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Season 7

Episode 11

(“Combating Terror with Terror” In The Guesthouse)

Lin Che said, “Yes, we came here to take wedding photographs. So we’re going out to see if we can take any shots.”

“Oh, I see. I heard that many people come to Greece to take wedding photos nowadays. Did you buy a package at a wedding photography gallery in the country? Are photography galleries so good nowadays? Do they even have photographers who follow you around to take photographs of your daily life?”

Lin Che said, “No… we’re taking it ourselves.”

“Ah, I know. Did you hire a photographer to follow you around and take photos of you? How much does that cost?”

Lin Che said, “This… I don’t know either.”

The girl still wanted to look up and ask Gu Jingze, but when she looked at him she simply felt that although his face was handsome, it was really as cold as ice. His expression was so tight that she was afraid to speak recklessly.

Her words got stuck in her throat immediately.

Lin Che said, “It doesn’t cost that much anyway. We’re leaving first. See you at night!”

She pulled Gu Jingze with her and left hurriedly.

The girl looked on from behind them and felt immensely envious.

She said to her boyfriend beside her, “Let’s take our wedding photos here too.”

Her boyfriend responded in disbelief, “Don’t just blindly follow what other people do. They don’t seem to be ordinary people either. They’re actually walking around with a photographer following them.”

“What’s wrong with that? There are so many people here to take wedding photos.”

“Who hires a photographer to follow them around to take wedding photos? The wedding photography gallery usually dispatches a vehicle to follow a few couples. The couples will take turns to take photos at the location. Once they’re done, the vehicle will drive them all away. Do you think the gallery will allocate a photographer to you and make him follow you around to take photos? Do you really think that wedding photography galleries are that good for you? They have a photographer to follow them around because they hired him on their own. How much money do you think they had to spend?”

Hearing this, the girl immediately became even more excited. “That’s fantastic… let’s hire someone to follow us around and take photos too. That’s so romantic. The photos will definitely turn out better than those from the wedding photography galleries.”

“Forget it. Where will I get the money to hire a photographer? It’s enough for you to just see it happening. Don’t think so idealistically.”

“How mean… you’re such a killjoy.”

The photographs taken at night did not turn out as well as those taken in the day. This place looked more special in the day; after all, the sunshine and the coastline was the trademark of this area. Thus, they returned to the guesthouse very early. Lin Che was completely exhausted. She lay on the bed and did not move after that.

Gu Jingze kept tugging at her and telling her to go and wash up.

She was too lazy to go to the shared area to wash up.

Gu Jingze said, “If you don’t go, I’m going to carry you there, alright?”

“Ah… no, no. I’ll go. I’ll just go, alright…”

It was fine for him to do it at home, but carrying her even while they were here… that was embarrassing.

Lin Che went there and washed up. After going back to the room, she continued to lie down paralyzed.

Gu Jingze took a quick rinse as well, but he returned to see that Lin Che had already collapsed.

She was wearing the same clothes. It was obvious that she had not showered at all.

Gu Jingze asked, “Why didn’t you shower?”

Lin Che said gloomily, “I… I saw that it was a shared bathroom. There was a girl there and I was too embarrassed to remove my clothes…”

Gu Jingze shook his head, “You were the one who chose this guesthouse, right? You were the one who chose to go traveling on a budget, right?”

It was true that she had chosen these things. But… everything else aside, showering together… there were so many marks on her body… that had not faded. They were all a result of what happened yesterday night at the hotel. He could not touch her, so he deliberately marked her body. The marks would look too suggestive if someone else saw them.

Thus, she still had to come back in the end.

“I won’t shower. I won’t shower. I’ll just stay like this until tomorrow…”

“No way. You must shower.”

“I really can’t…”

“Forget it… I’ll go and get the water for you. We’ll clean you up simply in the room.”

Lin Che looked up at Gu Jingze and blinked in agreement.

Gu Jingze went out to get the water. There was a simple bathroom here but no shower, so they had to go out to wash up. On his way back to the room with the hot water, the landlord asked him what he needed the hot water for. He replied in fluent English that it was for his wife to clean her body. They would do it in the washroom and would not dirty his room.

The landlord hastily said, “Oh, I heard that all eastern men are very considerate of their wives. You really are. That’s great. Don’t worry and do what you need to. It’s alright.”

Gu Jingze smiled and brought the water in. Hearing his words, everyone outside said very enviously, “Look at how that man treats his girlfriend. He’s so handsome and so considerate too.”

All of the men sitting in the house and chatting glanced at one another gloomily and prayed that he would not randomly come out again for a comparison.

They themselves knew that this man was really not bad. Earlier, they had seen his toned figure while they were showering in the bathroom. There were also some strange scars on his upper torso that looked like bullet and knife scars. His body was so sexy that they silently resolved to exercise when they went back…

As the saying went, there was no hurt without comparison. Now, he not only had a perfect figure and a beautiful face, but he even treated his girlfriend so well.

Could he please leave them a way out…

Lin Che cleaned herself up to the best she could. She finally felt comfortable after washing herself. It was just that she still felt gloomy while cleaning the marks on her body, especially the marks on her chest.

After wiping herself down, she put on her pajamas and lay on the bed. Gu Jingze was still looking at his tablet computer over there. The room was very small; it had only a bed and a simple wardrobe, but it was very cozy and appealing.

She lay there and momentarily felt a sense of warmth. It was as if she was looking at their lives many later; it was tranquil and pleasant.

She said, “To be honest, budget traveling is pretty good too. Look, isn’t this great? We’re experiencing what it’s like to live in a guesthouse. Furthermore, the landlord here is such a nice person too. The premises is also clean and the food we ate here was great too. The best thing is, we can’t walk around and stop whenever we want back in C Nation, but we don’t have to worry about being surrounded here, am I right?”

Gu Jingze looked at her. “We can go out often in the future as long as you want to.”

“I don’t want to. It won’t be fun if we keep going out too.” Of course, she knew that it was dangerous for him to go out and walk around all the time. Each time it happened, it was because she wanted to and so he went out to accompany her. Many people would definitely not agree with it; after all, he would be placed in a lot of danger if those bodyguards were not around.

The good thing was that while they were overseas, they were not on the radar and hence, it did not seem that dangerous.

Nevertheless, it was ultimately still unsafe.

She looked at him and thought that he appeared even more outstanding amongst ordinary people. He was so formidable and was always exceptional in everything. No wonder he had done so well for himself and no wonder so many people treated him as their enemy.

So many people would not be able to sleep restfully at night knowing the existence of such a powerful Gu Jingze.

However, he had always appeared to be so ordinary in front of her.

She leaned into his embrace and momentarily cherished him even more while feeling a little sad.

However, at this moment…

A dissonant sound suddenly penetrated the air…

It was not loud, but it nevertheless sounded strange…

Earlier, they had thought that everything was fine. But right now, they were suddenly… a little worried.

These were… sounds coming from the other couple, right?

Gu Jingze froze and Lin Che had an awkward expression on her face. “This… is also an experience…”

But Gu Jingze smiled and lifted her face. He gazed into her clear eyes and said, “I do have a good idea.”

“What idea?”

“We’ll combat terror with terror~”

“…” What the hell…





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