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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
❤️Season Two❤

🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

After I got my confiscated items, I stepped into the car with Dylan. Mom and dad took the passenger seat and driver's seat respectively.

"I really need a bath."

I smelt myself hating the reaction I got. I didn't like it at all, the station had a terrible bathing system. I can only imagine what's it's like for people who've been there for years. I wonder how they survive daily in there.

"Are you okay?"

He asks tenderly caressing my shoulder. We're approaching his house shortly.

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Dylan. I'm fine. I can't wait to get my home, take a bath and sleep."


I asked the moment he stared at me with such an unreadable expression.

"It's the first time I've heard you call this place "home." "

My dad pulled over and I thought about it.

"It's the first time it's felt like home. With you."

I added and entered the house.


I stuffed my mouth with as many junk food I could lay my hands on. My sugar level would've decreased in under twenty four hours. I missed eating unhealthy snacks.

"We'll be here for a few more days. After that no more travels for a while. We wanted to wait but I think you're in need of some good news."

I played on the bed speaking with mom and dad.

"What's the news?"

"Well, we finally bought a new house. We'll be leaving here soon. Isn't that amazing?"

Mom squeeled in happiness.


I stuttered at her incorrect interpretation.

"Was I happy that my parents were getting back on track after that disaster?"

"Yes. Heck yeah."

"Was I sad that in a couple of days, I'm going to have to leave Dylan and this house I've grew to love."

"Yeah. Heck yeah."

"Alright mom. That's amazing."

I faked a smile. They added random small talks before leaving me to take a nap.

💬 Hey.

I sent a text to Dylan before laying on my bed trying to fall asleep.

💬 We're how many rooms away again?

💬 I should start it now. We might not stay like this forever. My parents are almost settled .

💬You're leaving soon?

💬 Yes Dylan.

After that last message, he didn't respond. I figured alot of things could've happened or maybe he's ignoring me. In the coming weeks, alot of things will happen to test our faith in one another.

I just hope I wasn't right when I said he'll forget me when I leave, I opened my heart to him already. I don't want to have it crushed later on.

Maybe this is going to change everything for us both or maybe what we feel for each other can make us persevere. Only one way to find out.....



  1. He won't forget you, your name is stamped in his heart. Thank you my author



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