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Season 7

Episode 17

(You Must Have The Air Of A Celebrity To Be One)

There were four major drama academies in C Nation. There were still numerous smaller academies, but these four were probably the most famous.

Two of these major academies were in B City while the other two were in other cities.

This time, Lin Che and Yu Minmin came to one of the major academies to take a look.

Lin Che had studied here before. She had also graduated from this academy back then, so this place was very familiar to her. But the last time she came, Qin Wanwan had come with her for training. Now, she had already opened her own studio and was here to choose trainees.

In actual fact, there was no such thing as trainees to speak of in the country at first. However, they later learned a bit of the system. Their system was not as cruel as the system in Korea. They merely brought the trainees back to the company to sign a contract and started slowly training them.

Many people gathered around after finding out that Lin Che and Yu Minmin were here.

Although Lin Che’s studio was newly-opened and had no other celebrities apart from Lin Che, everyone knew that Lin Che was a skilled actress. They also knew that Yu Minmin was capable because she had caused Lin Che to emerge victorious in her struggle to leave the company’s control. Everyone was very confident in Yu Minmin’s management abilities, especially when she was also the President’s wife.

In particular, Lin Che was now a huge celebrity too. Thus, they felt that they would have better opportunities if a famous celebrity could promote them. It was better than the small companies that usually came to scout them.

From the moment they stepped in, they saw many people crowding around them. Their vision was a little blurred as a result.

Lin Che said, “They’re so enthusiastic.”

“Of course, there are too many questionable management companies around these days. They sign people on first and then simply leave them be. Alternatively, they continue to sell the contracts to other companies and the situation gets very messy. You’re the living billboard of our studio. They know that you’re here to choose trainees and so they know first and foremost that our company is credible. Of course, they rushed here.”

Lin Che looked at these people and did not see anyone particularly striking. She walked all the way in and greeted the head of the academy first. When they shook hands, the head of the academy said, “I’m not very familiar with signing contracts and debuting. You can come in and take a look. This is our school.”

There were many students and the head of the academy also specifically pointed out a few elite students who had already revealed their outstanding talent.

Lin Che said that she would take a look since the academy head was recommending them. The academy head had already prepared for this and told a few students to come in.

The students had dressed up very well. Although they were still students, they were drama students who had gone for some auditions and performances and learned how to groom themselves early on. One after another, each of them looked pretty good.

It was obvious that they wanted to perform well in front of Lin Che and Yu Minmin. The bright sparks in their eyes were pleasant to see.

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che. Lin Che saw nothing special; she really did not think that any of them were a good choice.

Lin Che asked, “What do you think?”

Yu Minmin said, “They’re alright.”

Lin Che then replied, “Then, why don’t we just go out and look around on our own?”

She stood up and said to the academy head, “We’ll bring your documents back and discuss amongst ourselves before contacting you. We’ll go out and take a look on our own too and see if we meet anyone suitable.”

“Oh, okay, okay. Take your time and walk around. These are the passes to some of our classrooms. Take them with you so that you can go anywhere you want.”

“Alright. Thank you.”

“No problem, no problem. We’ll cooperate with you so that we can improve together. Weren’t you chosen by Miss Yu through this process in the past?”

“Haha, yes Sir.”

Lin Che was not an outstanding student in school back then. In fact, the academy head could not have known her. However, there were so many people in school, so it was not the case that every outstanding student would become famous in the end.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin walked on the path while reading the documents they had been given.

“I think all of them look fine but they won’t stand out easily and don’t look like celebrities.”

Lin Che asked, “So when you looked at me, did you feel that I had the air of a celebrity?”

“Of course. You’re the type of person who can catch people’s eyes instantly from afar. When I swept my eyes over the students earlier, I felt that they were very ordinary. The aura of a celebrity is something that you have to be born with. You can’t learn it later on. It’s something that comes from within and it definitely doesn’t come about easily.”

“Really? I caught your eye from afar? I thought that you just casually signed me on.”

Yu Minmin said, “How can that be? I wasn’t just buying vegetables. How could I have signed you so casually? From the start, you were very distinctive. With one look, I knew that you were different from the rest. If you appeared on television, people would easily recognize you too. That’s why I signed you on. But every single person who signs on to the company must work hard on their own apart from receiving training from the company. You can only continue advancing your career if you find good productions, get good roles, and expand your social network. You’re obviously terrible at expanding your social network.”

“I hate you.”

“Relax. Every famous celebrity starts their career like you. You’re not an exception; everyone seems to be like this.”

Lin Che thought to herself that this was true. Every main lead started out with so many mediocre supporting roles before slowly making progress.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin continued walking. The people by the road were still looking at them. Many of them wanted to approach them but did not dare to.

In the end, someone came up to them and greeted them first.

She said to Yu Minmin, “Sister Yu, Sister Che, nice to meet you.”

Yu Minmin smiled in response and said, “Nice to meet you. What’s your name?”

Then, they took down her contact details and she left with a satisfied smile.

Lin Che asked, “Is she alright?”

Yu Minmin said, “She has the guts to take the initiative. In the future, she might have the same courage when she meets a director. She will save us so much money if she can find her own opportunities. In this circle, you must be able to make discerning judgments.”

Thereafter, Lin Che saw a student listening to the professor with rapt attention and asked her for her contact details as well. Her side profile was very beautiful and she did indeed have the air of a main lead.

Of course, when it came to the boys, it was easier to market those young and fresh types. Still, it would not be easy for them to become famous. They also saw some boys with very good acting skills and some with very unique appearances. They also took down their contact details because these boys could possibly go down the route of skilled actors or other routes.

After looking around for a day, the two of them were quite fruitful and went home.

Gu Jingze happened to be there when Lin Che arrived at home. He came out and said to Lin Che, “Grandfather’s birthday banquet is in a few days. We have to go back to attend it.”

“Ah, right. I remember that last year’s banquet was also around this time. Should I get him something?”

“It’s alright. I’ve already instructed someone to buy a present. You can just come with me.”

Lin Che wanted to just agree with him. But Gu Xiande had always liked her and treated her particularly well. Thus, she felt slightly apologetic about not giving him anything.

But since Gu Jingze had spoken, she did not think about giving him another gift. She merely thought that it was best to give him something to express her sincerity and wondered what that would be.

However, it was a pity that she had not had much contact with Gu Xiande. She really did not know what he needed either.




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