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Season 3

Episode 52

(I Thought You Were Different)

“It’s not so easy, so don’t be in such a hurry to try to gain the director’s attention! You sure are shameless to cut the queue and even fight with others.”

Chen Shimian seemed to have recalled something and started chuckling. “Oh right, Xia Mengxuan, what did you say earlier? Wasn’t something like following a friend to the audition, and getting chosen instead? Weren’t you talking about Lu Man?”

Sitting at her own seat, You Lili giggled secretly to herself. Xia Mengxuan had said so to her just now and treated her like an accompanying piece to contrast herself. It sure was great now, in the end, Lu Man was the one who had accidentally got the chance.

Even Brother Zhang could not help but laugh secretly.

Sister Li grinned as she said to Lu Man, “Lu Man, after filming this movie, no matter what happens, we are all here, cheering on for you. If you think it’s boring to film and think of returning, we will always welcome you back. If you wish to continue acting, I want to wish you in advance to become popular in one-shot. After you become famous, don’t forget us, come back to visit whenever you’re free.”

“Lu Man.” Just then, Wu Lize appeared at the door of his office, “Come over for a moment. ”

“Sister Li, I’ll head over first,” Lu Man said.

Sister Li smiled and nodded. “Go along.”

Then Lu Man entered Wu Lize’s office.

Right now, Wu Lize’s expression looked complicated. “Just now, the CEO called and helped you to take time off. I’ve heard that you’re going to star in a film?”

Lu Man nodded. “Yeah. Director Sun Yiwu thinks that I’m quite suitable. I’m sorry that I’ll have to take so much time off work.”

Wu Lize hesitated a little, wanting to speak but swallowing his words again. “Lu Man, are you and the CEO… Is the CEO wooing you?”

Lu Man’s expression did not change, and she did not reply to Wu Lize’s question. This was her private matter, it was a little sudden and too intrusive of Wu Lize.

“Manager Wu, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be heading out first.”

“Hold on!” Wu Lize hurriedly called. “I’m sorry, I was asking a bit too much, but I really wanted to know. The CEO treats you differently from others. I don’t believe that you can’t tell.”

Lu Man pressed her lips unhappily. “Manager Wu, I believe that this is my private matter.”

Previously, Wu Lize had snatched away the chance for her to fight for the Best Newcomer Award because of his own personal feelings, but in the end, she still managed to get it. She did not wish to fuss about what had happened, but that didn’t mean that she was glad to let Wu Lize point fingers at her personal life, questioning her over and over.

“Right now, I’m also talking about my private matter too.” Wu Lize pressed onto the door, not letting Lu Man exit. “I just want to know if the CEO confesses to you, will you accept him?”

Lu Man was a little taken aback. She raised her eyebrows slightly in confusion.

“Let’s say,” Wu Lize steadied his breath, “Could you reject the CEO too because of your boyfriend?”

“No,” Lu Man replied instantly with a smile.

Wu Lize looked her at her in disappointment. “Lu Man, I never expected that you would be such a person. I thought you were different.”

“Manager Wu, you have misunderstood.” Lu Man said humorously, “He is my boyfriend, he is the same person that I told you about before. I do not need to reject him because of my boyfriend and neither do I have to abandon my boyfriend to accept him. I’ve only rejected you because of him.”

At that moment, Wu Lize froze violently. His eyes widened in shock, disbelieving what he had just heard.

“This is my private matter and I did not wish to talk about it initially. From the start till now, I’ve only been dating Brother Han. He is my boyfriend, there is no one else. There is no such situation where I will abandon my boyfriend because of him, if that’s what you’re thinking.”



  1. Wow! Good one baby. Thanks writer

  2. Well said baby..... I can't imagine the look on Manager Wu face



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