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Season 6

Episode 91

(Everyone Respects You Because You Are Capable)

Then, she took out some trinkets from her small bag and gave them to the staff.

When the staff received the gifts, they immediately recognized that these were either limited edition items from reputable brands or expensive customized items.

Now, no one dared to underestimate this young lady again.

But they were even more curious about who exactly this young lady was.

When Lin Che and Yu Minmin came back, the young lady jumped down from her chair and ran to Lin Che. “Baby Che, you’re back.”

Lin Che looked at her. “How do you find it? Are you having fun here?”

“Hn, hn. I’m having fun. The staff here are all so interesting.”

“Ha. Is that so?”

“Of course. It’s just that they’re very poor. Baby Che, next time, increase their salary.”


Lin Che said, “Alright then. I’ll try my best to give everyone a good life…”

How were they poor? Even though they were not incredibly wealthy, since her studio had become independent this year, her staff got welfare benefits every month. They were not that poor…

Of course, to Eric’s family and to Lu Yunshi, the staff were definitely considered part of the poor masses.

Lu Yunshi quickly led Lu Yunshi out first. While walking, she said to her, “We’re going to this film site later. Don’t run off recklessly when we get there.”

“That’s great.”

Once she brought Lu Yunshi out, the staff immediately asked Yu Minmin, “Sister Yu, who was that?”

Yu Minmin smiled meaningfully as she looked at them. She had deliberately kept it a secret from them earlier. Only now did they know how amazing this young lady was.

“Do you know Eric?”

“Who is that…”

“Eric, the king of stocks. Don’t tell me you don’t know. He’s always on the top of the Forbes list.”

“Ah. I’ve heard of him. I’ve heard of him.”

“That’s his young daughter. Her mother is Eric’s second wife and she’s from C Nation. So she’s of mixed race.”

“Pft, no way…”

“Oh my god. I feel like I just missed out on a few million…”

“Sister Yu, you cheated us. If you told us earlier, we would have knelt before her and licked her shoes…”

Yu Minmin smiled and said, “It’s precisely because I didn’t want you to scare the child. Alright, alright. Go and do your work. Stop making a fuss.”

Lin Che brought Lu Yunshi to the film site first.

The filming location for Witch’s Diary had finally moved from the deep mountains to the city.

When the young lady arrived at the filming location, she looked around curiously. As everyone looked at the young lady whom Lin Che had brought along, they merely thought that she was a child of Lin Che’s friend or something and was here for a visit. Furthermore, she was so beautiful and was a young girl of mixed race. Thus, no one said anything about it.

The director said to Lin Che, “You’re almost done filming your parts. You’ll be able to wrap up filming in a few days. After that, we’ll have to do some additional scenes. We may need to trouble you for that.”

“No problem. Just call me up if you need me. I’m going on a break after this, so I probably won’t have much going on.”

“Alright, alright.” The director looked at Lin Che appreciatively. He felt that a cooperative actress like her was really hard to come by.

Thus, he very politely asked about the young lady.

People usually brought others here for a visit so that they could recommend their juniors. Some also brought their relatives’ children in order to introduce them and get them into the industry. All of this was very common.

The director only brought it up because he really liked Lin Che. If it was someone else, he definitely would not have done the same.

“That young lady has a pretty good image. Why? Do you have any thoughts about it?”

Seeing that the director had misunderstood, Lin Che quickly said, “No, no. She’s not here to be an actress. She’s a child of one of the guests at my house. I took her out today for a spin.”

Let Lu Yunshi be an actress? Lin Che had to be daring enough for that to happen.

The director said, “Oh, really? I thought she was one of those young girls who wanted to act. Now, there are many children with dreams of becoming celebrities.”

“I’ve never really thought about it, but thank you for being so considerate of me. I may need to trouble you in the future if anything comes up. I’m really grateful.”

The director said, “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You must let me know if you need my help with anything.”

Lin Che smiled. After settling matters on this end, she then went to call for Lu Yunshi.

Upon seeing Lin Che, the other actors and actresses hastily greeted her.

“Sister Che, you’re here.”

“Sister Che, do you want to sit over there? We’ll get some coffee, drinks, and fruits for you.”

Everyone was rushing to clear some space for her. Lin Che smiled and said, “There’s no need. Go ahead and do what you need to do. I just came over to take a look, take tomorrow’s script, and discuss my scenes tomorrow with the director. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves. I’m leaving soon.”

“Oh. In that case, we won’t hold you up anymore. Sister Che, go ahead.”

After greeting everyone one last time, Lin Che left with Lu Yunshi in tow.

As they walked, people continued to greet Lin Che.

Lu Yunshi could not help but sigh to Lin Che in admiration. “Wow. Baby Che, everyone seems to respect you a lot.”

Lin Che smiled and asked, “How can you tell?”

“Of course I can tell. Look at how polite they were when they were talking to you earlier.” Lu Yunshi continued, “You really looked impressive just now. I admire you so much.”

Alright then. Putting her age aside, even ordinary fans all thought this way. If their own idols could do very well, they too would feel satisfied.

Lin Che said, “Our industry places great importance on seniority. They respect me because I’ve been in the industry for a long time.”

“Even so, it must be because you’re amazing and they’re not as popular as you are.” Lu Yunshi continued, “I understand how it works. I read a lot of entertainment news and all of them write that impressive celebrities are the ones like you who are respected in the production crew. Baby Che, you don’t have to be modest. They respect you because you’re more famous than them and because you’re better than them.”

Fine then. She had to admit that Lu Yunshi’s words really pleased her immensely.

She probably felt a sense of accomplishment because it was a small achievement she had earned after working hard for so long.

“Alright then. You’re right. If you’re more popular, it means that you’re on a higher level!”

The two of them left the filming location and headed back home.

She dropped Lu Yunshi off at her father’s.

Eric had already decided to stay in the old Gu residence during his time in C Nation. Thus, Lin Che sent Lu Yunshi to the Gu residence before returning to her own place.

Just after she collapsed onto the couch in the living room at home, she sensed someone quietly walk over.

Lin Che looked up only to see that the person who was in front of her was actually Mo Huiling. She was holding a tray in her hands.

She looked at Lin Che and smiled slightly. It made Lin Che feel completely uncomfortable.

“What do you want?”

“Lin Che, I’m here to apologize to you about what happened today. I was in the wrong. You may not know, but pregnant women are prone to emotional outbursts. That’s why I couldn’t control my emotions. I’m here to apologize to you now. I shouldn’t have thrown a tantrum at you at the time.”





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