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Season 7

Episode 1

(Who Instructed You To Lure Lu Yunshi Away?)

Lin Che looked at Lu Yunshi and sighed. She waved her hand gesturing for Lu Yunshi to come to her.

Lu Yunshi looked at Lin Che while sobbing. “I’m really sorry…”

Lin Che said, “Next time, remember to tell us before you go out and play, alright?”

Hearing this, Lu Yunshi nodded vigorously. She wiped her tears away and said, “It was because Father never lets me go out on my own. There are always people following me. I’ve always wanted to go out alone and play. When I saw Armie today, he called me from outside and said that he would take me to play games. I knew that he wasn’t a good kid, but I still wanted to go with him.”

Lin Che asked in confusion, “Armie?”

Lu Yunshi nodded and said, “Armie is the name I gave him. I think that name sounds very nice.”

Lin Che shook her head in disbelief. “Your father restricts you from going out alone because you’re too young. But if you want to go out, you can discuss it with your father, choose a safer place to go to, and keep him informed of your location at all times. I think your father would let you go out.”

“I know… I won’t do this ever again. Baby Che, you must be in so much pain.” She looked at Lin Che’s arm and genuinely felt terrified and upset. When she saw her jump down earlier, Lu Yunshi felt as if she was about to suffocate.

From a young age, she lived in a place akin to an ivory tower. Of course, she had never experienced anything like this.

Lin Che said, “Of course, it hurts a lot. It was really very high. It looked alright but you would definitely have gotten injured if you jumped down. Look at me. Didn’t I get hurt? So you must not do the same thing again next time, you hear me?”

Lu Yunshi immediately nodded her head vigorously.

At this, Lin Che smiled in satisfaction and said to her, “Alright. That’s fine, then. Fortunately, it only hurts a little. I don’t blame you either. I was the one who accidentally fell down anyway.”

Just then, they heard Eric’s voice outside.

His face froze when he came in and saw the situation.

Staring at Lu Yunshi, he frowned and said, “Annie, you…”

Lu Yunshi hastily buried her head in her father’s chest. “Father, I won’t do it again. Really, I won’t. I won’t ever sneak out again.. this time, I caused Baby Che to get injured. It’s really my fault. I will definitely lock myself up when I’m home… I don’t want any allowance either… please don’t be angry, Father…”

Eric’s face gradually relaxed. He merely looked at his own daughter in frustration.

He pulled his daughter to him. Gazing at Lin Che, he suddenly bowed to her and said solemnly, “I’m sorry that Annie caused your injury. Someone has already informed me about what happened earlier. Thank you for sacrificing yourself to save Annie. Annie is insensible and does not know how to weigh the severity of things. But I know that she’s still a kind-hearted child. I hope that you can forgive her.”

Gu Jingze explained this softly to Lin Che by her ear.

After understanding his words, Lin Che hastily said, “I understand. It’s alright. In the first place, it was also a lapse of responsibility on my part that she managed to run away. I hope that Mr. Eric won’t be angry that I didn’t inform you beforehand. I was worried that you would be furious and blame me. I was also afraid that blowing the matter up would put Yunshi in even greater danger. But we were indeed looking for her slowly. Gu Jingze was also conducting an inch-by-inch search for her. We only informed you when we were certain that we had found her.”

Eric said, “I understand. Why would I blame you? In the first place, Annie had always clung to you. You only brought her along and let her cause trouble because you like her. She was rebellious and wanted to go out and play. It was indeed abominable of her to jump out the window and it was difficult to stop her. Besides, you’re so sincere. I can feel your sincerity.”

Lin Che said, “I just have a suspicion that someone deliberately lured her away. Otherwise, he would not have lured her out at the precise position of the CCTV’s blind spot. Although Yunshi was being very rebellious, this incident would not have happened either if not for this person luring her out.”

At the side, Gu Jingze said, “Yes. Mr. Eric, what came to my mind first was also that someone probably deliberately lured her out to cause a rift between me and you. I was worried that someone was trying to make things difficult, so I didn’t tell you about this earlier. It was also because you were in the Glazed Tile Palace and I couldn’t contact you, hence the delay.”

Eric said, “If this really is the case, we must thoroughly investigate the matter. But I can feel your sincerity. Lin Che’s kindness and bravery can really set an example for Annie too. Lin Che, thank you. This incident has taught Annie a lesson. I think that she won’t be so mischievous in the future.”

Lu Yunshi shyly shrank into her father’s embrace.

Lin Che felt very envious when she saw how he doted on her.

Yunshi was so naive only because she had truly been protected too well. She had no concerns and was very mischievous.

On the other hand, she never dared to do such things in the past, because she had never had any backing.

However, now she felt that she had become much braver, she even dared to bring her bodyguard to someone’s door to search for someone.


She looked at Gu Jingze beside her.

She thought to herself that she had subconsciously treated Gu Jingze as her backing. Whenever she looked at him, she felt very safe no matter what happened.

Therefore, Yunshi was lucky and she too was lucky.

But the person who had lured Lu Yunshi away…

Soon after, Gu Jingze brought Eric with him and pulled the boy to them.

The boy was a handsome boy with a cheery disposition. They could tell that he was quite young.

He looked at Lu Yunshi, Lin Che, and then at Eric and Gu Jingze. Thereafter, he did not dare to raise his head again.

He found it inconceivable that he would meet so many prominent figures within a day. All because he took someone’s money in exchange for luring this little girl out to play.

He said, “I really didn’t know that she was Eric’s daughter.”

Gu Jingze replied, “Tell me who instructed you to do this.”

He said, “I was just bored… and I thought she was very pretty, so…”

“Are you refusing to tell the truth even now?”

“I…” He looked up and shrank under Gu Jingze’s gaze.

Gu Jingze walked towards him step by step. His fierce gaze was immensely pressuring and nearly caused the boy’s resolve to crumble under the pressure.

At last, he could not bear it and said hastily, “I don’t know who it was either. Someone just told me about this matter in the game and transferred money to me. I was told to take this girl away. He told me not to hurt her. I was supposed to simply take her out to play for a few days and hide her in a more concealed place. I wasn’t supposed to get discovered…”

Gu Jingze said, “Give your details to my subordinates. As for you…”

If they knew his bank account number and his game account details, they should be able to find out something.

But how should they deal with this boy…

Just when he was about to speak, Lu Yunshi suddenly implored from behind them, “Please don’t hurt him…”




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