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Season 3

Episode 79

(The Old Lady Was Tricked By Lu Man)

The old lady felt more and more guilty, this little girl couldn’t have really found out something, right?

Where exactly did her grandson manage to find such a little girl, she was so sly!

“Why are you looking at me like that! I’m still young, I don’t have a grandson as old as your boyfriend!” Old Madam Han said guiltily.

Shen Nuo: “…”

She kept feeling that the old lady was falling into a trap set by Lu Man.

As expected, she then heard Lu Man say, “I didn’t say anything about my boyfriend’s age, how do you know that he’s quite old?”

“…” In her heart, Old Madam Han scolded Lu Man several times. “You don’t look too young, you must be probably around 26 to 27 right? Then your boyfriend must also be around the same age, or even older.”

Lu Man: “…”

This old lady’s mouth was so poisonous.

“I’m just 22,” Lu Man adjusted the old lady so that she was higher up on her back.

The old lady was too heavy and kept sliding backward slowly.

While they were speaking, Lu Man finally managed to carry the old lady to the top of the mountain.

She finally let out a breath of relief and put the old lady down, Lu Man’s legs were so tired that they were trembling.

“Little girl, your body is really weak, you have to train more when you go back,” the old lady felt that Lu Man was too weak.

Her grandson had been single for 30 years, his pent-up frustration must be shocking!

At that time, what if the little girl’s physical fitness was too bad and she couldn’t stand it?


Why did she think about Lu Man giving birth to her grandchildren again!

She had yet to accept Lu Man!

She repeated once again in her mind, I don’t accept her!

He Mengmeng pursed her lips unhappily. “How can you be like this? Earlier, you kept ordering her around and now that Lu Man finally managed to carry you up here with much difficulty, instead of saying thank you, you are picking on Lu Man, isn’t this too much!”

The old lady went “hmph!” at He Mengmeng. “Young girl, you don’t know anything about respecting elders!”

Right now, He Mengmeng was close to crying out of anger due to this old woman, and thus Shen Nuo hurriedly stood in front of the old lady, “You are called Lu Man? Thank you.”

Seeing Shen Nuo act, Old Madam Han who was behind Shen Nuo thought that her daughter-in-law’s acting skills were quite good, able to act like all of this was real.

Just as Lu Man was about to open her mouth, the Buddhist Abbot brought some other monks and hurriedly walked over.


Before he could finish that sentence, Old Madam Han instantly cut him off. “Master Abbot!”

Suddenly, the old lady’s foot was no longer painful, and she ran towards the master abbot with agility.

Lu Man: “…”

At that instant, He Mengmeng mouth became an “O” shape. “Didn’t this old lady sprain her foot?”

After saying that she turned her accusatory gaze onto Shen Nuo.

Shen Nuo put her hand on her forehead: “…”

This old lady only cared about acting in the beginning and did not care about continuing her act till the end!

She then laughed dryly towards Lu Man and He Mengmeng. “My mother-in-law’s ability to recover is quite good, haha.”

Lu Man: “…”

He Mengmeng: “…”

“Thank you so much, let’s meet each other again if we have the chance,” after Shen Nuo finished saying that, she hurriedly went to find the old lady like she was trying to escape.

This old lady really kept making her daughter-in-law get into awkward situations!

“We should go too,” Lu Man told He Mengmeng.

The two of them then went to the back of the mountain, and the more He Mengmeng thought about the incident, the more she felt that something was wrong. “Lu Man, don’t you find that the old lady just now was quite strange? Even though her foot was alright, she still insisted on you carrying her. Also, she kept stuttering as she spoke and her words didn’t match up with her actions, she wasn’t honest, everything she said was a lie.”

He Mengmeng scrunched up her nose, she had never seen such a sly old lady.

Lu Man smiled. “Anyway, we’ve already dropped her off, there’s no need to think anymore.”

“That’s right.” He Mengmeng felt that it was very logical. “Anyway, we won’t be meeting her in the future.”

“Who said we won’t meet her again?” Lu Man smiled. “Perhaps we might still meet her in the future.”





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