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Season 6

Episode 90

(This Young Lady Was Noisy)

Both of them soon reached the office.

Upon entering, everyone saw Lin Che with a young girl walking in. The young girl was chattering and asking questions nonstop.

“Baby Che, this place isn’t very big.”

“Yes, every office is not big. We only just started, so we definitely don’t have the money to rent a bigger place. Furthermore, we don’t have enough manpower. It would be a waste of money to rent a big place.”

“You’re right. My daddy also says that we shouldn’t waste money.”

Lin Che smiled at her and went to meet Yu Minmin together.

Yu Minmin heard that Lin Che brought a girl with her. She quickly recalled something and immediately ran out.

Sure enough, she saw a mix-blooded young girl. She looked at Lin Che in surprise.

Lin Che smiled helplessly.

Yu Minmin then understood.

This child… was the stock market king’s daughter!

Damn. Why was she here?

Yu Minmin hastily said, “Oh my, you’re so pretty. What’s your name?”

Lu Yunshi immediately replied, “I’m Lu Yunshi.”

“That’s a very nice name.”

Yu Minmin said, “Let’s go in and take a seat later.”

She looked up and quickly called for assistance. “What are you waiting for? Quickly find a drink for Miss Lu. Bring whatever treats and snacks we have. Clean up the rehearsal room so that Miss Lu can go there.”

Everyone was still stunned. They had no idea why they had to wait upon this little girl.

After Lin Che and the girl left, they then asked, “Why is the kid here?”

“Yeah, Sister Yu. What is going on? Why do we need to wait upon her too?”

Yu Minmin went up and swatted that person’s head. “Just do as you’re told and talk less. To be able to look after her is your good fortune. I’m giving you a good task and if you don’t want to do it, I’ll let others take over. Don’t complain then.”

They still had no idea who that little princess was.

The staff members rubbed their head and quickly went to do as told.

Lin Che let the staff accompany Lu Yunshi first. She said to Yu Minmin, “Look at me…”

“We already saw the report today. Everybody thinks it’s not bad.”

“But I still like long and flowy hair…”

“Well, the hair will grow quickly. Don’t worry about this first. We’re conducting interviews today and it’s going to start soon. Let’s go take a look.”

“Yes, okay.”

Lin Che and Yu Minmin walked outside. Yu Minmin said, “Since you’re here, we’ll be interviewing for the positions of assistant and public relations manager. Recruitment for other positions like makeup artist assistant as well as some apprentices will be done tomorrow.”

“Oh, but I don’t really know all of this.”

“You also need a personal assistant. See if you can hit off with any of them. We can give them a shot.”

“Hm, okay.”

There was a queue for the interview outside. What Lin Che did not expect was the number of people waiting.

Lin Che said, “There are so many people.”

Yu Minmin nodded, “Yes. For a celebrity studio, there will be people wanting to come and try because they want to enter the industry. From being an assistant or some other position, you can introduce them to the directors and creators that you work with. You can even recommend them for acting.”

“Oh, I see.”

“These people are looking for a chance to enter the industry. There are also some who purely want to see a celebrity. Look at that group of young ladies chatting. Do they look like they want to be interviewed at all? They just merely want to come and see you.”


Lin Che and Yu Minmin talked as they walked along.

Once Lin Che and Yu Minmin were out, everybody turned their eyes to them vigilantly.

Many outsiders had good impressions of Lin Che and Yu Minmin’s studio. Needless to say, one was a huge celebrity while the other was Madam President. With them joining forces to open a studio, it felt as if their futures will definitely be bright.

Looking at the two of them now, everyone could feel a dark aura coming down on them.

“Sister Yu, Sister Che, you guys are here. The interview documents are here. Please take a look.”

Everyone stood there and watched with anticipation in their eyes. Lin Che really couldn’t get used to it. It was as if everyone’s fates rested in her hands and it was all the more she hesitated.

Yu Minmin said, “Just see which you think are not bad. Once you’re done, let the crew take care of it and choose.”

Lin Che nodded and looked at the documents. Since she had no other choice, she chose from her professional experience.

It was only now she understood why some maids paid so much attention to education. She did not know any of these people. How could she choose? She could only choose from qualifications.

She picked a few and said, “I think these are not bad. You guys can look through the rest.”

“Okay, Sister Che. We’ll be conducting the interviews next. Aren’t you going to join us?”

“No, I just came here to take a look. You guys have a better and more professional judgment. I definitely don’t know as much as you.”

“Sister Che, you’re too humble.”

Lin Che greeted them and then smiled politely at the interviewees before leaving with Yu Minmin.

People later complained pitifully, “Why did she only come here for such a brief moment?”

“Exactly. She didn’t choose properly.”

The staff grunted and noted down these complaints. These people were definitely not going to qualify.

The staff said, “Sister Che is normally busy. Did you really think that Sister Che and Sister Yu would idle around interviewing you? They don’t have that kind of time. Alright, wait here for your name to be called.”

Everybody pouted and could not say anything else.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin talked about other aspects of the business. Lu Yunshi watched some entertainment program on TV inside as she played with the staff member beside her.

Initially, the staff didn’t really care about her. They had no idea where this kid came from. It was only because Sister Che brought her in and that was why they gave the kid food and drinks. They later realized that she was no ordinary kid.

Lu Yunshi asked, “Hey, why are you wearing such torn and tattered shoes? It’s already torn at the side.”

The staff wanted to say that it was like that because it was the trend.

However, he said jokingly, “I’m poor. I can’t even afford proper meals; how can I afford shoes?”

Lu Yunshi looked at him pitifully and said, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t mocking you. How about this; as an apology, I’ll buy you a new pair of shoes.”


Lu Yunshi then took off the watch on her small wrist, “Take it and buy yourself some shoes. This should be worth a pair of shoes.”

The staff looked down at the watch in astonishment…

What in hell was this…

And this was only the beginning.

Lu Yunshi enjoyed her time. She said to the staff, “You are really nice. I’ll give you a gift as a souvenir.




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