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Season 3

Episode 68

(As long as she's fine (3)

Jean still hadn't recovered from her emotions.     

"Sally, if you dare to hurt anyone that's innocent, don't blame me for harming you!" said Stephen.     

"Stephen, do you still want to protect Cherry?" Sally looked at Stephen, and continued to say, "Since you want to protect Cherry so much, why don't you take her away? I will cover you. But just don't let her near Jackson again! Jackson was mine and is mine all of his life!"    

"I just want her to be happy, I don't have to own her," said Stephen.     

"Bah, your love is so great! Pff," sneered Sally.     

Mond suddenly felt angry when he saw them quarrelling with each other, and yelled, "Shut up!"  

After they heard his cry, Sally and Stephen held back onto their emotions and looked at each other without saying another single word.     

Mond stared at them, and said, "Jackson, Cherry, Joes and Andrew, I won't let go of neither of them!"    

"Mond, each of us need to get what we want back," suddenly said Sally.     

"What we want?" Mond stared at Sally, and asked, "Do you think I can get what I want back?"    

When she looked into Mond's eyes, Sally didn't know what to say anymore. She immediately turned her eyes away, and didn't dare to look at him anymore.     

After he saw that Sally had stopped talking, Mond continued to say to her, "Sally, don't think that you're still a Miss He, and although I said that Jackson saved your life, you couldn't have lived until now without me. You have no right to say no to me to anything!"  

Sally looked sideways and still remained silent. She knew better than anyone else that she had been away from Jackson for so many years, and that it was Mond who had helped her all along throughout the years. If it hadn't been for him she actually wouldn't have been alive anymore.     

Mond was unwilling to waste any more time on the women's pettish affairs. He said to Stephen, "How are the business status of the ZM Group recently?"    

"We've already gotten in touch with 80% of the JS Group's customers. If the ZM Group can secure them, even for the short term, then all of them will fully obey the instructions of the ZM Group. At that time, the JS Group," Stephen then paused for a moment, and said, "Will become an empty shell."    

After hearing Stephen's words, Mond continued to ask, "Is everything going so well? I don't want the game to end so early, and since our affairs are intersected with Jackson's, it is better to play along with him. I wonder how great his power is?"  

Mond's eyes were full of hatred, but then, in a corner of his heart, a shadow suddenly appeared. It was her shadow, a chic woman's shadow, and the memories with her had always been unforgettable. 

He was never quite able to forget her uniqueness.     

Stephen said, "But Mond, we can't underestimate Jackson, not even for a moment! After all, he has the city in his hands for so many years already, and it's impossible for him to have only the relations that we know of. If he has hidden contacts, then even if we destroy the JS Group, maybe a second one will show up."    

Mond suddenly sneered, "Bah! Then I want to see how strong he actually is! 

How powerful can a person who grew up all of his life depending on the Chu Family actually be? Would he still be like that without his Chu Family background? 

Would that woman still accompany him?"  

Sally, Stephen and Jean all looked at Mond after they heard his words. There was nothing wrong with Mond's words, but the last sentence made the three people somewhat confused. The woman referred to by Mond was obviously Cherry, but it was natural for Cherry to accompany Jackson because everyone knew that she was his wife. Why did Mond say something like that?     

Mond also didn't know why he had said his last sentence. He had uttered it in his heart, but he didn't know why he had spoken it out loud so easily. He didn't realize that his words had been somewhat strange until he saw the confused look of the three people's faces.     

With a calm face, Mond continued to say, "I heard that the woman had been treated badly in the Shen Family. Didn't she marry Jackson for money in the first place?"  

After they heard this, Sally and Jean suddenly realized Mond's meaning. It seemed that their worries had just been superfluous.     

Stephen thought for a while, and also thought that there was nothing wrong. He also guessed that Mond had spoken his mind out unconsciously.     

"Cherry is a shameless bitch! When she was in our Family, she lived a poor life, just like a cockroach! She thought of marrying Jackson and rising as a phoenix, but she lived without him and raised her child alone for five years," said Jean, with a disdainful look in her eyes. She knew Cherry's past very well.     

"Hey, I want to stop her from becoming a phoenix! Does she think that having a son is like holding a treasure? No, she's still a cheap woman!" Sally's eyes were filled with hatred, and she treated Cherry as her life-long nemesis.   

Stephen lowered his head and listened to their conversations. He felt a little bitter in his heart, because the woman that he wanted to protect was so far away from him. Although they lived in the same city, she was living a happy life with another man, but as long as she was happy, he felt good, and he didn't want to see her suffer or be hurt ever again.




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