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Season 7

Episode 12

(He Was Seriously A Man That Left Them No Way Out)

However, before she could retaliate, he had already pressed her down with his arm. Then, he slowly lowered his body to hers and kissed her lips gently.

Of course, the result was that she could no longer hear anything at all because her heart was completely filled with his faint kisses. When he kissed her, his eyes stared into hers. That sensual, overwhelming gaze had really taken over her entire mind.

He carefully avoided the injured part of her arm and started kissing her before suddenly pressing himself on her…

Before long, there were no more sounds coming from the room at the corner. There were no sounds from the other rooms as well but in this room…

The sounds started again after some time. They were softer than the sounds from the other rooms because Gu Jingze knew how to keep it under control. He adequately controlled the pace and did not move too vigorously. Each time, he could push himself into her deepest parts without wasting his energy but at the same time, he could make both of them feel very satisfied.

They could do as they wished at home since the sound insulation was good and there was no one to hear them. However, they could not do the same here, so he deliberately slowed down immensely and his movements also became much more gentle.

But they still did it for a long time…

The next day.

When Lin Che woke up, she moved her arm and found that it still hurt a little.

She moved her arm back and rubbed her eyes. Seeing that Gu Jingze was not around, she went out alone in her pajamas to wash up.

However, she realized that everyone was gazing at her very suggestively after she went out.

She did not think anything of it at the moment. The only thing on her mind was that perhaps she looked too sloppy after waking up in the morning, so everyone kept looking at her. It was better for her to go and wash up quickly.

While she was brushing her teeth, a young lady beside her looked at her just when she lifted her toothbrush to her mouth. While blushing, the young lady smiled and said, “Dear me. You’re so lucky.”

Lin Che froze. She did not know what she was talking about.

She left once she was done brushing her teeth. Another girl came to her and raised her eyebrows while looking at her. The girl was a foreigner and immediately said to her, “Oh, your boyfriend is so strong.”

So… so what?

So strong? Her boyfriend?

Lin Che wondered whether Gu Jingze had gone off to do something early in the morning. Why did everyone think that he was strong?

She shook her head and went in with a dazed expression.

The people outside only started discussing when they saw her go in.

“They did it for at least an hour yesterday night, right?”

“You heard it too?”

“Of course. They did it so vigorously.”

The girls looked at the men beside them a little speechlessly. Look at how Gu Jingze exerted all his strength… and look at them…

The men were the ones who wanted to complain. This man… he really left them no way out…

Throughout the process of taking photographs, every single shot enchanted the photographer.

When the photographer left, he even shook Lin Che’s hands and said, “You really did a good job this time. I really look forward to collaborating with you on some projects.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “You’re being too polite. I would really be lucky if I could collaborate with you.”

The photographer handed the negatives to Lin Che who looked at the photographs.

She had not taken many photographs together with Gu Jingze before this. Now that she was looking at the photographs… she really felt that they were great.

He looked so good in the photographs. They captured his smile, his face, and his gaze; all were frozen in the photographs. This man matched the scenery very well and was very photogenic too. Pft, pft. If she was a talent agent, she would really find it a waste for this man not to be a celebrity and an actor.

But apart from being handsome, he had other good qualities. It would also be a waste for him to be a celebrity and nothing else.

Lin Che chose a few photographs and sent them to Yu Minmin and Shen Youran.

Yu Minmin said immediately, “Wow, you went to take wedding photographs. Could it be that you’re going to have a wedding?”

Lin Che replied, “That’s not the case. We just went out to take photographs and have some fun.”

“Alright then… Gu Jingze treats you so well. It’s really abusive to us…”

“Get lost!”

After seeing the pictures, Shen Youran got even more excited and kept gasping in admiration. “These photographs are fantastic. Wouldn’t I get a lot of money if I sold it? The private wedding photographs of Lin Che and Gu Jingze… I think many people would die from shock. I can’t believe you dare to send these photos. I really love you so much. Since you trust me so much, I definitely won’t betray your trust.”

Lin Che smiled and replied, “Sure. How will you repay my trust in you?”

“The next time you go out, let me go with you. I’ll carry your bags and lead your horse.”


“I mean it. You can take me along so I can act like I’m rich too. I can take the chance to let myself loose and travel to several larger cities.”

“That’s enough. Ask your Chen Yucheng to take you there if you want to go~”

“Get lost! ~”

Lin Che had a lot of fun this time. After returning home, she rested for a day before getting ready to go to the set for her last day of filming.

The first thing Gu Jingze did after coming back was to go to the company to settle work matters. He called her and told her that they would go back together tonight.

Yu Minmin arrived while she was leaning against the wall and waiting for her scenes.

“So you finally came back.” There was someone following behind her.

Lin Che had yet to notice and merely said, “I’m here for battle despite my injury. I wasn’t even supposed to come in the first place, but I insisted on coming, alright?” ”

However, Lin Che only noticed later that the person behind her was Xue Yang.

Lin Che sat up straight. She saw that he had changed the way he dressed and now looked more well-groomed. He seemed to have just undergone some styling. He looked much more clean-cut than before.

Xue Yang looked at Lin Che apologetically. “Sister Che, I’m sorry. I caused you to fall and injure your arm.”

Lin Che hastily said, “Ah, I wasn’t criticizing you earlier. I was joking with Minmin.”

Yu Minmin smiled and pulled Xue Yang towards them. Then, she said, “Look, I did a pretty good job with his make-over, right?”

Lin Che recalled that Xue Yang had already been signed to their studio.

Lin Che looked Xue Yang up and down. She smiled, nodded, and said, “Yes. Not bad. He looks a little like a celebrity now. But are there any plans for his development in the future?”

Yu Minmin nodded. “He already passed the audition for a drama. But the role isn’t a major one; he’s the third male lead.”

Xue Yang said, “No, Sister Yu, Sister Che. I think that the role is already a very good one. Before this, I only had a few more lines than the extras. This role is more significant than any other role I’ve taken up.”

Lin Che nodded and felt that he had quite a steady personality.

“Yes. Everyone starts with a small role. I hope that you will keep your eyes on the ground as you progress. I think Yunshi will be very happy to watch your dramas.”

At the mention of Yunshi, he fidgeted slightly before nodding. “I will continue to work hard. I hope that I will be as formidable as Gu Jingyu one day and be admired by people.”

And be admired by Yunshi as well…

Lin Che said, “I hope that that day will come. When the time comes, you will be our company’s money tree! Hehe.”

Xue Yang said, “It’s still too early to say that. Sister Che, thank you for giving me this opportunity. You took no account of my past actions and you were even willing to sign me to your company.

Lin Che said, “That’s nothing. I only signed you on because you’re a good fit. Sister Yu didn’t get to where she is for no reason too. She also has a good eye. Anyway, do your best in this industry. All of us look upon you very favorably!





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