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Season 7

Episode 16

(I Will Definitely Teach Her A Lesson At The Birthday Banquet In A Few Days)

Lin Che’s face turned completely red the moment she heard this. “Shen Youran, I dare you to talk nonsense again.”

She ran after Shen Youran.

Shen Youran laughed out loud and hid behind Chen Yucheng. Lin Che could not catch her even after running one round.

But of course, Shen Youran envied Lin Che. She lived so blissfully. Gu Jingze really treated her too well.

Lin Che was so spoiled now only because Gu Jingze had pampered her.

However, Gu Jingze was still happy to pamper her. How could she not be envious?

“Alright, alright, let’s stop running. We were about to go back.” Shen Youran continued, “We won’t continue disturbing you two.”

Lin Che scoffed and said, “It’s so early… I don’t think you’re leaving because you don’t want to disturb us. You’re leaving because you don’t want us to disturb you, right?”

Lin Che raised her eyebrows and looked at Chen Yucheng.

It was Shen Youran’s turn to shout. She circled Lin Che and said, “Nonsense, nonsense. Don’t try to change the subject. You think I don’t know what trick you’re trying to pull?”

The men looked at the women quarrel. They did not get involved either and simply watched from the sidelines.

By the time they had quarreled enough, they were at the entrance. Lin Che watched them get into their cars. Following Yu Minmin and Gu Jingming, the President’s personal bodyguards also left directly. Then, Lin Che stretched her body before going back inside.

But the irritating thing was that she saw Mo Huiling standing there and looking at her when she turned around.

Mo Huiling said, “What? I’m just looking. I wasn’t trying to do anything…”

However, while speaking, she was suddenly about to puke.

Mo Huiling could not swallow it down and vomitted there.

The maids watched from behind and were all speechless.

Immediately, Mo Huiling shouted and said in discomfort, “What are you all looking at? Aren’t you going to clear this up for me quickly?”

It occurred to her that Lin Che was still here. Her eyes flashed and she held her stomach. She said, “This child has too much energy. Seriously. You should learn from your father. Look at how calm and collected your father is.”

Seeing her vomit, Lin Che simply felt a wave of disgust. She herself nearly vomited too.

She glanced at Mo Huiling and saw that the maids also had disgusted expressions on their faces. Then, she headed straight for her room.

She felt like she was about to vomit after closing the door.

Gu Jingze saw her lean against the door with her hand on her chest. He frowned and asked, “Did they leave? What’s wrong?”

Lin Che said, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I just saw Mo Huiling vomit, so I wanted to vomit too.”

Gu Jingze said, “That’s enough. I think you feel the urge to vomit because you ate too much. You’re not allowed to eat so much at one go next time, alright?”

Seeing Gu Jingze’s tight expression, Lin Che smiled and said, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll obey your command, okay?”

Mo Huiling vomited for some time there. She felt like she had lost all her energy, but everyone ignored her.

She shouted angrily, “You bunch of useless trash, just wait and see.”

The maids looked at her with disgust written on their faces.

She was not even the Madam of the house, but she still strutted around like she was.

Mo Huiling was so angry that she returned to her room.

Tonight, she had seen Lin Che laughing and chatting happily. Gu Jingze had even carried her on his back while she herself was like someone who had been forgotten. Even Gu Jingming said that he didn’t know her when they met. She was so angry that she was really about to die.

While she was lying on the bed, she heard her phone ring. Initially, she was about to throw a tantrum. However, the moment she saw that the caller was Gu Lanshan, she quickly calmed her anger down and answered the call.

“Aunt, I just got bullied terribly by Lin Che. She even brought her gang of scoundrel friends here to provoke me.”

“Alright… didn’t I tell you already? You have to bear with it as much as you can. We’ll do everything else secretly.”

“I’ve already been very tolerant, but Lin Che is really taking it too far,” Mo Huiling said.

Gu Lanshan said, “Alright. Do you know what day it will be in a few days?”

“What day?”

“It will be the birthday of the Old Master of the Gu family, my old father.”

Oh, Gu Xiande’s birthday.

Mo Huiling said, “But Old Master has always disliked me…”

“How can that be? You’re carrying a child of the Gu family. In the past, he didn’t like you because he felt that you couldn’t continue the Gu family’s bloodline. Now that you already have a child, how can he dislike you?”

“But what do you mean? Are you telling me to attend his birthday banquet?”

Mo Huiling eyes lit up.

If she could attend Gu Xiande’s birthday banquet…

That was a place where so many prominent figures would not be able to squeeze into even if they broke their skulls trying.

In the past, she would not have dreamed of attending Gu Xiande’s birthday banquet because he disliked her.

She had only seen Gu Xiande a few times, much less attended his birthday banquet.

But she still wanted to experience it once.

Gu Lanshan smiled and said, “I’m not just asking you to attend it. I’m about to tell you what my father has always wanted but has never managed to get. When the time comes, he will definitely be happy if you give this to him as a birthday present.”

“Really? Aunt, I’m really grateful to you for helping me like this…”

“Alright. You giving birth to a child of the Gu family will be sufficient thanks.” Gu Lanshan could not be bothered to listen to her say these things and simply patronized her.

She was asking Mo Huiling to give the present just to humiliate Mu Wanqing anyway.

She smiled and said, “Not only that, Lin Che will definitely give my father the worst present ever. When the time comes, knowing how weird his temper is, it would be strange if the Old Master didn’t chase her out.”

“What’s that? How are you so sure that Lin Che will give him something he dislikes?”

“Ha. You’ll know when the time comes. Anyway, you will definitely be the subject of everyone’s envy this time. You’ll also be able to watch a good show; watch how Lin Che gets chased out.”

Mo Huiling was looking forward to it. It even caused her to immediately forget about the anger she felt today.

The next day, Lin Che felt slightly nauseous the moment she arrived at the company.

Seeing that her complexion was bad, Yu Minmin closed the door and asked her, “What’s wrong? Was President Gu too rough with you yesterday night?”

“Get lost. No way!” Lin Che glared at her and said, “I just feel a little nauseous.”

Yu Minmin immediately shouted, “Wow! You can’t be pregnant, right?”

“How can that be? My period just came a while ago. How can I start vomiting before my next period is scheduled to come? Am I pregnant with a baby or with something else?!”

Yu Minmin said, “I’m sure you don’t know.” Smiling, she continued, “I know that you’re too young and haven’t encountered it. People say that you will have symptoms of nausea when you’ve just gotten pregnant, but the symptoms won’t be strong. It’s because your hormone levels will suddenly change then, so you’ll vomit occasionally. Once your body stabilizes, you won’t vomit anymore. You’ll only start vomiting again three to four months later. Oh no. You should go and do a check-up. What if you really are pregnant?””

“Get lost. I won’t be that stupid again.” When her period came late by a few days the last time, she hastily went to buy a pregnancy test kit. In the end, she was not pregnant at all and felt very embarrassed.

This time, she would not be so foolish as to quickly buy a pregnancy test kit.

Furthermore… she was not in such a hurry to have children anyway…

As she thought about it, her face became slightly red.

She looked up and quickly changed the subject. “Alright. Didn’t you say that you were going to choose a few trainees today?”

Yu Minmin nodded. “Yes. I went to a few high schools a few times. I want to choose a few trainees to train them first, but whether or not they will debut depends on their luck. We’ll fill up our studio with the hope that it will do better and better; we’ll nurture and more and more huge celebrities.”





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