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Season 6

Episode 87

(Lu Beichen Stood On Lin Che’s Side)

Lin Che felt shy and smiled at them politely.

She only sat down for a brief moment when she saw Mo Huiling and her mother walking towards her.

The two of them were stuck outside. Mo Huiling also wanted to go take a look. However, Gu Lanshan was the one who brought her in and she was now nowhere to be seen.

Mother Mo said, “Give Gu Jingze a call. Let him invite you in. How come other people can go in and out but you can’t?”

Mo Huiling said, “Enough. Why should I call him? If I can’t go in, then so be it. Eric is just an old man and there’s nothing nice to look at.”

“Who wants to look at him? I just thought that you should go in and meet the Gu family relatives. Build some rapport with them. When your child is born, they will be your child’s aunts and uncles.”

Mo Huiling grunted and spotted Lin Che sitting down.

“Lin Che, was it you who told Gu Jingze to ignore me? Is that why Gu Jingze is treating me this way?” Mo Huiling asked her directly.

Lin Che frowned. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Mo Huiling scoffed and said, “Don’t try to act all innocent here. I know your little tactics too well. It must be you. You’ve been brainwashing Gu Jingze into ignoring me. You want him to distance himself from me on purpose.”

“Huh, whether he wants to ignore you has nothing to do with me. If you don’t feel comfortable staying in the Gu residence, you can leave. Why are you coming to me?”

Mo Huiling gritted her teeth. “Don’t think that you’ve won today. You may not win in the future. We have plenty of time. We shall wait and see.”

“Fine. I’ve never said that I wanted to compare anything with you. However, I’ll give you one word of advice. Don’t spread those tales anymore. I don’t care what you say in front of me, but to tell others that you’re carrying Gu Jingze’s child, have you ever thought about how it might affect him? Do you feel happy that people misunderstand him? If you really love Gu Jingze, you should think in his shoes instead of being so selfish…”

“Who is the selfish one here? What did I spread? Everything I said was the truth. I am indeed carrying his child. You’re calling me selfish? I think you’re the selfish one. You clearly know that I’m carrying his child but you refuse to leave him. Don’t you wish to have Gu Jingze all to yourself?”

“I am Gu Jingze’s wife. Are you mistaken?”

“Didn’t you snatch Gu Jingze away from me? Hmph. If it wasn’t for you, would Jingze have broken up with me? I’m just taking back what’s mine now!” Thinking about all these, Mo Huiling still couldn’t bear it.

Lin Che looked at her. “In your eyes, is Gu Jingze just an object? He is a person!”

“Lin Che, who do you think you are? You dare to tell me what Gu Jingze is? Gu Jingze is my childhood sweetheart. You were the intruder who barged in. Without Gu Jingze, what are you worth? You are merely an illegitimate daughter. You have nothing and you’re talking about being selfish here? Isn’t it because you can’t bear to leave the life you have now and that is why you’re selfishly clinging on to Gu Jingze? Yes. Without Gu Jingze, you wouldn’t even become a celebrity, not to mention see Mr. Eric here. You wouldn’t even be able to touch the doors of this manor.”

“Mo Huiling, please show some respect!” Lin Che stood up as she gazed intensely at Mo Huiling.

Mo Huiling scoffed coldly, “Why? Do you want to hit me? Come at me. Do it. I do want to see if you dare to hit me. If you hit me, do you believe that you’ll immediately lose everything? Hmph, you’re just an actress. Are you even worthy of hitting me, the mistress of the Mo family?”

Mo Huiling was not afraid of getting hit. If Lin Che dared to hit her, Mo Huiling would announce it to the world. Because Lin Che wanted to get rid of her and chase her out of the Gu residence, she would resort to violence. She wanted to see how everyone would think of Lin Che then.

She knew that Lin Che wouldn’t dare to hit her. That was why she was so triumphant.

Lin Che stood there and did not move.

Although she was fuming deep down, she refused to make the first move.

Lin Che scoffed, “Fine… Fine. If you insist on claiming that you’re carrying Gu Jingze’s child, go ahead and have it. But you best be sure of it. Otherwise, when the child is really not his, I don’t even need to hit you…”

Mo Huiling was silenced by her words.

Somehow, she felt a little worried.

Her expression changed slightly. Then, she raised a hand and wanted to hit Lin Che. “Shameless woman! You dare to curse me?!”

Lin Che grabbed hold of her hand. “Mo Huiling, I have yet to settle scores with you for ruining my hair and you dare to hit me?”

“So what if I want to hit you? What are you worth? I’ll hit you if I want to. Nobody can tell me otherwise!”

“Okay, go ahead. Who are you? You sound so confident.” Just then, a clear voice suddenly rang from behind.

Lin Che looked up to see that Lu Beichen was here with two drinks.

Mo Huiling also turned to look. When she saw Lu Beichen, Mother Mo immediately pulled Mo Huiling back in fright.

Lu Beichen was a famous rich heir in B City. Everyone knew that he was a tyrannical playboy. He was a troublemaker who often caused a lot of commotion. He was more mature now and already toned down a lot. However, his notoriety was still there.

Because he was the son of the Lu family, it was all the more unbearable. He was rich and loved causing trouble. Nobody could do anything to him. They could only watch him powerlessly as he went about his ways.

Mo Huiling quickly greeted, “Mr… Mr. Lu…”

To the Mo family, the Lu family was also a force to be reckoned with. The Lu family would never hold the Mo family in regard. Needless to say, Lu Beichen from the Lu family would never hold anyone in regard.

Lu Beichen asked, “What? Are you bullying Lin Che?”

Mo Huiling’s face changed. “No… Not at all. How can I?”

“But I saw it crystal clear just now. You raised your hand and wanted to hit her, didn’t you?”

“I… I was just joking,” Mo Huiling replied sheepishly. “Young Master Lu, this is just some personal matter between me and Lin Che. It has nothing to do with anyone else actually.”

Lu Beichen scoffed, “Nothing to do with anyone else? Anything to do with Lin Che has to do with me!”

Mo Huiling looked up in surprise.

Lu Beichen had always been high and mighty. He never held anyone in regard and rarely took a liking to anyone.

He was an extremely proud person and often ignored others. Usually, he wouldn’t even give face to a normal person.

Why did he say that Lin Che…

Lu Beichen said immediately, “Lin Che is my friend. Whoever bullies Lin Che today is as good as hitting me in the face. Are you saying that it has nothing to do with me?”

Lu Beichen looked at Lin Che. “Did she want to hit you just now?”

Lin Che also didn’t expect Lu Beichen to be so harsh to Mo Huiling.

Naturally, she did not know that Lu Beichen had always been like this. He was a tyrannical king who did not give face to anybody.

Even when Mo Huiling was with Gu Jingze in the past, Lu Beichen never gave her face. Why should he give face to her now that they were not together?





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