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Season 7

Episode 10

(A Romantic Date Just For The Two Of Them)

Lin Che followed the directions shown on the map on her phone and found a place for them to eat.

After going in, Gu Jingze had no problems communicating. He spoke in French and English and they immediately served up some delicious dishes.

The people beside them had initially been gesturing to order food. When they heard Gu Jingze order after blabbering on and on, their jaws dropped in surprise.

After sitting down, the three of them randomly ate the food. Lin Che asked, “Do the people here speak English or what?”

“Their official language is Greek. But most of the stall-owners here know how to speak English, French, and German. They also know a bit of Italian. After all, this area is quite small and they often make their rounds here, so they know many languages.”

“Then, earlier, you were speaking…”

“I was trying out all the languages to see which one the stall-owner knows.”

“…” Lin Che gazed at him in surprise.

Beside them, the photographer joined in and said admiringly, “Mr. Gu, you truly are a fine example of excellence. People like me are so ashamed of ourselves. Despite being in Paris for so many years, I don’t even know how to speak French. I’m so ashamed, so ashamed.”

Lin Che said, “People like him belong more to the abnormal spectrum. We are the normal ones. It’s alright, you don’t have to feel ashamed.”

The photographer merely smiled. The Madam had already spoken. He, however, did not dare to call Gu Jingze abnormal.

“It is evident that Mr. Gu’s current accomplishments were already anticipated. After all, you worked very hard. Your diligence and eagerness to learn is truly very admirable.”

Lin Che thought to herself that what he said was indeed true. Outsiders did not know how busy he was, but Lin Che knew this clearly.

It was obvious from the fact that he had to be ready at all times for calls and use his handphone and tablet to deal with business matters while they were here to take photographs.

It seemed that throughout the entire year he did not have real off-days.

In comparison, employees still had a few days of leave during which they did not have to think about anything. However, as a boss, he was busy during all four seasons of the year and could not even have one off-day.

After they were done eating, they headed to the guesthouse that Lin Che had booked.

The house was just beside the restaurant. When they went in, the three of them heard another couple beside them. They were probably here for their honeymoon and were extremely happy. When they came in, they shouted in surprise, “This place is really not bad.”

The man said very proudly, “Of course. I booked this place online. This guesthouse is very big, right? the living room is so big, the kitchen is so big… the only drawback is that there are more people. But it’s still much better than a hotel and the hotels are so expensive too.”

“Yes.” The girl was very happy and did not seem to notice that more people had entered behind her. She continued cheering and shouting.

The guest house belonged to a local. The kitchen and living room were for shared use by the guests, but each room was for private use.

The three of them checked into the guesthouse with the owner. Lin Che and Gu Jingze were in the room on the left; the photographer’s own room was on the right.

After going into the room, they saw that it was quite big. Lin Che lay on the bed and immediately felt that running around the whole morning had really tired her out.

From here, she could still hear some noise from outside. It seemed that the sound-proofing was not particularly good.

It seemed that they would encounter their fellow countrymen no matter where they went since the population of C Nation was huge. Thus, Lin Che could also understand the conversation happening outside.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and said, “Don’t you think this place is too noisy…”

Gu Jingze said, “It’s a little noisy.”

“Ah… then, do you want to go back?”

“Forget it. We can make even more noise at night…” Gu Jingze lay down and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Hey, what are you doing…” Lin Che whined.

Gu Jingze smiled. He could not get enough of her bashful expression.

However, it had really been a long time since he last teased her as her arm was injured.

When dinnertime came, the landlord called the phone in the room and said that he would treat them to dinner outside.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze left the room together. They were typically not too clingy towards one another, so when they saw the other couple holding hands and kissing in front of them, Lin Che really could not get used to their public display of affection.

Could they please not kiss while walking? It was preferable for them to look where they were going.

Precisely because of this, the two of them walked forward and nearly crashed into Lin Che.

Fortunately, Gu Jingze waved his arm and let out a sound of disapproval at the same time. Only then did the couple immediately notice the two of them.

When she saw Gu Jingze, the girl was instantly stunned. But when she then saw Lin Che, she asked, “Hey, you.. you look very familiar… ah, are you Lin Che?”

Lin Che pursed her lips and said, “Everyone says that I look like her, but I’m not her.” When Lin Che finished speaking, she pulled Gu Jingze’s arm and walked out with him.

Hearing this, the girl let out a sound of affirmation and said, “That makes sense. I don’t think Lin Che has a boyfriend. She just has many rumored partners. Furthermore, why would Lin Che stay here? This place is so cheap. A huge celebrity like her would definitely stay in a reputable hotel. Hey, don’t leave. You’re from C Nation too, right? What’s your name?”

Because Lin Che looked a little different in real life than she did on television, the girl did not easily determine that she was Lin Che.

Lin Che turned around and said, “My name… my name is Shen Youran.”

She said this as it was the only name she could think of at the moment.

“Ah, that’s wonderful. I heard early on that many people from C Nation go overseas to travel. Sure enough, I met some. Are you here for your honeymoon vacation?”

“No, we just came here to enjoy ourselves a bit,” Lin Che said.

The girl let out another sound of affirmation. She looked at Gu Jingze beside her and momentarily found him very handsome. However, he seemed like he could not be bothered to interact with people. “Is this your boyfriend?” She said a little shyly.

Lin Che said, “Yes. His name is Chen Yucheng.”

“…” Gu Jingze looked at her with his eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Che chuckled.

She saw on the opposite side that the photographer was already here and rushed to greet him. “How’s the room?”

“It’s great, it’s great. It’s more than enough for me to stay in. Let’s go and eat. Would the two of you like to go out after eating to take photographs of the night scenery?”

“Sure, sure.”

While they were eating, the couple across them watched the three of them eat at a separate table, chattering happily away. The girl stared at Lin Che, thinking that she looked more and more like Lin Che the more she looked at her. However, the man beside her was so handsome too, so she also liked staring at him.

Then, she said to her boyfriend, “Look at that woman. The more I look at her, the more she looks like Lin Che. Do you think she got plastic surgery to look like Lin Che? I’ve seen many people get plastic surgery to look like her.”

Her boyfriend said, “Plastic surgery isn’t good. What’s there to operate on?”

“Precisely. People think that she’s beautiful just because she became famous, so they get plastic surgery to look like her. Plastic surgery is really amazing now.” She scoffed and said, “I think that she must have had plastic surgery to look like surgery. If she’s not a celebrity, how can she look so good? There’s no way that ordinary people can be that beautiful. I’m sure she had plastic surgery.”

On the other side, the three of them were done eating. The photographer took with him the necessary filming apparatus and was about to bring them out to take photographs.

Just then, the other couple was about to leave for a stroll too. Seeing that the photographer was holding a tripod, they said, “Wow, are you going out to take photographs?”





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