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Season 6

Episode 95

(Did She Run Off On Her Own?)

Although Lu Yunshi had some doubts, she did not have much life experience after all. From a young age, she was under Eric’s protection and did not feel that anything bad would happen since there were always people around to help her ward off any trouble. Thus, she had no scruples. Because she was a little rebellious, she yearned for some excitement after coming to C Nation. As the handsome man piqued her interest immensely, she followed him immediately.

Lin Che was still reading her script and rehearsing her scenes when someone from the production crew walked towards her hurriedly. He looked at her and said in slight fear, “Sister… Sister Che, something happened…”

He had not noticed when Lu Yunshi had disappeared. It was only when he went in and realized that she was gone that he began to panic. He would get into trouble with Lin Che because of this. Offending the female lead of this television series… and such a huge celebrity at that, he really felt that his future was going to end here abruptly.

Lin Che still did not know what had happened. She looked at him and asked, “What happened?”

“The little girl you brought with you… she’s disappeared…”

Lin Che instantly froze. “Yunshi?”


Lin Che got up quickly and went to take a look. When she realized that Lu Yunshi was indeed missing, she rushed out to ask if Gu Jingze’s bodyguards were still around. Then, she told them what had happened and they came in with her to look for Lu Yunshi.

After checking the area, the bodyguards told her, “Madam, Miss Annie probably left through the window. No one came in to take her away and there are no signs of resistance either. ”

Perplexed, Lin Che asked, “So did she leave of her own accord? But why…”

“Madam, maybe someone outside lured her out. Or maybe she herself wanted to go out and play, so she sneaked out.”

Lin Che held her forehead. The first thing that came to mind was Lu Yunshi’s safety. Lin Che was worried about what harm would befall a mere twelve-year-old girl out there.

She hastily said to them, “Inform Gu Jingze first.”

Sure enough, Gu Jingze initiated a call after receiving the news,

“Lin Che, don’t worry about it right now. I will send people over to look for her. Eric doesn’t have many enemies in the country. I don’t think that she will be in much danger.”

Lin Che said, “But Eric is so famous. I’m afraid that someone will harbor bad intentions knowing that she’s Eric’s daughter.”

“Relax. The fact that she ran off alone shows that the kidnapper isn’t some ordinary kidnapper. We can’t ascertain whether or not she sneaked out on her own either. There’s no use in you worrying, right?”

Lin Che sighed but suddenly recalled something, “Does Mr. Eric know about Yunshi’s disappearance?”

“He’s visiting the Glazed Tile Palace, so I’m afraid there’s no way to inform him right now. We’ll try our best to get to him before he leaves the Glazed Tile Palace.”

Lin Che could only agree and put down the phone. She did not verbalize her worries but she knew deep down that Eric would probably be furious if anything bad happened to Yunshi. Would he blame her then?

He definitely would.

She felt guilty. She should not have brought Lu Yunshi to a place as chaotic as the film set. It was only because there were too many people bustling back and forth that no one paid her much attention.


Yu Minmin found out about the matter in no time. She rushed to the film set.

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin and repeated what Gu Jingze had told her first.

Yu Minmin frowned and said, “If she went out on her own to play, the situation may be slightly better. Once she has had her fun, she will contact us and inform us that she’s coming back. But I’m afraid that Eric will be angry no matter the reason for her disappearance. When the time comes, I don’t know how they will handle the matter if they hold you responsible for it.”

Lin Che said, “I’m just worried that Yunshi will be in danger. If she returns safely, Eric wouldn’t do anything either. If something happens to her, I won’t even be able to forgive myself. Eric won’t let me off the hook either. Either way, I’m done for.”

Yu Minmin asked, “What have you done so far?”

“I told the production crew to help us get the CCTV footage of this area.”

“Alright then. Anyway, everything will be fine once we find her quickly. It’s pointless for us to blame ourselves now.”

When the two of them walked out, the production crew had already ceased filming. Many people were helping to look for Lu Yunshi. Because the child had gone missing on set, the production crew was immediately shocked. When the director saw Lin Che and Yu Minmin walk in together, he personally paid them a visit and said, “I’ve told the person who was watching over her to think of a way to find her. We definitely won’t let him off this time. Don’t worry.”

Lin Che said, “Director, I know that this has nothing to do with the production crew. Still, I will have to trouble you to help me look for her.”

“Of course, of course. This is what we should do.”

The production crew started to look for her in a flurry. Once everyone knew that the person Lin Che had brought along had disappeared, they did not dare to delay the matter and hurriedly left to find ways to look for her. They asked the people in the vicinity whether or not they had seen this little girl.

By right, a beautiful little girl of mixed race like her should very easily gain everyone’s attention. But no one had seen this girl at the moment.

It made Lin Che’s heart sink even more. She knew that this was not a good sign.

Just then, someone from the production crew quickly gave the CCTV footage that he had found to her.

“Sister Che, here is all the footage at the material time earlier. Watch it slowly and don’t rush. We believe we’ll definitely be able to find her in no time. All of our staff have already gone looking for her.”

Lin Che said, “Alright. Thank you.”

“No problem. Don’t stand on ceremony.”

Lin Che opened the CCTV footage while saying to Yu Minmin, “They look as if they’re especially afraid of me.”

“Of course. Someone you brought along disappeared under their watch. In the event you take it up with them, their jobs and their future may vanish completely. Of course, they would be nervous. Of course, they would be afraid of you.”

Lin Che said, “But it has nothing to do with them.”

“But they were careless. They really did not care about the person you brought along with you and were actually so careless. A person went missing just like that.”

Seeing that they were so anxious that the entire production crew had been mobilized to help her, there was no longer anything to say. She was somewhat responsible for losing Lu Yunshi.

Just then, Lu Yunshi appeared in the CCTV footage.

The CCTV footage only showed one side which was the inside of the room. They saw Lu Yunshi walking around back and forth inside for a while. Then, she suddenly looked towards the window and giggled while saying something to someone outside. She opened the window after that. When no one was looking, she jumped out through the window.

Then she disappeared.

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin in disbelief. “It looks like she escaped on her own. But. I think there was someone outside who lured her out. It’s strange. It looks like the person was not menacing and did not use violent means. What exactly happened?”

Yu Minmin said, “Let’s go and find out right now whether there is footage from different angles. It would be best if we could see who exactly lured her out.”

Lin Che said, “Alright. I’ll send this to Gu Jingze for him to look at first.”

In no time, Gu Jingze called her again.





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