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      {🎀Our Sinful Wants🎀}

         Episode 02.


I sigh as I finally get to school and of curse, another would come and delay me from getting my class. 

 "If it ain't the slutty Quinn. "
 Madison laughs as she circled around me with her group of friend and I roll my eyes. 

 "Madison please, I don't have your time this morning. 
I'm already late for my class so can you please just nicely get out of my way.
I have class to attend if you don't. "
 I groan and she laughs, twirling her stupid red hair around her finger in a way that makes me want to slam her head into the next wall.

 "Oh, she actually talked. Oh I'm so afraid. What can you do slut? nothing. "
 She laughs and I bite the inside of my cheek to keep myself from talking.
 I know that's what she wants from me .
She wants me to talk so that it will result in a fight and I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of doing that. Never. 

 Here's the thing. 
Madison is Xander fling who considers herself as his girlfriend. 
I pity the poor girl cause I know she love him and he is only using her for her own body. 
Who cares about them anyways? As long as they don't interfere in my buiness. I have no problem with them. But that's the problem, isn't it? 
They won't stay out of my buiness. 
Ever since Madison found out that I had confessed to Xander, only to be rejected rudely then made a laughing stock. 
She has been taunting me since then. 
Always finding one or two things to draw me with, but I won't give in. 

 Few more months. 
Just few more months and I would be able to get out of this place. 
Few more mother and there will be no more Xander. No more Madison or whatsoever. 

 "Why are you always calling me that? I have told you multiples times that that isn't my name so watch your tongue Madison and stay the hell out of my buiness! "
 I snap and she chuckles, shaking her head. 

"You really want to know why I've been calling you that even though you know the answer. 
Well, I will tell you what happened and why I've been calling you that. 
It's because that's who you are. 
A slut, who tried to seduce my boyfriend into fucking her but your plan didn't work after all. "
 She laughs and I shake my head. 

 "Oh please, stop flattering yourself. We both know that you are no better than me, you mean nothing to him and he's only hanging out with you because he wants your body. "
 I smirk and she chuckles, nodding her head as she circles around me, touching my shoulder and I jerk her off. 

 "Well, sweetheart. At least I'm better than you. I get a good fuck from him but what do you get? Nothing! Cause no matter how much you try to seduce him, he wouldn't look at you, not even a single glance abd I know that's what is eating up at you but it will always and you will do nothing about it. "
 She whispers in my ear and laugh as she walks away with her minions while I gulp in, fast.


  1. Hmmmm another interesting one. Thanks author.

  2. Dear writer. Am reading this in one page on facebook. If its not you that is posting it then your story have been stolen

    1. Please help me tag the name of the page or the publisher

  3. Please help me tag the name of the page or the publisher



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