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Season 6

Episode 88

(I’m The One Who Hit Her, What About It?)

Mo Huiling naturally did not dare to provoke Lu Beichen.

She knew that there was a disparity between the Mo and Lu families.

Mo Huiling could only say, “Where did you see me hit her?”

“I don’t care if you hit her or not. Apologize to her,” Lu Beichen demanded.


Mo Huiling said unhappily, “On what basis?!”

“It’s up to you whether you want to apologize or not.” Lu Beichen narrowed his eyes threateningly. The smile on his face looked especially evil.

Mo Huiling looked at the way Lin Che sat there.

She had no idea. Since when was Lin Che so close to Lu Beichen?

At that time, she was only occupied with getting pregnant fast. She did not have time to care about all these nosey stuff. Naturally, she also did not know how Lin Che had changed.

She saw the news of Lin Che rising up in the entertainment circle.

She also knew about her participation in the WW banquet through her circle.

She also knew that there were some changes to Lin Che, but she didn’t know what exactly. She was not particularly clear.

Mo Huiling gritted her teeth. “I will not apologize!”

Just then, Lu Beichen suddenly took Lin Che’s hand.

Grabbing her hand, he said to Lin Che, “How was this woman about to hit you just now? Don’t you want to give it back to her?”

Lin Che froze and looked at Lu Beichen. His face was filled with evil intention and as if influenced by this she nodded.

Thus, Lu Beichen grabbed Lin Che’s hand and slapped Mo Huiling across her face.

Initially, Mo Huiling did not know what Lu Beichen meant. She only realized after this slap that she had just been hit.

She held her cheek. “You…”

Lu Beichen stood there and looked at her. “What? What’s there to yell about? I don’t like hitting women. Otherwise, I’d be hitting you myself.”

Mo Huiling looked at the two of them and her lips quivered with anger.

However, Lu Beichen continued, “That’s right. Now, Lin Che returned you a slap but if you want to blame someone, blame it on me. If you want to take revenge, come find me. I took her hand and used it to hit you. So what do you want to do now?”

Lu Beichen stood there and looked at her. “Do you want to hit me back? Or what?”

Lu Beichen stood tall as his eyes were filled with coldness.

He actually protected Lin Che so openly and even took all the responsibility.

“Y-You… You dare to hit me…” Mo Huiling pointed her finger at Lu Beichen.

Unexpectedly, Lu Beichen simply remained nonchalant. He looked at Mo Huiling and raised a brow.

His expression seemed to say, “Yes, I hit you. So what about it? What can you do to me?”

Yes, Mo Huiling could not do anything to him.

She could not retaliate. The Mo family could not do anything to the Lu family in C Nation. They couldn’t do anything to the tyrant, Young Master Lu.

Thus, Mo Huiling was even angrier.

Lu Beichen scoffed and said to Lin Che, “It looks like Miss Mo has no more objections. Lin Che, if she still dares to bully you in the future, you must remember to tell me. I’ll say it right here. Whoever bullies you is as good as bullying me, Lu Beichen. I just want to see who dares to go against me. I have plenty of time and energy. If anyone wishes to play with me, I’ll play with them to the end.”

Mo Huiling was stunned.

She looked at Lin Che angrily and then at the arrogant Lu Beichen.

She was so angry that she did not care about anything else and wanted to rush up to them.

She was the daughter of the Mo family after all. She normally didn’t socialize a lot with others outside and had never been treated this way. Although the Mo family could not compare to the Lu family, they had never gone against each other before. This is her first time being at odds with Lu Beichen and it was because of Lin Che. Thus, she naturally could not take it.

However, Mother Mo held her down.

Mother Mo held her down firmly, afraid that she would do something rash.

Lu Beichen looked at her firmly for a long time and then said to Lin Che, “Let’s go.”

Lin Che didn’t want to make matters any worse than it was now. Since what was done could not be undone already, she followed Lu Beichen and left the area.

When they were completely gone, Mother Mo then released Mo Huiling.

“Mom, what are you doing?! I want to fight it out with him!” Mo Huiling said angrily.

Mother Mo was so frightened just now that her face turned pale.

“On what basis? Don’t talk nonsense. That is Lu Beichen. Who dares to provoke him?”

“So what if he’s Lu Beichen?! I’m not afraid of him!”

“Don’t be silly. Do you want our whole family to go against theirs? We can’t win against them at all. So what if you’re not afraid? If you really lunged at him, who is going to save you? I wouldn’t be able to. If you offend Lu Beichen, will our family still be able to live peacefully? Think logically. Don’t go against him!”

“I… I… So I can only tolerate this?” Mo Huiling held her cheek agonizingly. “He actually hit me!”

Mother Mo’s heart also ached for her own daughter. Even she couldn’t bear to hit her.

But so what if her heart ached? Status and power were what they were. If they couldn’t win, then they couldn’t win. The difference in power was too great. The Lu family was like a strong pillar that did not budge an inch. Nobody could make them move at all.

“There’s… There’s nothing we can do. We can’t win against them. It is all because that Lu Beichen is standing on Lin Che’s side. We can’t do anything about it…”

Mo Huiling held her cheek. She scoffed angrily, stomped her foot, and left.

Lin Che also didn’t expect Lu Beichen to stand on her side like this.

She caught up to Lu Beichen and said, “Thank you for that.”

Lu Beichen didn’t say anything else. He was fond of Lin Che.

People like him were used to being pampered. If he did not want to give face to someone, he would not.

But if they really hit it off, they would immediately become his friend. He would be loyal, sincere, and there would be no problems with status or money.

He said, “She went really overboard. She was the scoundrel here and she still has the cheek to be arrogant. If we don’t teach people like her a lesson, she would think that she is always right. She would take things for granted. If people see her in the future, wouldn’t they all want to follow in her footsteps?”

Lin Che said, “I’m just angry that she’s spreading bad rumors about Gu Jingze for no reason. She is being too selfish. The truth is totally different from what she says and she knows it too. But she still says it.”

“She didn’t say it directly either. She only told some truths. Everything else came from speculations after outsiders hear about it. Isn’t the world just like this? Everyone loves making up stories and the more they make them up, the more they think that it’s real. Actually, only a handful will know the truth,” Lu Beichen said. “You’re only not used to it. This also actually shows that the Gu family has too many secrets. They are way too high up that everyone can’t really see the real Gu family. Thus, people can only rely on their own speculations. It’s all Gu Jingze’s fault for keeping such a low profile. Everything has its pros and cons.”

Lin Che sighed. “Alright…”





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