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Season 3

Episode 71

(Things will get better (3)

Bobby answered Derek's phone almost instantly.     

"Mr. Derek!" answered Bobby.     

"Come to my apartment now! Jackson is also here with me," said Derek coldly.     

"Alright, I also have something important to talk with Mr. Jackson," said Bobby.     

After he hung up the phone, Derek said to Jackson, "Bobby told me that he also has something to talk with you. I guess it's about Sally."    

"He should have found something by now," said Jackson. He looked so serious that nobody would have ever dared to come closer to him.     

Derek said nothing.   

Half an hour later, Bobby arrived at Derek's apartment. He walked up to Jackson and gave him a folder.     

Jackson then took the folder and opened it while he was listening to what Bobby had to say.     

"This is all I found about Sally since she left the military's residential compound, and Mr. Jackson, your hunches were correct. After Sally left the residential compound, she was helped by Mond Xu, and went to live in a small town in the northern part of the country. During all these years Sally has lived a comfortable life, because Mond Xu offered her good living conditions, and Mond Xu was also the one who helped Sally to return in the city," said Bobby. He then added that the information he provided Jackson was accurate, and that Sally was in Mond Xu's power.     

"What on earth does Mond Xu want to do?" said Derek, flabbergasted. It now seemed that the situation had become a lot more complicated. Before all of this, Stephen was Jackson's single opponent, but now there was another man called Mond Xu, who planned to do harm to Jackson and his company. Even Sally, whom they had paid so little attention to, was one of Mond Xu's pawns, and because she had been helped by him all along for so much time already, she certainly had no reasons to go against his will. A man as shrewd as Mond Xu would have never done something profitless, and they wondered what were his true actual intentions.   

Jackson read the information about Sally, and although what he saw didn't surprise him very much, it was still beyond his expectation. Had he ignored Sally for such a long time? He once believed that Sally was just an innocent girl, but now it seemed that he had been wrong.     

Bobby thought for a while, and after he looked at Jackson, he said, "Mr. Jackson, the ZM Group, Mond Xu, Sally and Stephen, they all want to do you harm together."  

After Jackson finished reading through the files, he threw the folder on the desk and furiously said, "It seems that they have mustered their strength together to conspire against me!"    

"Jackson, it's reasonable for Mond Xu and Stephen to do this, but Sally," said Derek, with his words half uttered. But he was sure that Jackson understood what he meant, and it was astonishing that Sally was in the same group with Mond Xu.     

A moment later, Jackson said, "Mond Xu's intention was obvious from the start."    

"What's do you mean?" said Derek. Derek looked at Jackson surprised, and asked, "He isn't driven against the JS Group; he's against the entire Chu Family, isn't he?"    

"I'm the person that he hates the most," said Jackson with conviction clearly sounding in his voice.   

Derek understood what Jackson meant with that, because he knew about the old unsettled scores.     

Everyone was silent for a long time, and the living room was so quiet that you could even hear a pin drop on the floor.     
Bobby looked at Jackson, and asked in a low voice, "Mr. Jackson, what should we do next?"    

Derek also looked at him, eager to hear his plan. Since Mond Xu had emerged out of the dark, he was sure that he would also plan something that would hurt them.     

"Just wait," said Jackson, looking straight ahead.     

Derek and Bobby glanced at each other puzzled, because they had no idea of what Jackson meant. Did they still have to pretend that they were unaware of anything?     

Jackson ignored their confusion, and as he looked at Bobby, he asked, "Have you arranged for some security guards to protect Joe?"  

Bobby nodded, and answered him, "I have, everything was according to your order."    

Jackson then looked at Derek, and said, "Have you dealt with the butler?"    

"Yes, don't worry about it; it's easy to deal with him," said Derek.     

"Just wait, I want to see first what tricks Mond Xu will play," said Jackson in a very proud manner. He wasn't afraid of Mond Xu, and he believed that he would surely win, no matter what.     

"But Mr. Jackson, the ZM Group is now the second best enterprise in the business world! Aren't you afraid that the ZM Group will exceed the JS Group?" said Bobby worried. Bobby didn't know why Jackson was so calm and serious. 

  Jackson sat on the sofa silently, and didn't utter a word in reply.     

Derek was also sitting on the sofa, also very relaxed. He said in a disdainful way, "Huh, it's a little difficult for Mond Xu to make the ZM Group bigger than the JS Group; he doesn't have the required experience to do it."    

Bobby looked at Derek and then at Jackson, and wondered, 'Does Mr. Jackson already know what will happen and has prepared for it? Or the JS Group isn't as good as it seems to be? Dose it have some weaknesses?'    

Jackson then continued to say, "Derek, do you know what to tell Selina?"    

"Yes, don't worry about it. I think that Selina's management skills are excellent," said Derek. He believed that if he told Selina something, the JS Group would hold out on unlimited prospects under her management.     

"Don't let Cherry know about anything, always keep that in mind!" said Jackson.

Derek nodded, and replied, "Yes, I will." Jackson always tried to protect Cherry, and he also didn't want her to know anything about it, because the less she knew the better it was for her.



  1. More complicated. Thanks my able writer

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm Jackson pls protect them from danger

  3. Getting more complicated. Please don't let anything happens to cherry and Joe.thumbs up to you author

  4. Jackson pls plan fast..this Mond Xu nah dog oh..i belive the ZM group can't win over the JS group..



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