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Season 6

Episode 86

(Her Little Fan Was Quite Interesting)

“Yes, my mom named me.”

“It is a very nice name.” She smiled at this girl who had black hair and brown eyes. She was a young mix-blooded girl who looked like a doll.

She asked, “Lin Che, did you have a makeover?”

“Ah… Yes.” She touched her own hair sheepishly. “Do I look weird?”

“No no, it’s really very nice. You’re so pretty,” Lu Yunshi said. “Am I the first fan who has seen your new style? I never saw you like this on TV.”

“Yes, you’re the first,” Lin Che replied.

“Oh my, that’s great! I’m so lucky.” She continued hugging Lin Che warmly.

Eric then said, “Alright, Annie. Come here. Don’t scare others off like that. She is your idol and you must be gentle to her.” He said to Gu Jingze at the side, “Apologies, my daughter is way too passionate. But I can see that she is very fond of her idol. Oh right, she is very pretty. Is she your wife?”

Gu Jingze nodded. “Yes.”

Eric spoke in English, so Lin Che couldn’t quite understand. She only watched in peace.

Just then, the young girl looked up and said sweetly to her father, “Daddy, can I go sit over there with Lin Che? I have so much to tell her.”

Eric replied dotingly, “Fine, fine. Go have your secret conversation. Go on.”

The girl tugged Lin Che’s hand and pulled her in a certain direction. “Let’s go. Their conversation is too boring. Let’s go over there.”

“Okay. Actually, I don’t quite understand what they say anyway. Let’s go.”

The girl indeed admired Lin Che a lot. She tilted her head and her eyes shone as she looked at Lin Che. “Lin Che, Lin Che, can I call you Baby Che?”

“…” Some fans called her Baby Che because they thought that she was too cute.

However, Lin Che actually objected to that name secretly. She was clearly such a goddess!

Fine, goddess might be a little too stretched.

But she was not a baby either.

“Okay.” Lin Che still decided to be accommodating anyway. Fans were gods. Whatever they said went.

“Actually, I really wanted to come here and see you but my daddy never let me come on my own. Now, I finally got the chance. Oh right, I still have your online forum, your Weibo, your fan club… but I’m only entry-level because I can’t contribute. None of them wants to take me along. I really want to be a group leader for your fans. I also want to be the host for your online forum. I have so much time on my hands. I can garner a lot of support.”

“No, the main thing is that you’re still too young. Organizing and supporting can be very tiring and you live so far away. It won’t be convenient for you. I’ll let you be a group leader next time. How about that?”

“A group leader… Alright alright. I want to grow up quickly. When I’m older, I’ll be able to attend fan meetings and be the fan club leader, right?”

“Yes. Grow up well. When you’re older, you’ll be able to do many things.”

Lin Che quickly contacted Yu Minmin to let Lu Yunshi join a more stable fan group and allow her to be the leader.

Yu Minmin was online on WeChat. Upon seeing Lin Che’s request, she quickly replied, “Are you talking about Eric’s daughter? She wants to be a group leader?”

“Yes, quickly add her. She insists on becoming the leaders of the fan club and forum.”

“Oh my God. If people were to find out the group leader is Eric’s daughter, they’ll start to become her fans instead of yours.”

“Get lost!”

“Fine. I’m just saying that you are such a big shot now. Even Eric’s daughter wants to be your fan group leader…”

Yu Minmin did as requested. Lin Che then continued listening as Lu Yunshi discussed Lin Che’s shows and her relationship with Gu Jingyu. Lu Yunshi liked Gu Jingyu very much but now, her number one favorite was Lin Che. Her second favorite was Gu Jingyu.

On the other side, Eric saw that the two of them seemed to be chatting happily. He also felt happy. He said to Gu Jingze, “She tends to be stubborn, but I can tell that she really likes this idol of hers. Because of this, I also encourage her. There are benefits in liking somebody. Because she has an idol, she can participate in many activities and meet many more people. She will have her own circle of friends and life will be much more enriching.”

Some parents in foreign countries were really very casual.

Gu Jingze smiled as he looked over.

Eric remarked, “Your wife is very patient. I can see that she’s gentle and kind.”

Yes, she was very kind.

As for gentle… She could be very gentle at times.

At noon, everyone ate in the manor.

Eric complimented the manor, saying that it was very gorgeous. Today was like a gala and it was very interesting.

After Lin Che ate, her stomach felt uncomfortable. She quickly went to the washroom. Sure enough, her period which had been late was finally here now…

Lin Che quickly asked an attendant to get some sanitary pads for her while she waited in the washroom.

While she was sitting on the toilet bowl and waiting for the attendant, she heard people coming in and out outside. Someone asked, “Is that Mo Huiling really pregnant with Gu Jingze’s child?”

“Yes, didn’t you see her showing off everywhere she went? And judging by her belly, I also think that she’s pregnant.”

“That is really lucky. Gu Jingze on the other hand… He already has a wife and he still fools around with his ex-lover.”

“Aren’t all rich people like this? Furthermore, he is Gu Jingze. Lin Che also seems to be fine with it as she continues going around with Gu Jingze. She doesn’t look unhappy at all.”

“Well, she’s already very lucky to be able to be with Gu Jingze. He’s merely having a child with another woman. There’s nothing to mind about. If I were in her position, I’d also agree with it. As long as Gu Jingze was willing to be with me, don’t even talk about having a child. He can have as many children as he likes and I would be okay with it.”

Lin Che listened as the two people left laughing.

As she sat there, she knew that Mo Huiling intentionally spread this around. However, the Gu family couldn’t tell outsiders the truth. If they said that Mo Huiling got herself pregnant through artificial insemination, they would have to worry about people finding out that Gu Jingze could not touch women. Furthermore, they would also find out that Gu Jingze stored his sperm. Who knew what kind of ugly rumors there would be by then?

Lin Che thought about it and didn’t mind it. After being in the entertainment industry for so long, she was already used to all the speculations and gossips. It was only because they misunderstood Gu Jingze and that was why her heart didn’t feel comfortable.

The attendant came back with some sanitary pads. Once she was done, she went out and immediately saw Lu Beichen outside.

“Hey, are you going in?”

“No, I can’t understand their language anyway. I came out to walk,” Lin Che said.

Upon hearing this, Lu Beichen thought for a while and said, “I also hate those boring talks. Why don’t we go sit over there? What would you like to drink? I’ll get it for you.”

Lin Che replied, “Okay… Any drink will do.”

Lin Che went to find some seats first. A group of people saw her approaching and immediately gave way to her. They greeted her and left.





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