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🔞{ he got all the drugs and I got all the guns }🔞



He's so tempting yet a wanted package.

I trailed my fingers around his harden chest to his face.
Wanted him badly to eat me up and make me suck on his d*ck.

" I guess I'll be seeing you around more often because I just applied for the post assistant." I licked my lips seductively.

" that's if you can keep up. You're hired." He smirked and brought out a cigarette.

"Chill ax am just kidding tho." I bit his ear lobe playfully and planted kisses on his eyes.

Just one night and he got me wrapped around his tiny little fingers.

"How about We start working on that now?" He pulled me closer by the waist and Placed a kiss on my lips.

"ERM ERM? Sorry to interrupt sire." Someone said from the door step.

He let go of me and turned to look at the fool that interupted the beautiful section.

"What do you want Margaret?" He frown deeply and took a seat On his chair.

"The investors from Dubai are in the board room waiting sir." She said and made eye contact with me.

I winked at her and she looked away harshly. 

"Very well I'll be with them shortly." He says and glance at me.

"Alright then I'll just set up the meeting instead." She glanced at me and a smiled curved on her lips as she walked towards the door.

That means my instincts were right she's gay.

"So?" I spoke and played with his stuff.

" I guess we'll get to play boss and his employee some other time?" He smiled and stole a kiss

"Definitely, see you around baby boy." I blew him a kiss and walked towards the door.

I walked into the elevator which took down to the grand floor.
Eyes were lurking around my body, my guess they're probably wondering what Lady death is doing in McQueens?

I walked proudly to my car and zoomed off . a client had called .



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