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Season 3

Episode 35

(Thankfully There’s Xiao Han)

Even though Xia Qingwei knew that Lu Man attended the awards ceremony tonight, she did not ask her if she won as she didn’t want to give Lu Man any stress.

“Mom, are you feeling sleepy now?” Having changed her shoes, Lu Man walked over and held Xia Qingwei’s arm.

“I’m not sleepy. You look really happy, is there some good news?” Xia Qingwei hazarded a guess. Both her eyes were sparkling brightly, her sleepiness long gone.

“Didn’t I attend the awards ceremony for the public relations industry tonight? I won the Best Newcomer Award!” At that moment, in front of Xia Qingwei, Lu Man was like a happy school girl telling her parents that she had won an award in school.

“Really? Quick, let me see the trophy.” Xia Qingwei was extremely surprised and brightened up.

Holding onto Xia Qingwei’s arm all this while, Lu Man went to the living room and sat down. Then, she took the trophy out of her bag, “Mom, look.”

Xia Qingwei’s hands were trembling, excited, she was eager to hold the trophy in her hands. “Good, good! I just knew it, my daughter is just outstanding, everyone else will be able to see it! Your talent won’t be hidden!”

“Actually, I almost couldn’t win this award.” In the afternoon when she told Xia Qingwei that she was going to the awards ceremony and would be home late, she did not explain in detail.

“What happened?” Xia Qingwei was shocked and gripped hard on the trophy as if she was afraid that the trophy would slip away.

Even though she was already holding the trophy and there could not be any other changes as the results were already declared, Xia Qingwei still could not help but feel nervous.

Lu Man told her about how Han Zhuoli used the nomination slot he had to nominate Lu Man.

“Thankfully there’s Xiao Han,” Xia Qingwei let out a sigh of relief. With Han Zhuoli having Lu Man’s back and looking out for her, she really did not have to worry anymore.

After knowing the truth, Xia Qingwei had never felt more assured. She felt that she could hand Lu Man over to Han Zhuoli without any worry.

“Wu Lize he…” Xia Qingwei shook her head and sighed, “Never mind, he isn’t related to us by blood or anything, so we can’t say anything either. He has his own plans too.”

It turned out that when she had met Wu Lize before in the hospital, Xia Qingwei had a rather good impression of that young man.

She even felt that if ever Lu Man and Wu Lize had a chance to be together, then it would be wonderful.

Moreover, both of them already knew each other. Also, since Wu Lize was Lu Man’s direct superior, he did not have to let Lu Man get in through the back door, it would be good enough if he could just to look out for her here and there.

However, she did not expect that not only did he not look out for her but he also made Lu Man almost miss out on such an important opportunity.

Fortunately, Han Zhuoli had Lu Man’s back.

Xia Qingwei sighed to herself in her mind again.

She tossed aside this rather unpleasant matter. Anyway, right now, Lu Man was in a relationship with Han Zhuoli and not Wu Lize.

She was very grateful that Lu Man met Han Zhuoli.

Xia Qingwei was exceptionally happy tonight as Lu Man had won an award. She was so elated that she just couldn’t fall asleep.

“Oh right, Mom, for the Best Newcomer Award this time, I also got a cash prize of 60,000 yuan. Back when you had your operation, Han Zhuoli had paid for it first and when I returned the money back to him later, he only took 50,000 yuan, letting me use the remaining 50,000 yuan to deal with your postoperative medical expenses. Now that your postoperative medical treatment is settled and that my salary is sufficient too, I want to return that 50,000 yuan back to Han Zhuoli from my cash prize.”

“Right, right,” Xia Qingwei nodded in agreement without any hesitation. “It should be like that only. Even if you two are dating now, this matter needs to be dealt with properly. Just because you two are dating, you can’t play dumb and brush off this debt. Although this amount is a drop in the bucket to Han Zhuoli, we can’t just pretend that that incident never happened.”

“That’s what I thought too,” Lu Man said and yawned a little.




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