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Season 6

Episode 99

(We Finally Found The Man)

Yu Minmin went inside directly with the tray in her hands.

The moment Gu Jingming saw that the person who had come in was unexpectedly Yu Minmin, he paused for a bit before saying, “You?”

Yu Minmin’s eyes quickly crinkled into a smile. “Here is some tea for the both of you.”

Eric was sitting at the side and leaning in his seat.

The two of them seemed very casual.

The two reporters following them at the side were constantly taking photographs at the moment.

Gu Jingming glanced at the reporters. He pulled Yu Minmin by the hand and sat her down. Then, he introduced her to Eric, “This lady is my wife.”

Only then did Eric say with surprise, “Oh, I know. I saw your wedding ceremony. Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. It’s my fortune to be able to meet the First Lady. It’s my honor. You’re truly too beautiful,”

Eric said.

It was Yu Minmin’s first time meeting Eric. It was an amazing feeling to be able to meet him.

It went without saying that she was immensely surprised when she shook hands with him.

It was a simple shake of the hand and she said, “Nice to meet you.”

As her English was not good, Gu Jingming continued to translate from the side. “My wife doesn’t really know how to speak English. But she knew about Mr. Eric for a long time.” He raised his head before saying to Yu Minmin again, “If you don’t have anything else on, sit down. We can sit together for a while.”

Yu Minmin glanced at the reporters beside them and could only sit down.

Gu Jingming held her hands throughout all this. Similarly, he was leaning comfortably in his seat. Although he was languid, there was no sense that he was behaving inappropriately at all. The disposition of a king did not at all lessen because of his momentary relaxation.

He spoke to Eric in fluent English. It felt as if every single language was his first language; he did not appear to be nervous at all.

However, he continuously held Yu Minmin’s hands in his, making her feel a little nervous. Everything else was fine.

But Yu Minmin was still wondering how Lin Che’s search was progressing. She was a little worried about it.

She sat here and continuously helped to serve them tea from beside them. If she looked up and saw anyone enter, she would go to them and take the drinks and food from them. She would also take the initiative to do anything that needed doing.

By doing this, she was able to stop anyone from getting close to Eric.

Thus, for a long time, no one was able to get close to them by even an inch.

After many difficulties, Gu Jingming asked Eric, “Why don’t we go out and look around?”

Eric replied in kind, “Of course, that would be good. I haven’t seen the Glazed Tile Palace before. I’ve always heard that this place has the best security and anti-explosion measures in the world.”

Gu Jingming raised his eyebrows. “Yes. As you know, everyone is terrified that I will die.”

The reporters broke out in laughter as did Eric.

Yu Minmin looked at Gu Jingming. In her heart, she was in complete awe of his words, his actions, his expressions, and every part of him down to the smallest detail.

No wonder he had become the most popular President. It was because he truly was the perfect President.

He was perfect down to the finest detail.

When the three of them went out, the high-ranking officials outside stood up in unison.

Some of the other people who had been invited here also stood up at the same time.

Everyone was looking at the three of them with full respect.

Yu Minmin had always kept a low profile and rarely appeared together with Mr. President. When everyone saw that she was here this time, they could not help their enthusiasm.

Someone smiled while saying, “When Mr. President and Madam President are standing together, the two of you really look so blissful.”

Gu Jingming smiled and said, “Thank you for coming to the Glazed Tile Palace, everyone. Mr. Eric merely came to C Nation on a low profile visit. But we still welcome Mr. Eric immensely. We hope that Mr. Eric will have fun in C Nation and immerse himself in our local culture. But since Mr. Eric’s wife is a local, he likely has a deep understanding of our country.”

“Yes. In the words of C Nation, I’m the son-in-law of the country.”

“Yes. So, if you come to C Nation in the future, it will be like coming home. We will forever welcome Mr. Eric.”

While everyone was enjoying themselves, someone beside them said, “Although Madam President is a commoner, she doesn’t look out of place at all now.”

“Yes. She learned a lot of etiquettes and should have a fitting disposition. She really has the air of a First Lady now.”

Feng Shaoqing was listening from behind. He looked up and could only see Yu Minmin at Gu Jingming’s side from a far distance.

She stood there quietly like a lily magnolia.

However, he did not know if she looked different than usual because her make-up was better today.

Furthermore, Feng Shaoqing subconsciously felt that she suddenly seemed to be in a prominent position. The distance between them seemed to be so far.

He looked at her in slight discomfort. He wanted to speak to Eric, but Eric clearly disdained to speak to anyone here alone.

Ultimately, Eric followed Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin into the Glazed Tile Palace. The high-ranking officials sat down while chattering happily away about their own affairs.

Feng Shaoqing looked inside. It was his first time coming to the Glazed Tile Palace. He did not expect it to be so huge as it did not appear big on television. At the moment, they were only in the foyer and had not really gone deep into the Glazed Tile Palace. He really did not know how huge the premises inside was.


Lin Che was watching the computer screen with the man.

He logged into a game and played with some functions before hastily saying, “Look, this is him. As expected, he’s online.”

Lin Che narrowed her eyes and quickly called Yu Minmin.

When Yu Minmin received her call, Gu Jingming was already taking Eric on a tour of the Glazed Tile Palace.

She asked, “Can you locate his IP address? I’m about to find him. He’s currently playing an online game.”

“Alright. I’ll get someone on it immediately,” Yu Minmin said.

After telling Yu Minmin this, Lin Che said to the man, “Talk to him or ask him to do something with you. Whatever the case, pin him down so that he doesn’t move.”

The man looked up. Seeing as she could actually get someone to locate an IP address, didn’t that mean that she was very familiar with the police?

All the more he did not dare to move recklessly and could only obey her.

Yu Minmin used her power in the Glazed Tile Palace and instructed Linda to help locate the IP address.

It did not take long for her to get back to Lin Che with the result.

She immediately sent Lin Che a text message.

Lin Che saw the address written in the text message: “Gold Coast Internet Cafe, Zongyang Road.”

Lin Che said directly, “Come on, let’s go look for him.”

She headed downstairs together with her bodyguard while giving Gu Jingze a call.

“Yu Minmin said that she located an IP address. They might be in Gold Coast Internet Cafe. It’s located right by Zongyang Road.”

Gu Jingze said, “Alright. I’ll head there now.”

“No, I’ll go there and take a look first. You can go in after me if they’re really there. Otherwise, what will we do if he runs or tries to harm Yunshi when he sees so many people?

“Alright. I’ll be there soon.”

“Hn. I’ll rush over now.”

Lin Che put down the phone and quickly drove straight to Zongyang Road.

There were many people in the internet cafe. It was furnished very well and had many private rooms. After going in, Lin Che swept her eyes over the place. As there was no one on the first floor, she went upstairs.

However, just when she reached the stairs, she saw a fair and clean-cut man making his way down.





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