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Season 6

Episode 97

(Does She Dare To Offend Even Them?)

Yu Minmin said to keep the matter under wraps as much as possible since Eric was still unaware about it. This was to avoid blowing up the matter and placing Lu Yunshi in even more danger.

Thus, the two of them left separately to look for her.

With her bodyguard in tow, Lin Che drove to the first location in no time.

She went in and scoured the premises once. She saw that it was an ordinary pub and there was nothing special about it. Then, she took the photo that the director had given her and went around asking people about the man. In the end, the people there said that the man was a frequent customer but had not come here today. Furthermore, there was nothing unordinary about him either.

Lin Che could only go to the second location. However, she did not obtain any new leads either.

Slightly disappointed, Lin Che sat there texting Yu Minmin on her phone, asking her how things were going.

Yu Minmin had similarly not discovered anything.

Lin Che proceeded to go to the third location without harboring any expectations.

It was an arcade. The fact that a game hall even existed was pretty strange to her too.

However, after going in, she saw that there were quite a number of people. The machines were all retro machines. It looked like a place that was popular among people who liked retro things.

As Lin Che had disguised herself a little, no one recognized who exactly she was. They merely found that she looked slightly strange.

With the photo in her hand, Lin Che first blocked someone before asking politely, “Sorry to take up your time. Do you know this person?”

Upon seeing the photo, his eyes flashed.

“Why are you looking for him?”

“Eh, so you know him, right?” The moment Lin Che heard that there was hope, she hastily followed up with another question.

However, just then, the man turned around and ran out immediately.

It made Lin Che lose her bearings completely.

She paused for a bit before saying frantically to her bodyguard, “Chase after him.”

The bodyguard ran after him at her instruction.

Lin Che also ran after him.

However, the man headed straight into a passageway.

The guards by the door blocked her bodyguard.

By this time, Lin Che had caught up as well.

Seeing that the man had disappeared into the passageway, Lin Che pointed inside and said to the staff member who had blocked them, “He ran inside. We’re looking for him. What does he do here?”

After seeing the photo Lin Che showed him and hearing her ask whether he knew the man in the photo, the man actually ran away. It clearly showed that he felt guilty.

The staff at the door looked Lin Che up and down before scoffing and saying, “This is a private area. You’re not allowed to go in.”

Lin Che said, “But we have to see him. He has information that we need. I must see him. Don’t stop me or I won’t go easy on you!”

Lin Che could not tell them what she intended to do, so she could only threaten them with this statement.

However, the staff merely looked at the two people. One was a bodyguard and looked pretty tall and big. But Lin Che was just a girl and would definitely not be a threat. She would just drag him down instead.

Thus, the man in front of her scoffed with his nose in the air before saying condescendingly, “It’s best not to throw your weight around while you’re here.”

Lin Che said, “We must see this person today. If you’re sure that you won’t allow me to go in…

At that, Lin Che started to walk straight ahead.

They sneered upon seeing the situation. One of them clapped his hands and immediately a few men appeared from the door behind. Although they were of different builds, all of them shared the same vicious expression. They looked at Lin Che and her bodyguard while walking towards them.

They had strength in numbers; altogether there were around ten or more of them. They were really at an advantage based on numbers alone.

That was why the man sneered and looked at Lin Che. “You can still leave now.”

Lin Che gazed at them and merely smiled coolly. Then, she instructed the bodyguard, “I’m going in to look for him. Make sure they don’t come in.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Following this, the first thing the bodyguard did was to suddenly strike a blow by kicking the man in front of him.

Their eyes widened slightly in shock. Was the tall and well-built bodyguard actually going to take on so many of them?

Thereafter, all of them charged at him together.

The man pointed to Lin Che who was about to barge in. “You… get this straight. You’re truly asking for death by throwing your weight around here.”

However, the moment he was done speaking, the bodyguard hooked him using his arm and pulled him over. Then, he punched him in the face and pushed him to the ground.

The bodyguard’s movements were agile. His strength was frightening and he moved very swiftly.

His movements were smooth and ceaseless.

After kicking him to the ground, the bodyguard stomped on him while smoothly breaking another man’s wrist without hesitation and pushing him aside.

It only took a little while for sounds of pain to fill the area.

At least now, they knew that the people who came today were really not to be trifled with.

It was even more inconceivable to them that a man who looked so normal was unexpectedly so formidable. In no time, he had beaten up ten or more of them without breaking a sweat. It was as if he had been punching sandbags.

However, Lin Che had known from the start that these people would be unable to withstand a single blow if they were ordinary people.

Lin Che knew how strong her bodyguards were. Even people who knew a bit of martial arts would lose to them.

Much less these ordinary people who did not even know how to fight and simply started throwing blows immediately, leveraging on their numbers to win the fight.

To him, defeating them was probably really as easy as throwing sandbags.

They did not even think about the fact that the person they went up against was a bodyguard ranked among the top bodyguards even on an international level.

Lin Che took advantage of the chaos outside and walked in.

The man inside was already shivering in fear. He did not expect that she would still be able to enter despite the people obstructing her outside.

Furthermore, since he had heard the noise earlier, he knew now that he had nowhere to run.

He looked at Lin Che. “I… I… I don’t know anything.”

Lin Che said, “I haven’t even asked you anything. But you’re saying that you don’t know anything?”

He did not think that the people outside would not be able to stop her either.

It looked like he had provoked someone whom he could not afford to provoke.

He could only weaken his stance and say, “To be honest, I’ve seen that person before. We stole something together in the past. I thought you were looking for us because we stole your things, so I ran away.”

Lin Che’s intuition told her that this person definitely knew something.

“I think it’s better for you to tell me. Otherwise, I will find out about all these things sooner or later. As you have seen, I’m no ordinary person. When the die is cast, all of you will be accomplices. I absolutely won’t go easy on you.”

She frightened the man before her who clearly looked very cowardly.

Feeling guilty, he looked at Lin Che and hesitated for a long time before finally saying, “Fine… I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything. But I’m really not involved in this at all.”

Lin Che asked, “You know where this man is, right?”

“No. I only know that he previously mentioned that he had met a big client. He said that he was given a huge sum of money and was going to strike it rich. He only needed to go away and hide for a few days.”

“Anything else?”

“Also… he asked me whether there was a safe place to hide.”

Hearing this, Lin Che’s eyes brightened. “So you showed him a safe place, right?”

The boy could only look at her and nod in fear.

Lin Che felt that he was really looking at her as if he was looking at some terrifyingly evil person. She could not help but feel frustrated as well. Did she look that scary?




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