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Season 6

Episode 89

(Lin Che’s New Style Is Really Stunning)

“But Gu Jingze is already used to it. Whatever outsiders say don’t mean anything and there’s no need for explanations. The truth will come to light one day. Once they know the truth, they’ll know how foolish they were with their past speculations.”

“Yes, I know. It’s the same in our entertainment circle. Fans and netizens are outsiders and they can only rely on rumors to know about some gossip in the circle. Thus, they totally don’t know the truth about life inside the circle. They can only make guesses.”


Lin Che said, “No matter what, I still have to thank you for standing up for me. It felt so good just now.”

Lin Che really did feel good. She was so frustrated when she heard people talk about the bad things Mo Huiling spread about Gu Jingze. Now, it was as if this feeling completely dissipated.

“Ha, just make Gu Jingze treat me to a meal next time.”


At night, the group headed to the Gu household for dinner. Initially, they wanted to go to a more special place, but Eric wanted to see how a traditional home in C Nation looked like. He heard that the Gu household respected traditions and expressed this in many parts of the old house. Furthermore, it was rare that a house was big enough to accommodate everyone. Thus, he naturally chose the Gu household.

Naturally, Eric’s daughter pestered Lin Che nonstop as they left the manor and headed out.

Outsiders were not allowed to get close. Everyone could only watch as Eric and the Gu family left together. Gu Jingze was at the front while Lin Che was behind him with Lu Yunshi holding her hand and skipping. They looked very close.

Everyone thought enviously, This Lin Che really had it all. She could get close to anybody because she was with Gu Jingze. She could even get along with the daughter of the stock market king so well.

However, Eric obviously couldn’t be bothered by other people. He only interacted with the Gu family.

Everybody could only look on and then go their separate ways.

Only Mo Huiling remained standing outside feeling frustrated. At this point, she was nauseous and giddy.

She held her mouth. She wanted to throw up but couldn’t.

At the side, Gu Lanshan’s voice was filled with surprise. “Oh my, you’re having morning sickness.”

Mo Huiling hastily looked up. She wanted to say something but was reminded of the disgraceful moment just now. She held her mouth disappointedly and said sorrowfully, “Aunty, I’ve really let you down. I let Lu Beichen and Lin Che join forces to push me over just now. I’m really…”

How could Gu Lanshan not have heard about it? It was precisely why she came over.

She replied, “It’s okay, I know. But how many months have you been pregnant? Why are you already feeling nauseous?”

“Yes, I’ve been beginning to feel uncomfortable lately,” Mo Huiling said.

Gu Lanshan said, “Old folks say that if it’s a boy, the morning sickness is worse and begins earlier. If it’s a girl, some won’t even experience morning sickness!”

Mo Huiling heard this and her eyes lit up. “Really… Aunty, is it possible that my child is a boy?”

If it was a boy, he would become the Gu family’s successor.

A girl was fine too but boys were, of course, more welcomed in big families.

Gu Lanshan said, “Alright, just take good care of your baby. The child is most important. I’ve heard about what happened just now. We are also very surprised that Lu Beichen actually helped Lin Che. However, Jingze, Jingyan, and Lin Che have gone out with Lu Beichen a few times. They probably got to know one another during those times. Lu Beichen is a very proud person and even he could be subdued by Lin Che. It is clear that she is not simple.”

Gu Lanshan thought that Mo Huiling was clearly useless too. She was with Gu Jingze for so long and even she couldn’t do it.

Lin Che looked stupid, but she was much smarter. It had not been long and she already influenced so many people to stand on her side.

Gu Lanshan continued, “Don’t talk about yourself. Even we can’t do anything about that Lu Beichen. He is reckless and has always been this way. Even the heavens don’t care, much less you. Keep a distance from him in the future. You also don’t have to be upset that he bullied you. There is nothing embarrassing about it. Have you ever seen him give face to anyone close to him?”

Mo Huiling only felt jealous deep down. Why would a person like that help Lin Che instead of her?

Gu Lanshan said, “I’ll help you from now on… Hold your horses and think for the long run. Don’t cause unnecessary trouble…”

Mo Huiling listened carefully to Gu Lanshan’s words. Gradually, her face began to fill with even more hope…

Lin Che spent the day with Gu Jingze hosting Eric.

The next day, she had yet to make a public appearance. However, Andy posted the news of his latest work, which was Lin Che…

Lin Che’s latest image appeared in a series of posed photos. It already amazed people.

The sudden change to short hair made people feel rather unprepared. However, it was a different style and it also gave her the airs of a big shot. It was very stunning.

Naturally, what made people more surprised was that she was styled by the elite stylist Andy.

He would post about every celebrity he worked with.

All the Hollywood stars designed by him were now amazing big shots.

What was shocking was that Lin Che was his first client within this country.

Thus, after he published this news, many people began to talk about it.

They wrote to ask why Andy would help style Lin Che. Was it because he took a liking to Lin Che’s appearance and aura? Or was it because Lin Che invited him with money?

What was so special about Lin Che such that Andy would make her his first C Nation celebrity client?

Everybody was guessing. Eric’s daughter followed Lin Che the next day and insisted on going to work with her.

They all stayed at the Gu household for the night.

Gu Jingze walked Lin Che out. Lu Yunshi tagged along too.

She looked at Gu Jingze. “Why are you the one married to Baby Che and not Gu Jingyu?”

Because Gu Jingze was tall, he squatted down so that he could look at the young child in the eye.

Gu Jingze asked, “Why? Do you think it’s bad that I’m with your idol?”

Being stared at like that, Lu Yunshi blushed and ran to Lin Che’s side. She tugged Lin Che’s waist and cautiously peeped at Gu Jingze. “No… I think it’s great that you’re with Baby Che.”

Gu Jingze then smiled as he stood up and said, “Okay, be careful.”

Lin Che speechlessly looked at Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze stood there and smirked at her.

Lu Yunshi turned to glance at him and then quickly tugged Lin Che’s hand. She whispered, “Baby Che, I think you should act in a drama with your husband.”

Lin Che looked at her strangely. “Why?”

Lu Yunshi said, “I think that he… is much better looking than the past male stars you worked with.”

Looking at Lu Yunshi’s infatuated demeanor, Lin Che shook her head helplessly. What was Gu Jingze doing just now? He actually enticed a child.

Lin Che said, “He’s dumb when it comes to acting. He’s just a pretty face.”

“But I think he can just stand there and let people look at him. He doesn’t need acting skills.”

Fine… That made sense.

If any drama had Gu Jingze as the lead, would there still be a need for publicity?

Lin Che said, “Alright, let’s go to work. I have a lot of things to do today. Don’t complain that it’s boring.”

“I won’t. I want to see how Baby Che is normally like at work.”




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