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Season 3

Episode 61

(Protect my son(2)

Derek then drove the car and they arrived at their secret building. 

When they went inside, two rows of guards were already respectfully waiting for them as they always did, and they calmly walked through them.     

When Bobby saw them walking in the lobby, he turned to the guards and said to them, "Go away to your own business."    

"Yes sir!" immediately replied the guards.     

After they left, Bobby walked up to Jackson and Derek.   

"Tell me now!" directly commanded Jackson.     

Bobby looked at him but didn't say a word; instead, he took a file folder from the table beside him and immediately gave it to Jackson.     

Jackson was somehow stunned by his move. He took the file folder from his hand, opened it, and started to read its content.     

All of a sudden, the expression on his face obviously changed, and he looked very shocked. His eyebrows frowned, and his eyes closely stared at a piece of paper he was holding in his hands.     

When Derek saw Jackson's astonished face, he also started to be a little nervous, and he asked in a low voice, "What's wrong? What happened?"  

"I didn't expect that it was him," said Jackson, as he moved his eyes away from the paper, falling into silence. He hadn't expected to see the man who had taken Jean away.     
When Derek saw that Jackson didn't answer his question, he slowly took the paper from his hands and also started to read it.     

He was also stunned by what he read in it, and couldn't believe his eyes. Derek then stared at Jackson, and asked, "Why did Mond do that? 

How did he know about Jean?"    "He has always followed us and has kept an eye on us in the shadows," firmly replied Jackson. After he saw Mond's name in the files, he was sure that he must have indeed seen him that day when he had gone to Joe's school with Cherry. There was no doubt that the man who was standing in the corner of the school gate was Mond.   

"You mean that he's always been here in the city?" asked Derek.     

But Jackson didn't reply to him.     

Derek then cast his gaze onto Bobby, who was standing nearby, and asked him with his eyes. He knew Bobby quite well, and he understood that since he could find out such a result, he must somehow know about some other details and other relating information.     

Bobby met Derek's eyes and knew exactly what he wanted to know about. He glanced at Jackson, and then focused his eyes on Derek again, and said, "Since Mr. Jackson got married, Mond Xu has never had any records of leaving the country or even leaving the city. All of the traffic information is in our control, but we can't find any records of that sort."  

"But what if he used a fake identity?" asked Derek.     

Bobby calmly replied, "It's very likely for him to do that, but even so, it's almost impossible to find out his fake identity, because it's impossible to check all the records one by one."    

Derek didn't say anything more and just fell into his thoughts, because he had also expected that.     

"So, Mond has been planning all along?" guessed Derek.   

"He sure has," suddenly said Jackson, with hatred burning in his eyes.     

"He's taking advantage of Jean to threaten you, but why does he have to set himself against you? Can't you just get along well with each other?" said Derek, as he looked at Jackson.     

"You really think that I want to fight with him? With those things happened in the past, what could I do at that time? Everything was determined only by Grandpa.  

Besides, I only cared about Sally at that time, how could I ever think about Mond?" replied Jackson with anger, while fiercely staring at Derek.     

Derek turned his head aside and moved his gaze away from Jackson, unwilling to quarrel with him. He thought, 'Actually, I can fully understand how helpless Jackson was in the past. Although he belonged to the Chu Family, he was still young and had no power at all. 

Besides, after what happened to the He Family and An Family, nobody had time to pay attention to Mond. All of those things were handled by Grandpa, and nobody else was able to settle all those affairs in that immense chaos.'  

Jackson and Derek both stopped talking, and when Bobby saw them silent, he didn't dare to say anything either. The whole lobby became dead silent.     

"Where's Mond now?" suddenly asked Jackson, breaking the silence.   

"He rented a house in the central villa area and lives there," reported Bobby according to his investigation. He then added, "But, Mr. Jackson..."    

"Go ahead! Say what you have to say already!" immediately commanded Jackson.     

"You also need to know about this," said Bobby, as he took out another folder and handed it to Jackson.     

Jackson took the folder from his hands and immediately opened it. He started to read it without even glancing Bobby once, but when he saw its contents, he immediately fell mute. The ZM Group?     

Derek stared at Bobby, and asked, "What's this all about?"  

Bobby didn't conceal anything from him, and explained straightaway, "A little while ago, a new company was listed in our city, and its name was the ZM Group. During a short period of time, it has already risen to the second place in the business group ranking, just after the JS Group."    

"The ZM Group? Is that Mond's company?" asked Derek, as he moved his gaze onto Jackson.    

 "Why didn't anyone tell this to me!"  furiously shouted Jackson as he threw the folder on the floor.     

"I didn't know about it only until I investigated Mond Xu. Before that, I didn't even care about the business world," replied Bobby. He actually hadn't known about it at all, and because he had so many things to deal with every day, he didn't pay any attention to other things beyond Jackson's orders. He had never cared about the business world, but he hadn't expected that there would be such breaking news in it.  

 Derek suddenly said, "but didn't selina and cherry know about it, either."




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