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Season 7

Episode 19

(Who Dares To Speak To Gu Jingyu Like That?)

Gu Jingyu and Lin Che went in together.

The production crew and cast saw Lin Che come in with someone following behind her. All of them froze and looked at them in confusion.

When they saw that the person behind her was actually Gu Jingyu… all of them were shocked.

Gu Jingyu had not appeared for a long time. Everyone knew that he had gone overseas to film but he never admitted to it and never responded to the rumors either.

But now, he was suddenly making his first domestic appearance with Lin Che at the production crew’s wrap party?

What was going on?

Shen Youran had initially been following Yu Minmin around to take photos with the male leads.

But she looked up only to see Gu Jingyu.

He stood beside Lin Che with a dashing appearance. With a smile on his face, he swept his eyes over everyone.

His glass-like eyes seemed to hold the stars in them. Anyone would have been stunned after being looked at by those eyes.

Shen Youran immediately exclaimed, “Minmin. That’s Gu Jingyu.”

“Yes,” Yu Minmin said.

Shen Youran hurriedly pulled Yu Minmin and walked out while mumbling to Yu Minmin at the same time, “No wonder Lin Che doesn’t feel anything when she works with so many handsome men. In actual fact, Lin Che has seen enough handsome men.”


“Hey. No matter how handsome these young actors are, they turn into dust instantly when they’re in front of Gu Jingyu. Gu Jingyu simply looks like a famous celebrity. The moment he appears, he exudes brilliant rays of light. If Gu Jingyu is not by Lin Che’s side, Gu Jingze is. Of course, she won’t take a fancy to those young male actors.”

“Yes. Everyone knows about the rumors previously surrounding Lin Che and Gu Jingyu. Thus, there were no rumors at all surrounding her and these young male actors. Everyone thinks that since she was in a scandal with Gu Jingyu, there’s totally no need for her to be in a scandal with anyone else.”


Yu Minmin saw Gu Jingyu and said, “Senior Jingyu, you’re here.”

Shen Youran had a smitten expression on her face too. She hinted to Lin Che by tugging at her and looking at her meaningfully. She wanted Lin Che to let her take a photo with him.

Lin Che glared at Shen Youran who was being such a fool and could only say, “Let’s take a photo first.”

Gu Jingyu easily agreed.

They immediately started taking photos at the doorway. Shen Youran looked at the photos with a satisfied and ecstatic expression on her face.

The other people in the production crew also rushed over to greet him.

Gu Jingyu smiled and politely chatted with everyone.

Everyone knew that Gu Jingyu treated others coldly. He was probably smiling only on Lin Che’s account. A few no-name actors did not even dare to approach them and merely watched from afar.

Thus, Lin Che and Gu Jingyu went in and took a seat first.

Gu Jingyu said, “I watched the trailer for your drama series. It was quite good. But now that you’re done with filming, do you have any plans for your next production?”

Lin Che said, “I still don’t have any plans. I’m going to take a break and see how things go. Right now, I just want to make sure everything goes well for my studio.”

“Alright then.”

Lin Che remembered that Gu Xiande was going to have a birthday banquet. She looked at Gu Jingyu and asked, “By the way, did you actually come back to attend the Gu family birthday banquet?”

“Birthday banquet?” Gu Jingyu narrowed his eyes.

Lin Che asked in surprise, “Why? Did you really not know? Grandfather’s birthday banquet is in a few days.”

As expected, Gu Jingyu’s expression changed and he said bluntly, “Of course, I’m not going to attend that old man’s birthday banquet.”

“…” Lin Che asked, “Why? Is there some misunderstanding between the two of you?”

“It’s not a misunderstanding.” Gu Jingyu continued, “You can ask him directly. You don’t have to ask me.”

Lin Che said, “Alright then. I don’t really understand what happened between the two of you, but I just want to say that no matter what enmity there is, so many years have passed. Children grow up and their way of thinking changes. Adults mature too and their thoughts also change. Just think about it. All of us have been immature and naive at one point or another in our childhood. But the adults always forgave us in the end. Now, why don’t we give them a chance and try to forgive them…”

“That’s enough. Stop talking about it.” Gu Jingyu’s expression suddenly changed.

Lin Che said, “Alright, alright. I’ll stop. I don’t know the details. You understand them better than me. You’re smarter than me too so you’ve definitely thought what I’m thinking now a long time ago. I just want to say that there’s no such thing as a contest between family members. Don’t make yourself regret for the rest of your life just because you can’t let go of your pride… if Grandfather passes away one day and you still don’t reconcile with him by then and don’t even make an effort to, do you think you would regret it?”

Gu Jingyu had already gone completely silent and instead stood up immediately.

Everyone was still looking at him blankly. Without looking at anyone, Gu Jingyu did not speak another word and walked out directly with his face pulled taut.

Lin Che also stood up hastily.

“Gu Jingyu,” she shouted from where she was standing.

But Gu Jingyu walked out without even turning back.

Lin Che called after him again. “Gu Jingyu. Fine, fine. Leave if you want to. But I think what I said was right.”

She did not know whether Gu Jingyu heard her either. He pulled the door open and left directly.

Everyone watched this scene with surprise.

Had they heard correctly earlier? Lin Che was really audacious. How could she call Gu Jingyu by his full name?

And from what they heard, it seemed like she had been arguing with Gu Jingyu.

Who on earth dared to speak so rudely to Gu Jingyu?

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che and walked towards her hurriedly.


Lin Che regained her bearings and shook her head. “It’s nothing. I just gave him some advice.”

She realized that she had been a little too impulsive earlier. She had not paid attention to the fact that there were still so many people here.

Now that she was done speaking, she realized that everyone was staring at her. They were looking at her with curiosity and their gazes were all different.

Lin Che frantically said, “Eat and drink freely, everyone. We were just talking about some personal matters earlier. It’s nothing.”

Alright then. Lin Che and Gu Jingyu even had personal matters…

She was not wrong. Since they were friends in their private lives, it was completely normal for them to have personal matters between them.

But they were still very surprised. They had never seen anyone dare to speak to Gu Jingyu like this in the industry.

The next day, Lin Che returned to the Gu residence to help out with the preparations for the birthday banquet.

Gu Jingze was busy and did not return with her. Lin Che looked at the invitations and the list of names together with Mu Wanqing.

That incident with Gu Jingyu was still weighing on Lin Che’s mind. She felt fine when she was somewhere else. But now that she was in the Gu residence, she kept wanting to ask.

She constantly looked like she had something on her mind. Mu Wanqing found it a little strange. She looked at Lin Che and asked, “What’s wrong? Little Che, are you thinking about Jingze? You look like you can’t be bothered with me. Jingze is really too busy. How can he not come back even for a little while today?”

Lin Che said, “No, Mother. I wanted to ask about Gu Jingyu. Why does he just refuse to come home? Does he not like Grandfather?”

Mu Wanqing froze. She looked at Lin Che for a long time before sighing with melancholy. Then, she said, “This child, Jingyu, has always been very rebellious. It’s also because the family pampered him too much when he was young. He bore a grudge because of that one time we didn’t do things his way. Eh. I can understand it too. We broke his heart then. Because he knew that his own grandfather masterminded everything, he immediately had a huge argument with his grandfather. He said that he would never come back to this house for the rest of his life and that he would no longer acknowledge this grandfather of his…”

“So, Grandfather really masterminded everything?”

“That’s right. You won’t be able to witness your grandfather’s power now. He was just like how Jingze is now. It was because he had to bear the responsibility of being the head of the family, but your grandfather actually didn’t want to do it.”





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