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🔞{ he got all the drugs and I got all the guns }🔞



I turned to face her and cupped her chin.

"Ofcourse they belong to me kitty." I kissed her roughly and she pulled her 

"I know they belong to you which Is why I returned the package." She pointed at the brief case behind her and I chuckled.

"I got both drugs and money, great business couldn't get better." I whispered into her ear and trailed my tongue on her earlobe.

She shuttered unable to resist me.

I tug my fingers into her long black hair and kiss her this time slowly yet passionately.

She brought her arms around my neck and I lifted her up not breaking the kiss and led her to my bed.

She tug on my shirt roughly which sent the buttons flying. I pulled off the shirt and tossed aside.

Her soft lips tasted like strawberry which made me wanted her more.

I nibbled on her bottom lip and bit it teasingly.
Slowly took off her strapless dress and tossed across the room.

Gush not again. Seeing her smooth skin press against the victoria secret fabric gave me a hard on.

One of the sexiest underwears.

I grabbed both ends and pulled it aggressively. she gasps and spread her legs to grant me asses to her  honey pot.

I squat in front of her and trailed my tongue on thigh. She shivered when my tongue came in contact with her clit.

She fondle with my hair urging me to continue.

I sucked her pretty good till I was sure she was wet enough. She stood up and slowly took off my belt and guided my trouser all the way down.

I smiled at how cute she was .

She held on to my joystick and stroke it gently. It sent shock waves through my whole body system.

I turned her over and slide in my c*ck! She moan softly as I thrust from behind .

Her moans came out sweetly.



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