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Season 3

Episode 50

(Should I Make a Stamp Here?)

This feeling really made him feel extremely satisfied.

But then Han Zhuoli felt that he was even enjoying this guilty pleasure a bit too much.

“Big Brother Han,” Lu called again gently.

Although it was a guilty pleasure, Han Zhuoli completely could not be bothered. “Call me that again.”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli held the back of her head with one hand, the other looped tightly around her waist and he kissed her fiercely.

Lu Man tilted backwards because of the pressure around her waist, so he used his arm to support her back.

Both of them had closed their eyes, feeling like they were floating in the strong, rolling waves of passion.

Finally, when he felt that Lu Man could hardly catch her breath, Han Zhuoli let go her of lips but still continued to peck on them lightly over and over again.

When Lu Man parted her lips to catch her breath, her breath was all over the place.

Once again seizing the opportunity, Han Zhuoli left gently kisses on her lower lip.

Her confused and dazed look made Han Zhuoli love her to bits.

Taking a deep breath, Han Zhuoli felt that he should loosen his grip on her a little.

If he did not loosen his grip, he was surely going to embarrass himself.

Finally, he reeled in his desire and gave Lu Man a lazy look.

Lu Man hurriedly looked elsewhere and played dumb, then instantly choked out a dry smile, “I’ll have to head back to the office. I still have to submit an application to take leave.”

Han Zhuoli took in a deep breath and controlled himself.

His long, delicate, slender fingers tugged his tie down a little, releasing its grip around his neck, and then loosened the two buttons on his shirt collar.

Already his collar was hanging right below his throat. Now that he had loosened some of his buttons, it revealed his collarbone.

Lu Man swallowed hard. This man was breaking too many rules!

It was one thing to have such beautiful fingers, but he had to unbutton his buttons, revealing himself… He looked even more handsome and tantalizing.

He was clearly seducing her!

Hence, although Lu Man had already headed towards the door, she rushed back suddenly.

She clutched onto Han Zhuoli’s shirt collar and buttoned him up again. “Don’t let other women see you like this!”

When she recalled about those things happening between men, Lu Man coughed a little and added, “No men either!”

Han Zhuoli softly broke into a deep laugh. His thick and low laughter, sounding like pearls and jade, flooding the room with his laughter. “Sure, I’ll listen to you.”

Han Zhouli, the tall, dashingly handsome CEO was cold and aloof in front of others. Yet right now, he was like an obedient baby, listening to everything she said, making Lu Man’s heart race.

If she were to stay for one moment longer, she would fall in love with this man ten times over.

Looking at his face which could ruin and wreck an entire nation, Lu Man lowered her head and kissed his lips.

In the past, Han Zhuoli had always taken the initiative. This time, Lu Man took the initiative and invaded his mouth and the taste of dominance and assertiveness was strong in this kiss.

It was as if she was announcing her ownership, her possessiveness extremely strong.

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise, yet he really liked how Lu Man had become so dominant and assertive because of him.

He cradled her face with both hands and suddenly pressed Lu Man onto the sofa.

Lu Man: “…”

Oh no, seemed like she had offered herself up.

Han Zhuoli tugged her shirt collar down and pointed at the base of her throat. “Should I make a stamp here?”

Lu Man: “…”


Han Zhuoli had already tugged Lu Man’s collar down and was sucking hard on her collarbone.

After a while, a little pink fruit could be seen on Lu Man’s collar bone.

Satisfied, Han Zhuoli curled the corner of his lips. “Just like this.”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli stretched his neck towards her. “Here.”

A cunning look flashed across Lu Man’s eyes and she pressed forward.

Han Zhuoli was nervous and excited, swallowing hard.

Lu Man could see his Adam’s apple slide clearly.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Han Zhuoli chased.




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