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Season 3

Episode 64

(The present from great grandpa(2)

Jackson replied, "Nothing," and then took Cherry into his arms.     

Cherry kept asking him, "Really? But you seem so irritated."    

Derek stroked Selina's hair, who was sitting beside him, and said, "I'm sorry, Selina, I was too emotional."    Selina lowered her head and didn't say anything.     

Cherry looked at Derek, and then asked, "Selina told me what happened. Was it because of the ZM Group?"  

Derek didn't answer her question.     

Cherry turned to Jackson, and said, "I heard of the ZM Group before. Selina told me that the ZM Group developed too fast, and that it's better for us to investigate it in case it might be a potential danger to us. However, we found nothing about it, even though Selina already asked some friends to help us."    

Jackson fondly looked at Cherry, and said, "I know, Baby, we'll handle this. You and Selina don't need to worry about it, and you two can only deal with JS Group's business affairs."    

Cherry looked at Jackson and suddenly asked, "Jackson, do you know Mond?"    

When Jackson gazed into Cherry's eyes he was unwilling to lie, so he nodded to her, and said, "Yes, we've met each other before, but a long time passed since our last encounter."  

Derek immediately became nervous when Jackson mentioned Mond. He thought, 'Will Jackson tell Cherry the truth? Jackson is willing to break his rules every time for Cherry. Will he actually tell her?'    

"Are you and Mond acquainted with each other?" asked Selina, surprised. She looked at Jackson and hoped that he would enlighten her. It was unexpected for Selina that Jackson knew Mond, who she had already attempted to investigate.     

Jackson looked at Selina, and as he shook his head, said, "We aren't acquainted with each other, I just know him."  

Selina lowered her head frustrated, and replied, "Alas, none of my friends is acquainted with Mond? I'm very curious about him."    

Derek looked at Selina, and asked, "What makes you so curious about him? You two don't know each other at all."    

Selina had indeed longed to know Mond for his achievements, and said, "As an MBA, I'm very interested about how Mond started and managed to run such a big company in such a short time. By the way, it seems that he runs the company pretty well."    

Derek said, "There are many talents like Mond in the world, Jackson for example.  Do you remember how Jackson also started and ran the JS Group in a short time?"  

Selina thought about Derek's question and then turned to Jackson, and said, "Indeed! The JS Group also developed very fast, and many people were also discussing about it at that time."    

Jackson didn't say anything because he was focused on Cherry.     
Cherry snuggled up to Jackson, and although she didn't utter a word, she was very delighted that Derek and Selina spoke so highly of him.     

When Derek noticed that Selina had cheered up again, he smiled, and said, "Selina, are you ready for the party? It'll be in just a few days."    

"Take it easy. What, don't you believe in my capabilities now?" replied Selina with delight in her tone.  She couldn't wait for the party.   

"Of course I believe you're capable!" Derek kept smiling.     Selina was as confident as she had always been. She then looked at Cherry, and asked, "What about you, Cherry? Have you prepared your clothes and shoes for the big party?"    

Cherry also smiled, and answered her question, "Of course. But except for clothes and shoes, what else is there to prepare?"    

"You're wrong! There are other important things that you need to prepare, because you'll be Jackson's companion, and the two of you will be the event's main attraction!"  

Derek made a joke at Selina, and echoed Cherry, "Selina, don't worry, Cherry is very beautiful even if she has no make-up on her. You'd better worry about yourself."    

Selina pretended to be angry at Derek, and asked, "Why? Are you implying that I'm ugly?"    

"I didn't imply anything," shrugged Derek, trying to prove his innocence.     

However, Selina didn't buy it, and she looked at Derek and said, "If you think that I'm too ugly to be your companion, you can always find a girlfriend to accompany you instead."    

"You..." started Derek, but he was at a loss for words.   

Selina became quite complacent, and kept on lecturing Derek, "You're as old as Jackson is, but you still don't have a girlfriend, while Joe, Jackson and Cherry's son, is already a big boy now. Don't you think that you're a little left behind?"    
Derek said, "Stop saying that! Selina!"    

Selina looked at her brother, but didn't stop, and continued to say, "No! Of course I'll continue! What will you do about it?"    

Both Jackson and Cherry smiled when they saw the scene. Derek and Selina always looked like young and naughty children whenever they were together in the same place.     

In the afternoon, Cherry and Jackson went together to Joe's school to pick him up.   

Joe was very happy to see that both his Daddy and Mommy were waiting for him at the school's gate. 

He quickly ran to Jackson and hugged him, and said, "Daddy, Mommy called you back!"    

Jackson held Joe in his arms, and asked, "What do you mean by that?"    

Joe was a little upset that his Daddy didn't understand him, and he asked, "Didn't Mommy call you in the morning?"    

Jackson nodded, and said to him, "Of course she did!"    

"That's right! You came back because you obeyed Mommy's command!"  

"I came back because I wanted to come back, okay?" Jackson suddenly wanted to argue with Joe. Why would Joe think that? Why couldn't he have come back by his own free will?     

"Alright, alright. Anyway, Mommy wears the pants in our family," said Joe while he adorably smiled at Cherry.     

Jackson was lost for words but decided to keep silent when he saw Cherry and Joe's delighted faces.     

"Okay, okay, let's go home now," said Cherry to Jackson. "You drive, and Joe and I will sit in the back seats."    
"Let Joe sit in the back seat alone and you sit in the passenger's seat," said Jackson, a little upset that Cherry left him alone and chose Joe instead. 

Joe strongly opposed Jackson's suggestion, and as he tightly held Cherry's arms, said, "No! I want to sit with Mommy!"

Cherry looked at her son and then turned to Jackson, who was also apparently upset. She immediately said to her husband, "I'll sit with Joe, alright?"



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