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💯 { he got all the drugs and I got all the drugs }💯



I groan in pain and slowly open my eyes and glanced at my stomach which was bleeding profusely.

I tried to get on my feet but I couldn't. Have to hold on to something for support before I could stand on my feet.

Why did she suddenly develop so much hate for me to the extent she shot me.

I grunt and slowly walked towards the door. If there's something I believe in.

Its not yet my time to die and when its not yet my time I can't die yet.

I got to my car and held on to the steering with blood stained hands.

My vision was slowly getting blurry and I needed to stay focus and get the bullet outta me.

It took so much energy to start the engine and was gently driving.

I just have to get home, .


I pulled up at the gate of my mansion and got outta car and limped to the entrance 

The password was my birthday and it opened automatically. I managed to stay strong and got into the mansion.

I took the elevator upstairs to my room and tore up the blood stained shirt.

Needed to get this shit outta my system. I could feel it pressing against my rib.

Going to the hospital would raise unexpected suspicion.

I dragged myself to the bathroom and brought out all what I needed to the bullet out. Took a pallet knife and slowly open the bullet wound trying to get it out.

"Fuck!!!!" I groan in pain as I forcefully took it out. 

The bleeding won't stop it only got worst.

I opened the tequila on the bathroom shelf and gulp down a large quantity before splashing it on the surface of the injury.

I growled like a wounded lion. This shit hurts like hell.

I injected myself with dope so I won't feel the pain.

Stayed in the bathroom for a while before walking back to the bedroom and bandaged the wound.



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