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Season 7

Episode 13

(Inviting Them To Her House For A Meal)

Xue Yang immediately said, “Don’t worry, Sister Che. I will definitely make good progress in this industry. I won’t let either of you down.”

As they were in the film city, she was now in the modern studio. There was also an ancient city on the other side. Lin Che was filming here because the Witch’s Diary was sort of a modern fantasy drama. Xue Yang was still on the other set working as an extra, so he left very soon after.

After watching him leave, Yu Minmin said to her, “I think that he’s not bad. He’s a young and handsome face that is quite obedient. I’m going to nurture him as a skilled actor-idol but he definitely has to join some big productions now if he wants to get famous. He hasn’t been in enough productions. I’ll see if we can try getting him into some good television series.”

Lin Che nodded and said, “By the way, come to my house tonight.”


“It’s nothing. We’re just having hotpot at home. Come and eat together with us. We’re cooking on our own. I instructed the kitchen staff to make preparations and I also asked Shen Youran and Chen Yucheng to come.”

Yu Minmin said, “Wow. Having hotpot at your house… won’t your husband get mad with anger?”

Lin Che asked, “Why would he go mad with anger?”

“Such a foul smell…”

“No way. I already told Gu Jingze. He’s eating with us too.”

“…” Yu Minmin said, “It’s difficult to imagine what Gu Jingze would look like eating hotpot.”

“Won’t he just look like he’s having a normal meal? What’s the difference…”

“Of course, there’s a difference. The first thing that comes to mind when I look at Gu Jingze is a picture of him eating western food and light meals in a very elegant manner. We’ve definitely never seen him having hotpot in such a buzzing atmosphere.”

Lin Che said, “I guess… then you’ll be able to see it today. By the way, you can ask Older Brother to come along if he’s free. The two of you are a married couple. Why are you always apart? I’ve never seen you two together.”

Yu Minmin froze and said, “I’ll ask him. But we’re totally different from you guys. You’re a married couple very much in love. Our relationship is definitely not as sweet as yours.”

“Rubbish. Whose relationship is sweet?”

After telling Yu Minmin about it, Lin Che finally finished filming a few scenes and soon met up with Shen Youran to go home together.

Shen Youran had brought Chen Yucheng along with her. They waited outside for Lin Che before leaving for the Gu residence together. When Lin Che arrived at the entrance of the Gu residence, she told the security guards there to let Yu Minmin directly in when she arrived.

Even without that, the security guards probably would not have stopped Yu Minmin from going in if she came here.

When Yu Minmin returned home, she still asked as a matter of politeness, “Is Mr. President home?”

“Yes. Mr. President went out for an interview today. He came back earlier than expected because he wasn’t feeling well.”

He wasn’t feeling well?

Yu Minmin immediately walked in and saw Gu Jingming standing by the window. He stood by the French window with his hand behind his back while he looked outside.

Yu Minmin asked while walking towards him, “What happened? Do you feel discomfort anywhere?”

“No.” Hearing her voice, he turned around to look at Yu Minmin and asked, “Is anything the matter?”

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“Oh, no, no. Just rest if you’re feeling unwell. I just came in to take a look.” Yu Minmin looked at him for a long time before turning her head around. She said coolly, “By the way…” She then scratched her hair. “Lin Che said that they’re having hotpot at the Gu residence tonight. She invited all of us over to eat and to have some fun. You can come with me too if you feel alright.”

Gu Jingming squinted his eyes and turned his head around. He seemed to be staring at Yu Minmin.

Under his penetrating gaze, Yu Minmin felt completely uneasy. She hastily said, “But I was just asking. Go ahead and do your work, go ahead…”

“Are we going to Jingze’s place?” He suddenly asked.

Yu Minmin said, “Hn, yes.”

Gu Jingming muttered, “Alright.”

Alright? Did “alright” mean…

That he was really going?

Yu Minmin immediately felt slightly regretful. She had merely asked out of politeness earlier. She did not expect him to take it seriously.

Gu Jingming walked towards her. Seeing that Yu Minmin was still there looking at him with her eyebrows furrowed, he turned around and asked, “What’s wrong? Let’s go.”

“Ah… o-okay.” Yu Minmin thought anxiously that she was done for but still, she could only leave to pack her things.

Lin Che waited outside for some time before she saw that Shen Youran and Chen Yucheng had arrived before her.

Chen Yucheng drove the car to the entrance and instructed someone to park it inside. Then, the two of them walked towards her.

“Ah, Minmin is still not here?” Shen Youran asked.

Lin Che nodded. “Yes. She’s not here yet.”

She had just finished speaking when she saw that Yu Minmin had arrived.

However, the surprising thing was that the car which was heading towards them was the car that Mr. President usually used. This car was followed by another car specially used by the President’s personal bodyguards.

Lin Che froze before regaining her senses soon after. “Wow. Mr. President is here with Minmin.”

Immediately, Shen Youran said in surprise, “No way. Did he really come with her?”

“Of course. Those people are the President’s personal bodyguards.”

“Oh my God. Then, is our meal today going to be elevated to a national banquet?”

“Rubbish. What national banquet?” Lin Che hastily said to the security guard. “Go and inform Gu Jingze.”

She had thought that Yu Minmin was coming alone. Yu Minmin had not said that Gu Jingming was coming either. She had thought that they were not coming together since Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin were usually apart.

Hearing this, Gu Jingze immediately came out to take a look as well.

Gu Jingming alighted from the car while Lin Che, Shen Youran, and Chen Yucheng stood there together.

After Gu Jingming alighted, Yu Minmin also walked quickly towards them from the other side.

Yu Minmin looked completely uncomfortable standing behind Gu Jingming. She looked at Lin Che meaningfully, hinting to her that she did not want him to come…

Fortunately, Gu Jingze finally came just then.

“Older Brother, it’s so rare to see you out and about.”

Gu Jingming looked at him. “Why? Am I not welcome?”

“No way. You’re the one who’s too busy. You ignore me when you don’t need me.”

“You talk like you’re not busy.”

The two of them greeted each other like this. Gu Jingming patted Gu Jingze on the shoulder and the two of them walked inside together. Gu Jingze said, “Come in. We set up the hotpot in the garden because we were afraid it would be too hot.”

Hearing this, Chen Yucheng asked from behind, “Is that so? That would be very nice. The scenery in the garden is good at night.”

They went in one by one. The maids had already prepared everything and welcomed them in from both sides.

However, someone came down the stairs upon hearing the noise.

Upon closer look, they realized it was Mo Huiling.

Yu Minmin tugged at Lin Che. Then, she tilted her head and asked, “I nearly forgot about her. Is that woman still staying here and refusing to leave? Hasn’t her arm recovered?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Che glanced up at her and could not be bothered with her.

However, Mo Huiling rushed down the moment she saw that there were so many people around.

Mo Huiling had already known that they were preparing for something at home.

When she saw them arrive, she realized that they had invited people over to eat.

She looked closely at the people who had come here. Chen Yucheng had actually been invited but the main thing was that Mr. President had actually come.

She quickly hurried down to greet him.

“Mr. President, nice to meet you.”

However, Gu Jingming looked strangely at the woman standing in front of him. It seemed that he could not remember who she was even after thinking for a long time.



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