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Season 7

Episode 18

(Now She Had A Wrap Party Too)

When Lin Che laid on the bed that night, she asked Gu Jingze beside her, “Is there anything you think Grandfather would like?”

“Something that he likes?” Gu Jingze asked, turning away from his book to look at Lin Che.

Lin Che nodded vigorously and said, “Yes.”

“Are you still thinking about giving Grandfather a gift?”

“Yes. If I can think of something, I can just give it to him anyway. Grandfather treats me so well. I should express my appreciation too, right?”

“Your appreciation is enough. He usually has everything he needs.”

“I know that he doesn’t need anything. Just tell me what he likes.”

“He likes antique paintings,” Gu Jingze replied.

Lin Che immediately said dejectedly, “Alright. I knew that I shouldn’t have asked. It’s really difficult to get something like that, right? And I don’t even know what kind Grandfather likes. I’m not familiar with these things either. There’s a huge possibility that I would get conned if I went to choose one.”

“Alright. If you can’t think of anything, just stop thinking. Anyway, Grandfather has celebrated his birthday so many times. He has probably received all kinds of presents and doesn’t think much of them anymore.”

Lin Che thought about it and agreed. But she was still thinking about expressing her appreciation.

Because nothing came to mind while she was lying on the bed, she fell asleep.

The next day, the production crew held a wrap party for Lin Che.

It was not a real party. Everyone was just gathered together to drink and have some food to send Lin Che off.

Witch’s Diary had started its broadcast but was already getting popular. After a trailer was released online, everyone felt that it was very good. However, to maintain a sense of mystery, there were very few clips of Lin Che and the other main leads. Many netizens began to look forward to what the drama would be like when it actually premiered. They were looking forward to whether Lin Che’s style in the drama would be as the original novel described.

The director called Lin Che beforehand to congratulate her for getting everyone’s attention before she had even appeared in the drama.

Lin Che said to the director, “I’m just afraid that even though they find the drama good after watching the trailer, they may feel that the drama doesn’t live up to their expectations after actually watching the whole series. They may feel very disappointed in me.”

The director asked, “Why? Is it because you have no confidence in me?”

Lin Che said, “I’m very confident in your abilities. Many people will definitely watch your production. I’m just afraid that I’ll ruin it.”

“No way. Your acting skills are definitely the best among this generation of stars.”

“Haha. Thank you for complimenting me, Director.”

“By the way, we’re wrapping up tonight. You can invite anyone you want to come and join us.”

“Sure. Then I’ll invite a few friends to join in the fun.”

“Alright, alright.”

She felt that she had really left a good impression on the director, which was why he treated her so warmly. He even called her and spoke to her as if he was chatting with a friend.

Yu Minmin had said that she did not know how to expand her social network. Now, she suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment at the fact that she could be familiar with the director.

After the director hung up, Lin Che first told Shen Youran to come and attend her wrap party. Then, she told Yu Minmin that she could bring a few friends to join in the fun; she could call up some staff in the studio. Just then, Gu Jingyu suddenly sent her a message in WeChat that said, “I’m back in the country.” He had not contacted her for a long time and the rumors stated that he had been filming secretly in Hollywood.

Lin Che asked in surprise, “Wow. You’re back? Did you really go to Hollywood to expand your career?

“Uh. About this, I signed a confidentiality agreement with the production crew.”

His reply was akin to a tacit confession.

“No wonder you disappeared for such a long time. So it was true. Then, you’re back in the country now, right?”

“Yes. Temporarily.”

“It’s a pity that I can’t go and pick you up right now. The production crew is organizing a farewell party for me. To congratulate me on wrapping up filming.”

“Ah. You’re wrapping up filming? I should congratulate you. But shouldn’t you invite me to your wrap party since you’re wrapping up?”

“Huh? Are you coming here?”

“Yes. Why? Am I not welcome?”

“No, no. Of course not. But why are you suddenly coming? I haven’t had time to prepare.”

“Oh no. It looks like you didn’t miss me at all. After being away for so long, I wanted to visit you when I came back. But you’re saying that you don’t want me to come over?”

“No, no, no. How can I possibly mean that? Come, come over. I’m at…” She gave him the name of the restaurant and Gu Jingyu only ended the call thereafter.

By the time Lin Che arrived at the restaurant, Shen Youran and Yu Minmin had already arrived first.

The first thing Shen Youran saw after going in was the main male lead, a young and fresh actor. He had been getting quite popular lately, so Shen Youran immediately said excitedly, “Wow, wow, wow, wow. He’s so handsome. Quick, Lin Che. Come with me over there to take a photo with him later.”

Lin Che said, “Alright, alright. I’ll bring you over later to take a photo with him.”

Some time later, she saw another actor and exclaimed again, “Wow. That one is handsome too…”

“Alright, alright. You can take a photo with all of them.”

“Wow. Lin Che, you’re so lucky. You can collaborate with so many handsome young actors…”

“There’s nothing lucky about that. I can only look at them. It’s not like I can take all of them.”

“I guess. That’s a problem too…” Shen Youran continued, “Furthermore, your character is really a third party. All the readers feel that the two males should get together and you should leave earlier.”

“Get lost!”

Even though Shen Youran was speaking the truth.

To be honest, while reading the novel Lin Che herself thought that there should be no female lead…

But her character was actually quite popular, alright?

Just then, Gu Jingyu called to tell her that he was already outside.

Lin Che said hastily, “Give me a minute. I’ll go out and bring someone in.”

Yu Minmin said, “You invited someone else here?”

“Hn. Yes. He managed to make it in time.” Lin Che rushed out while speaking.

Sure enough, when she went out, she saw Gu Jingyu looking charming as usual. He alighted from the car and looked very confident and at ease.

He caught sight of Lin Che immediately and waved, saying, “Hey, I’m here.”

Lin Che walked towards him and saw him walking towards her quickly. She looked him up and down and felt that he had really slimmed down a little. It seemed that he had had a very tough time filming in Hollywood.

The first thing Gu Jingyu did was to look Lin Che up and down. “Seriously. You look like you really didn’t miss me at all. You didn’t lose weight at all. You actually even gained a bit of weight.”

Lin Che said, “That’s impossible. What does missing you have to do with my weight? But you really slimmed down.”

“That’s a matter of course. It’s because I missed you. I’m not as heartless are you are.”

“Nonsense. Stop messing around.” The two of them walked into the restaurant together.

Gu Jingyu smiled and said, “But now, you’re starting to have people celebrate your wrapping up for you. Pft, pft. As expected, even without me, you’re now the mainstay of the production crew. I feel as if I’m about to be abandoned.”

Indeed, there was usually no wrap party. But if there was a huge star, they would definitely have a party to send him or her off. A gathering like that was a show of respect.

It was actually Lin Che’s first time having a wrap party after filming ended.

Did this mean that she was now considered a top star?





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