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Season 3

Episode 70

(Everything will be fine (2)

Elsa shook her head, and said, "My child, why are you so stubborn?"    

Cherry didn't utter a word. But Elsa knew that Cherry was always considerate of others and thought less for herself, so she always lived in a tiring way.     

After Cherry and Elsa chatted with each other in the living room for a while, Wilson went downstairs.     

When Elsa saw Wilson coming, she said to Cherry, "Cherr, maybe you could also have a chat with your brother as well. I'll go and make coffee for Jackson and your Uncle."    

Cherry nodded, and answered, "Okay mom."    

After Elsa left, Wilson walked into the living room and sat on the sofa.   

He looked at Cherry and said, "Cherry, it seems that things are going pretty well for you."    

Cherry nodded, and said, "Yes, everything is alright."    

Wilson also nodded, and echoed, "Well, that's great! It's easy to see that you and Jackson are devoted to each other, and since you've also moved in the military's residential courtyard now, you need to take good care of Joe's education, because it plays an important role in his future."    

"I know, brother; Joe always comes first in my mind," said Cherry.     

Cherry then seemed to remember something. She quickly looked at Wilson, and asked, "Brother, have you heard of the ZM Group?"    

Wilson nodded, and answered, "Yes, I know the Group, and I also have business with it."  

Cherry was surprised by Wilson's words, and she hastily asked, "Do you know Mond Xu? What kind of person is he?"    

Wilson shook his head, and answered, "Although I've done business with the ZM Group, I only met with the Group's managers; I've never seen Mond Xu."    

All of a sudden Cherry's excitement disappeared after she heard him.     

When he saw that Cherry was silent, Wilson asked, "What's the matter? Do you want to know him?"    

Cherry stared in front of her, looking away from Wilson, and as she shook her head, she answered him, "I just want to know what kind of person he is, and how he made the ZM Group develop so fast in such a short time."    

Wilson thought for a while, and then said, "I don't know Mond Xu, but according to what I know about the ZM Group, I know it's very rich. The reason why the ZM Group has done business with so many companies already is that it shares the best interest rates with its partners; it's obvious why any businessman would be willing to partner with the ZM Group."  

"Well, that means that Mond Xu must also be very rich, right?" guessed Cherry.     
"Since Mond Xu was able to develop the ZM Group so well, he surely must be an outstanding person," said Wilson. 

Although he hadn't seen Mond Xu yet, he had thought about him, and he believed that the commercial methods he used were as great as Jackson's.     

Cherry added, "Selina asked her friends to help her inquire upon Mond Xu, but she failed to get anything on him yet. It seems that he is a little mysterious."    

After Wilson heard what Cherry said, he didn't focus much on Mond Xu. Instead, he looked at his sister, and said, "Cherry, the ZM Group is now the second best in the business circle. If it continues to develop like this, there's a chance that it will even transcend the JS Group."  

Wilson wanted to remind Cherry that Mond Xu couldn't be ignored. There was a rumor in the business circles that Mond Xu's next target was the JS Group, so it was obvious that the JS Group's top position in the business world might be threatened by the ZM Group's expansion.     

Cherry was lost in thought for a while, and then said, "It's true, we know that everything is possible in the business world, but at the present moment, Selina and Jackson seem unable to find a way to improve the situation, because we don't know anything about Mond Xu at all, and we don't know what kind of person he is. Even if we try to take some preventive measures, we still don't know where to start implementing them."    

Wilson understood Cherry's worry. Mond Xu was somewhat mysterious, and although he had done business with the ZM Group already, he had never seen Mond Xu, and neither did the other partners.   

When Wilson saw that Cherry was so worried, he comforted her, and said, "Cherry, don't worry about it too much, Jackson will come up with a solution to solve the problem. He's wise, and he's more than capable to run the JS Group well."    

Cherry nodded and agreed with him, but she was still a little anxious.     

In the afternoon, Cherry, Joe, and Jackson left the Yuwen household and went back to the military's residential compound.    

When Cherry walked into the living room, she saw that Lily was cleaning the dining room. She didn't see Andrew there, so she asked her, "Lily, isn't Grandpa home?"  

Lily looked at Cherry, and politely answered her, "Mr. Andrew went out to the neighborhood with the butler to play a game of chess."    

"Oh, alright," gently said Cherry.     

Jackson then walked into the living room. He walked up to Cherry, and softly said, "Darling, don't worry about Grandpa; I'm sure he's playing chess or chatting with some of his friends in the courtyard."    

"Okay, I won't. I'm a bit tired, I think I'll go upstairs and take a nap."    

Jackson nodded, and as he affectionately stroked her hair, he said, "Go and rest, I'll also go out for awhile."    


After Jackson saw Cherry go upstairs, he left the house.     

Derek was watching TV on the sofa when Jackson arrived in his apartment. 

Derek was a little surprised to see Jackson there, and said, "Back already from the Yuwens?"  

There was a sly grin on Derek's face, but Jackson wasn't in the mood to fool around. He sternly said to Derek, "Please sit down, I have something important to talk with you."    

Derek then sat opposite to Jackson, and asked, "What's the matter?" When Derek saw that Jackson was somewhat calm, he knew that something had come up.     

"It's about Mond Xu," said Jackson.    

 "Mond Xu?" Derek looked at Jackson surprised, and asked, "Have you seen him?"    

"I haven't," answered Jackson.     

Jackson then seemed to remember something, and he immediately said to Derek, "Call Derek and ask him to come here now."  

"okay" Derek immediately Took his mobile phone out from his pocket And called Bobby.



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