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    {🎀Our sinful want🎀}

          Episode 01.


"Mother, I'm going. I'm late for my first class. "
 I groan as I tuck my shirt inside my skirt and grab my jacket from the bed. 

 "Okay baby. Be careful and make sure you're here on time. Remember we're going somewhere. "
 She says from the other room as I grab my bag. 

 "Yeah yeah mom. I know. You take care of yourself also and don't stress your self too much please. If there's too much work. Just leave the others till next time. "
 I mutter, walking into her room and she's dressing her bed. 

 I smile and peck her cheek before walking back out and going down the stairs when I remember I forgot my phone. 
I sigh before going back upstairs then running back down, out of the house and down the street. 

Damn! I'm late already for biology. 
I sigh as I continue walking down the street when a car stops by me, splashing dirty water on my skirt. 

 "What the hell is this?! Can't you see that... "
 I start yelling but stop instantly as the window rolls down and behold it's Xander. 
Oh god. Not this in the morning when I'm already late for school. 

 "oh, look who it is. Quinn or is it queen ?"
 The sarcasm laced in his tone is clear in his voice and I roll my eyes before wiping the dirt away from my skirt and walking aged, only for him to trail behind me with his car. 
Of course he would, it's Xander and he'll always look for my trouble. 

 "You look even more uglier today queen. "
 A smirk is plaster across his face as I turn to look at him and he raises his brows at me while I hiss and continue walking. 

 "Why are you walking queen? Your lame ass of a boyfriend couldn't pick you up for school? "
 I gulp in and turn to him, putting on my most fake smile ever. 

 "Unlike someone, my lame ass boyfriend had something better to do than to just stalk girls around. "
 I roll my eyes and he chuckles. 

 "Oh please I'm not stalking, don't flatter yourself and even if I wanted to. I'm sure I wouldn't stalk a boring girl with big eyes and stupid short hair when there are bitches to fuck. "
 He winks and I breathe in and out before opening my eyes and turning back to him. 

 "Then leave me the hell alone Xander and go fuck whoever you want to! "
 I snap. 

 "Gladly. "
 He smiles and wind up the window before driving off in full speed, once again splashing dirty water all over my cloth. 

 I shake my head before bringing out the handkerchief and wiping my cloth off. 


 Here goes a story. 
My mane is Quinn McKellar and I live alone with my mother. My father left us years ago. 
I attend keystone high and there was where I met the rude jerk that just sped off. 
I wouldn't lie that I used to have a crush on him. 
He's hot. I will give him credit for that and not just hot. Not simply hot as in hot. HOT. 
 Who wouldn't want that type of guy plus he's got these eyes. 
They are green with a shade of gray. 
He's perfection and stupid naive me thought it was normal to confess my feelings for him. 
Amidst his silly group of friends, he rejected my proposal and not just nicely.. Rudely. 
Made me a laughing stock and destroyed my reputation. 
I would never forget that day till the day I die. 
I will never forget that humiliation I suffered from him. 
I never will. 

 Even after that, I wouldn't deny that there's still this tiny feeling. Even though I wouldn't admit it, I can't deny it but I wouldn't let it grow further than it is. 
Staying away from him is my plan but of course, he wouldn't stay away. 

 These days, he just finds a reason or two to taunt me whenever he sees fit and I've tried to avoid him but he just always seem to find me one way or the other but I plan on scaling through for the rest of my days in high school. 

 If only it was as easy as said.



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