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Season 3

Episode 73

(I hate them (2)

"Okay, I understand. Don't worry, I'll try my best to manage the company," said Selina. Because she was the president of the JS Group, entrusted by Jackson to run it, she would make every effort to assure its optimal development and prosperity. She didn't want to let Jackson down a moment.     

In the Chu Family's house, Cherry and Jackson were laying together in bed. Cherry was leaning against Jackson's chest, thinking of what Wilson had told her earlier in the day. Because the mysterious ZM Group was competing with the JS Group, she wondered whether the JS Group would face a major crisis or not.     

"Jackson," suddenly said Cherry.  
"What's up?" answered Jackson, curious about her thoughts.   

"Do you know anything about the ZM Group's background? How could it have developed so fast?" asked Cherry.     

Jackson didn't know how to answer Cherry's question. He thought for a moment, and then carefully answered her, "The president of the ZM Group is an amazing guy, which explains its rapid development and expansion."    

"Really?" replied Cherry. "It's no wonder that I couldn't find any information about this Mond Xu, no matter how hard I tried. He's really a mystery to me."    

Jackson stared at Cherry, and said in a comforting voice, "Baby, just do your job at the JS Group; the ZM Group and Mond Xu are none of your business, you can leave them to Selina."    

"But Jackson, I'm afraid that the JS Group might..." but her voice trailed off before she could finish. Deep down in her heart she knew that Jackson understood what she wanted to say.   

"As far as I'm concerned, the JS Group isn't that weak," nonchalantly said Jackson.     

"But the ZM Group's rapid expansion is worrying me. When it will become strong enough, it might pose a real threat to the JS Group," answered Cherry.     

Jackson tried to comfort her, "Don't worry about it, everything is fine and under control. You have to trust Selina, she's been doing business pretty well for many years already and I believe that she can deal with these commercial issues better than anyone else."    

Cherry thought that Jackson was right. 

Neither him nor her had the right to question Selina's capabilities to do business, because whenever she did it, satisfying results were always the outcome of it. She was sure that the ZM Group, even with all the mystery around it, had no chance of winning over the JS Group.   

"You're right," replied Cherry. She then quietly leaned against Jackson's chest.     
Jackson stared at the ceiling, and said, "Baby, trust me, nothing will ever happen to us or the JS Group. As long as you and Joe live a happy life, nothing else matters."    

"Thank you, Jackson! You're so nice," answered Cherry happily.     

The day outside was nice, with a gentle breeze blowing in the warm sun. Jean was standing outside the school gate and watching the children play inside. The children were naive, innocent, lovely and happy.     

Jean was inevitably touched by the harmonious picture, because she had never forgotten her horrible and worthless childhood. However, she had come to the school with a goal in her mind, and her intention wasn't to watch the children play and feel bad about herself.   

Jean hastily shook her head, and regained her composure. A fit of anger had been slowly rising in her heart.     She then went to the porter who was standing near the gate, and said, "Good morning, sir, I'm Joe's aunt. Can I go in and talk to him?"    

"Well, do you know which class is this Joe in?" asked the porter.     

Jean was at a loss for words. How was she supposed to know that?     

"Well, I don't really know that, but can you check it for me?" said Jean.     

"Oh, I see," said the porter, as he looked at Jean from top to bottom. The porter thought, 'She's wearing some expensive clothes on her, and she also doesn't seem to be the type of bad woman that would kidnap or hurt children. Besides, she's been standing outside the gate for a long time already; would a kidnapper do that? Nah, I don't think so.'  

"Ok, wait a moment, I'll call the teachers at the administrative office," said the porter respectfully.     

"Thank you," elegantly answered Jean while giving him a big smile.     

About half an hour later, Joe came out of the school's building, and as he walked towards the gate, he stared at Jean intently. After he got closer to her, it suddenly occurred to him that he was looking at the same woman that he had encountered inside the elevator at his Mommy's workplace. She had the same status, expression and aura.     

"Joe, your aunt's waiting outside for you," said the porter.     

'Then, she's my aunt,' thought Joe curiously. Although he had no idea whether she was his actual aunt or not, he was still interested in her, because he remembered his Mommy and Daddy's facial expressions when he had told them about her. He had an ominous feeling that she had to have an inglorious history with his parents, or otherwise his mother wouldn't have panicked like that.   
Joe turned his gaze from Jean to the porter, and said, "Sir, I know her. Thank you."    

The porter smiled and spoke no more. He then went into his office and left Jean and Joe alone.     

Joe looked at Jean, and asked, "What's up?"    

"Nothing, I just wanted to check on you. That's all," answered Jean casually. She looked into Joe's eyes and saw his serious expression when he talked to her. 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. There's no doubt that he's Jackson's son, ' she thought.     

"Well, now that you've seen me, please go away," said Joe and then turned around, but before he could leave, he was quickly stopped by Jean.   

"Stop!" suddenly shouted Jean.

Joe stopped when he heard her voice, and then turned around and looked at her. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Can you ask for a few hours' leave?" blurted Jean. She had no idea why she said that, but maybe it was because she wanted to talk with the boy in private. After all, he was her nephew, and talking with him through a gate felt uncomfortable.

"Ask for a leave? Where will we go?" asked Joe curiously and warily, while thoughtfully looking at Jean.

Jean then checked her wristwatch, and said, "Your class will be over soon, and I think we can go and grab lunch together."




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