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Season 6

Episode 94

(I Want A Boyfriend Like That Too)

Early the next day.

Lin Che left the house to attend the filming. Sure enough, Lu Yunshi followed along.

Gu Jingze brought the two of them to the filming location. Lu Yunshi sat at the front while the two of them sat in the back.

Gu Jingze said to Lin Che, “Mr. Eric will probably attend the national banquet tonight. Annie will be staying in our house temporarily.”

Annie was Lu Yunshi’s English name.

Lin Che nodded and asked Gu Jingze, “Aren’t you attending it?”

“You don’t want me at home? Do you want me to attend the banquet?” Gu Jingze tilted his head and looked at her.

“I never said that. Don’t entertain foolish ideas.”

“Oh. So you really want me to stay at home?” Gu Jingze continued to ask.

“Why do you have so many things to say?! We’re almost there. I can’t be bothered to talk to you, hmph.”

Lu Yunshi turned around to look at Lin Che and Gu Jingze. “You guys are so sweet.”

Lin Che widened her eyes and said, “Don’t spout nonsense, child. Come on. Let’s get off.”

The car stopped at the entrance and Lin Che told Lu Yunshi to alight.

Gu Jingze said, “Alright. Take your time.”

Lin Che wiggled her nose at him. “Quick, quick. Let’s go. You’re so full of rubbish.”

Gu Jingze glared at her in response but he was not bothered by her words either. He turned his head and told the driver to start the car.

Lu Yunshi walked in together with Lin Che.

While looking at Lin Che, Lu Yunshi said, “I think the relationship between the two of you feels really good. I want a boyfriend like that too.”

Lin Che asked strangely, “How is it good?”

“Just… The two of you look really good together no matter what you’re doing.”

Was this a misconception that fans had of their celebrities and idols? Did they think that she was perfect?

Lin Che frowned as she said in a perplexed tone, “You must have gotten the wrong impression. Everything looks fine to you.”

“Of course not.” Lu Yunshi hooked her arm through Lin Che’s and walked out with her in large strides whilst saying, “I’ve never seen a couple like Baby Che and Gu Jingze. The two of you are so sweet when you sit together. The way you speak is so adorable too. He looks at you with his eyes dripping honey. When you look at him, you look so blissful that you’re about to melt.”

As she spoke, she turned her head cutely. Looking straight ahead, she sighed, “It would be great if I could have such a good boyfriend.”

Lin Che said, “You love-struck fool…”

“I’m really envious of how natural your relationship is. Baby Che, what magic weapon did you use to make your love turn out as you wish…”

Hearing such mature words from her, Lin Che thought that it was perhaps because she had matured earlier due to a different upbringing. However, it was not a bad thing. There was nothing wrong with knowing what love was at an early age.

Lin Che merely listened to her and said with a slightly gloomy voice, “What magic weapon can I possibly have? I’ve just… always been very easygoing.”

Lin Che did not understand it either. Perhaps it was because she had never thought about deliberately trying to attain it, so she had better luck in this department.

Were the heavens treating her well because they could not bear for her to be eliminated due to her stupidity?

Initially, she had never imagined that Gu Jingze would eventually treat her so well.

She could still remember how Gu Jingze actually loathed her at the start.

When he started treating her well later on, she felt that it was because he felt slightly guilty towards her. He could only treat her well as compensation for his lack of love for her.

But now…

He was still so good to her and so understanding. He often made her feel so touched that she lost her mind completely.

Lin Che did not understand it either. Why did a man as amazing as him treat an ordinary woman like her so well?

Lin Che said, “There’s no recipe for success when it comes to love. You just have to go with the flow.”

“Alright. You’re not wrong either.”

Lu Yunshi continued to look at Lin Che enviously. “But I’m very happy that you can live so blissfully. Baby Che, I hope you can continue to live happily.”

“Thank you. I hope to continue letting nature take its course as well.”

Of course, Lin Che also wanted her life to be peaceful and smooth-sailing.

But… it seemed that wanting to live her whole life peacefully was really a feat when she was together with a man like Gu Jingze.

It was all because Gu Jingze was destined not to be an ordinary person.

Lin Che brought Lu Yunshi to the filming location. She went in alone to film her scenes and asked someone to watch over Lu Yunshi.

After putting on make-up and wearing her costume, she came to take a look at Lu Yunshi and told her, “It’s best that you don’t leave this place. It’s really chaotic outside, and there are all sorts of people in the production crew. It’s very dangerous outside. Stay here and wait for me obediently. Watch me act, alright?”

Lu Yunshi nodded her head vigorously. “Alright. I’ll watch you act from here. I’m really blessed to be able to watch you act. Everyone must be so jealous of me.”

Lin Che genuinely felt strange. To be worshipped by Eric’s daughter as a fan did was truly…

Still worried, Lin Che asked someone to watch over Lu Yunshi and prevent anything from going wrong.

Bringing her here was a pretty bad idea from the start. However, Lu Yunshi was extremely interested and insisted on coming along.

Eric doted on his daughter and listened to her every word. Furthermore, Eric did not think that C Nation was dangerous at all either.

Inside, Lu Yunshi felt momentarily bored while watching Lin Che. She walked around below and looked around the set curiously.

Several people in the production crew did not know who she was and asked curiously, “Why is there a child here? Whose child is it?”

“Sister Che brought her along. She said that she’s a child of a friend. We must look after her properly.”

“Alright then.” There was some reluctance in the man’s expression. Although it was Lin Che who had brought the child here and they had to respect Lin Che, he was nevertheless annoyed at having a child around.

The others told him, “This child is not in any way ordinary. Her family is very rich. You should be more careful. Don’t let your guard down.”

He agreed upon hearing this but still wondered how rich her family could be. In any case, her family’s wealth had nothing to do with him.

Just like that, Lu Yunshi played around inside. As she played, she saw a handsome man smiling at her continuously from the small pavilion opposite the window.

His smile made Lu Yunshi’s young face blush deeply.

It was mainly her boredom and her curiosity that made her glance towards him. Then, she simply climbed out of the window…

The production crew had rented part of an estate for filming purposes. Outside, there was an abundance of greenery and the sun was shining brightly.

When she walked out, the handsome man walked towards her. He smiled and greeted her, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

“I’m playing here. How about you? What are you doing?” Lu Yunshi asked.

He said, “I’m playing with something interesting. Do you want to take a look?”

Lu Yunshi was still a little cautious. She looked at him and did not move.

He placed a flashy gaming console in front of her. “Have you ever played this?”

For a child of Lu Yunshi’s age, it was just the right time for her to be interested in this.

As she watched the handsome man use a wide range of techniques, she asked curiously, “What game is this?”

“It’s just a simple game. Come on. Let’s go and play together.”

Lu Yunshi looked at him. “Are you a swindler? Earlier, Baby Che told me that it’s dangerous outside.”

The handsome man spluttered and said, “You tiny thing. Why would I lie to you? I’m just bored and you’re very pretty.”

It was actually Lu Yunshi’s first time being complimented for her looks by a handsome man in C Nation. Her face flushed as she looked at him. Then, she paused before saying, “Alright then. Teach me how to play this game!”



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