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Season 3

episode 51

(It’s Not So Easy to Make It in the Entertainment Industry!)

Lu Man’s lips that were kissed pink, plump and full because of him paused in front of his Adam’s apple. Without heading towards the spot Han Zhuoli was pointing at, she sucked at his protruding Adam’s apple.

After her lips left, a red patch lingered on his Adam’s apple.

Satisfied with her work, Lu Man grinned. “Done.”

Han Zhuoli did not have to look in the mirror to know what had happened.

Because of this girl, his erection that he had barely managed to hold back just now stood up again.

If he had known better, he wouldn’t have started this fire.

He smacked Lu Man’s bum, resigned. “Cheeky!”

Recalling the cunning look that had flashed across her eyes just now, this little girl clearly did this on purpose!

At that position, his shirt collar completely could not hide that mark.

Lu Man smiled happily as she had succeeded. She then buttoned up his shirt collar again and arranged his tie neatly too.

As expected, the red mark she left behind was still exposed.

Feeling resigned, Han Zhuoli stood up to take a look in the mirror.

This little girl did leave it at a rather artistic spot. It was right in the center, perfectly symmetrical.

“I really have to leave.” Lu Man was standing near the door. Her cunning behavior looked as if she was a small cat testing her limits by the edge of danger, ready to run away any time.

Han Zhuoli laughed because of her look. He walked over and pinched her soft cheek. “What will I ever do with you?”

Lu Man looked at him from head to toe and fixed her gaze at his lower half, “You’re done?”

“…” Under her burning gaze, Han Zhuoli felt like he was starting to get excited again. “I’ll see you out.”

Han Zhuoli walked Lu Man to the office and stood at the door. “You don’t have to do anything when you head back. I will personally tell Wu Lize that you have to take leave.”

He did not wish to give Wu Lize any chance to say anything to Lu Man.

Even if Lu Man did not like Wu Lize, he was still unwilling to give Wu Lize the slightest chance.


As soon as Lu Man returned to the office, Xia Mengxuan’s furious eyes landed on Lu Man, her gaze filled with reluctance and hatred.

She had just received a call from Ye Xuanxuan who had told her that it was very likely that Lu Man was chosen by Sun Yiwu to take over the role of the original third female lead.

Also, Ye Xuanxuan had herself seen Lu Man, the CEO, Sun Yiwu, and the others sitting together discussing something. Other than discussing the taking over of the role, they could not have discussed something else.

Xia Mengxuan just could not understand why Lu Man was so lucky.

Clearly, she was there too, but how could Sun Yiwu choose Lu Man?

Was he blind?

“Lu Man.” Sister Li had a pretty good relationship with Lu Man, and now it was suitable for her to ask. “Director Sun Yiwu really wanted to you take the role?”

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded her head without any qualms since she would have to take leave for a long period of time starting tomorrow, her colleagues would find out sooner or later. “I’ve already signed the contract, I’ll be joining the crew tomorrow.”

“Aiya!” Sister Li was so surprised and happy that she didn’t know how to react, “Then you… you are going to become an actress, and join the entertainment industry?”

“No.” Lu Man shook her head and frowned a little, “Actually, I haven’t properly thought through exactly what I’ll do. It’s just that this is an opportunity and I want to give it a try. I haven’t decided whether I will continue filming or come back to work after filming this movie.”

“Then are you saying that after filming, you will return?” Sister Li was shocked. Such an amazing opportunity was laying right in front of her. Other girls would have started imagining how they will finally achieve their beautiful dream of becoming famous, yet why was Lu Man still so calm!

“Mm, I’m only taking a week off work.”

“Tch, do you really think that you can become famous by filming just one move?” Xia Mengxuan said, her tone strange and weird. “Sister Li, have you forgotten how many unpopular artistes there are in our company? Many people have filmed several shows yet they still haven’t become famous. It’s not so easy to make it in the entertainment industry!”





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