go. Although we’ve forgiven you for causing trouble for the whole day, you said that you would reflect on yourself. Come on. I’ll take you home.”

Lu Yunshi looked at the boy with a reluctant expression. Ultimately, she still turned around to leave abruptly while clenching her teeth.

After Eric took Lu Yunshi away, Lin Che came down from her bed. She looked at the boy, “What is your name?”

“My name is Xueyang.” He looked at Lin Che before looking at her arm. “I’m sorry for causing your injury. I wasn’t targeting anyone. At the time, I thought that I could jump first and catch her from below. But I didn’t expect Sister Che to fall…”

Lin Che said, “Forget it. Since Yunshi has already asked for forgiveness on your behalf, and we have also agreed to forgive you, we will definitely forgive you.”

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and remained silent.

Thus, Lin Che grabbed his arm again. “Gu Jingze, on account of Yunshi…”

Gu Jingze still did not budge.

Lin Che could only continue to cling to him. “Please, Gu Jingze… Hubby…”

Sure enough, the word “Hubby” was more useful than anything else.

Gu Jingze’s heart softened and he looked down at Lin Che.

Gazing at the state she was in, he was reluctant to give in as he had always been a person who paid wrongdoings back in kind. But at this moment, he suddenly wanted to follow her wishes.


He looked at Lin Che and gave in. He was really weak against her.

Lin Che continued to look at him like an innocent deer. Gu Jingze could only say, “Fine. This is the last time!”

Immediately, Lin Che’s face bloomed in happiness. “Really… Gu Jingze, you’re so great…”

Gu Jingze thought, Did she immediately stop calling him Hubby the moment he agreed?

This Lin Che was seriously…

Gu Jingze asked, “Do you always burn the bridge after crossing it?”

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and said disbelievingly, “How can you call that burning the bridge after crossing it…” When it occurred to her that there were still people around them, she hastily detached herself from his body. She had really used a lot of energy with one arm hugging his tall neck earlier.

Gu Jingze did not say anything else. The blissful smile on Lin Che’s face right now looked much better than her troubled expression when Lu Yunshi had disappeared earlier. Thus, he gradually calmed down.

For a moment, he actually felt that her smile was more important than anything else.

He himself could not understand what exactly this feeling was. Why was it so domineering? It had taken over his heart just like that.

However, her smile was really like sunshine, bathing his heart in its light immediately.

Beside them, Xueyang had not expected Lin Che to be married already.

It was even more surprising to him that her husband was the well-known Gu Jingze.

It was no wonder that she rose to fame so quickly and it was no wonder also that… she was so dogged with mishaps.

This was probably the advantage and the disadvantage of having a husband like him.

Being an ordinary person was probably much simpler than being a person who was always in a prominent position because it was definitely lonely at the top.

But when he saw how the great Gu Jingze spoiled Lin Che, he found it all so strange. The situation seemed to be a little different from what the rumors said.

Lin Che turned around to look at Xueyang.

“I know that you treated Yunshi very well. I can also tell that you really didn’t want to do anything bad. As long as you are willing to cooperate with us to find the real mastermind, we can forget about this incident.”

Xueyang said, “Of course. I said that I would cooperate. But my knowledge is limited too. I’ve never seen the person, nor have I had a phone conversation. The transaction was purely completed over the Internet.”

Lin Che said, “It’s alright. We’ll try our best.”

Xueyang nodded. “I definitely will.”

“Also…” Lin Che said, “You’re probably already aware of Yunshi’s identity.”

Xueyang jolted slightly.

He did think that Yunshi was a very nice person. The time they spent together was very short and she was only twelve, so he did not really feel anything towards her. Although he did have positive feelings for her, his feelings were not of a romantic nature either. He merely wanted to continue being friends with her.

In actual fact, he was only eighteen. He was not that much older than her either.

However, when he thought about it now…

Was it totally impossible for them to be friends now?

Because he had really never imagined that she would actually be Eric’s daughter.

She was a little princess from the moment she was born. However, he was just the most ordinary person among ordinary people.

Even though he wanted to be an actor or a celebrity, he had not gotten a single opportunity.

Lin Che said, “You can leave first. ”

He nodded and sighed before turning to leave.

That night, Gu Jingze brought Lin Che back home.

He carried Lin Che back all the way.

At home.

Mo Huiling had hidden away in her own room a long time ago.

Due to her anger, her vomiting had become much more severe.

However, there was nothing she could do about this failed attempt.

She had specially gotten a young and handsome man to lure the girl away with the intention to incite trouble on both sides. Although the boy had successfully lured her away, Mo Huiling knew that they would find the girl in no time. But their initial intention was to tell Eric about it so that there would be a fight between both sides. She did not expect that… Eric did not blame Lin Che even after he found out about it.

Mo Huiling heard that Lin Che had fractured her arm in a fall in order to save Eric’s daughter.

She could not help but acknowledge Lin Che. Lin Che was too hard on herself. She had used this ruse of self-injury to win Eric’s confidence really well.

That night, Lin Che fell asleep very early.

She fell asleep easily because she could finally relax after feeling anxious for the whole day.

However, Gu Jingze still had to spend a long time handling other matters.

He read a book while looking at Lin Che who had fallen into a deep sleep beside him.

He touched her ear gently and looked down. He could not help but smiles.

He seemed to feel happy when he looked at her.

He could not believe that he felt this way…





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