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Season 3

Episode 60

(Protect my son (1)

That night, while Cherry and Joe were lying together in bed, Joe looked at the pendant on his chest, and asked, "Mommy, how much does this cost?"    

Cherry earnestly said, "Joe, no matter how much it's worth, it's your Great-Grandpa's present for you, so you must cherish it and keep it well."    

"Okay! I will, Mommy!" happily replied Joe.     

"That's right! We don't have to care about how much money they cost; we just need to know that they symbolize the Chu Family, and that we need to cherish them because of that," said Cherry.   

Joe nodded, and then changed the topic. He said, "Mommy, will Daddy come back home tomorrow?"    Cherry thought, 'When Jackson called me in the afternoon, he only told me that he wouldn't come back tonight, but he didn't say when he would come back...'    

She honestly said, "I don't know, either.  What's the matter? Do you miss your Daddy?"    

"Yes. I hope that he'll come back home as soon as possible, and then we can go and visit Grandma Elsa and Grandpa Jacob in the weekend!" said Joe.   

"Don't worry, Joe, Mommy'll call your Daddy tomorrow and ask him when he'll be back, okay?" said Cherry, who thought that her son was really fond of his father.     

"Okay!" sweetly replied Joe, nodding his head.     

"Alright, you should fall asleep now, or you won't get up tomorrow," said Cherry, while she tucked him in his blanket.     

"Mommy, will you sleep in my room tonight?" asked Joe.     

"Of course I will! I'll keep you company tonight," softly said Cherry.     

"Okay, I wanna sleep in Mommy's arms." said Joe, who then tightly hugged his Mommy and closed his eyes.   

Cherry watched her lovely son fall asleep as she switched off the bedside lamp. She then tightly embraced him and also quickly fell asleep.     

The next morning, Cherry helped Lily cook breakfast as she usually did, and then the family had breakfast together again. After that, Cherry drove Joe to his school.     

After she saw Joe stepping inside the school's building, she went to work at the JS Group.     

While Cherry was sitting in her office, she looked out of the window and started to ponder. She then suddenly took her phone and called Jackson's number.   

The call was immediately answered, and Jackson said, "Hi, baby!"    

"Jackson, are you busy? Did I interrupt you?" softly asked Cherry.     
"Nothing is more important than you. How could you ever interrupt me from something?" replied Jackson.     

"Alright, stop flattering me," quickly said Cherry, and thought, 'He's making a fool out of me again!'    

"What's the matter? Do you miss me?" asked Jackson, in a snickering tone.     

"No! Joe's the one who says that he misses you, and he wants to know when you'll be back home," quickly replied Cherry.  She said to herself, 'Joe did say that he missed his Daddy last night, but that's none of my business!'  

"Really? You mean that Joe's the only one who misses me?" teased Jackson.     

"Believe it or not. When'll you come back home?" asked Cherry in a louder voice.     

Jackson then understood that Cherry was getting a little irritated, so he replied, "I'll be back home later today after I deal with my things."    

"Okay, I got it," said Cherry.     

When Jackson felt that she was about to end their dialogue, he quickly asked, "Are you already at work?"    

"Yep, I'm already here," said Cherry.   

"I'll come there to meet you later."    "You'll come to the JS Group?" asked Cherry, astonished.     

Jackson didn't reply to her, and instead asked back, "What's wrong? Can't I come there?"    

"No," quickly said Cherry.     

They then ended their chat, and after Cherry hung up the phone, she adjusted her mood and started to work.     

Selina was in her office looking at some files that she had in her hand. In just several days, ZM Group had gained great momentum in development, ranking only second to the JS Group among the business circle in the city. Although there was still a gap between ZM and JS, Selina was still very worried, because the ZM Group's development was much faster than she had expected it to be, and she hadn't informed Jackson about its existence yet. She thought, 'If Jackson knows about this, will he have any good ideas?  We must keep the JS Group on the first place among the business enterprises of this city.'  

After she thought for a while, she finally grabbed her phone and called Jackson's number.     

"Hi, Selina!" said Jackson after he answered the phone.     

"Jackson, are you busy? I have something to talk with you," said Selina.   

"I'll have a meeting first, and after that I'll come to the JS Group. You can talk to me later when I arrive there," hastily said Jackson.     

When Selina heard the impatience in his voice, she quickly replied, "Okay, I'll wait for you here."    

She then hung up the phone, and didn't think about it any more. She put the files she had in her hands back in the drawer, and then continued with her work.     

Later that day, when Jackson and Derek were on their way to the JS Group, Jackson's phone suddenly rang.     

Jackson glanced at the screen and immediately frowned when he saw who the caller was.   

Derek noticed his facial expression, and asked, "What's wrong?"    

"It's Bobby," replied Jackson. He felt puzzled why Bobby called him.     He eventually answered the phone.     
"Speaking," said Jackson in a cold tone.     

"Mr. Jackson, are you busy?" said Bobby from the other end of the line.     

"I'm listening," briefly commanded Jackson.     

"You've asked me to investigate into Jean Shen, and I have something for you regarding her. Can you come over now?" said Bobby.   

Jackson paused for a while, and then said, "Okay."    

After he hung up the phone, he immediately said to Derek, "Let's go and meet with Bobby."    

When Derek heard him, he felt confused, and asked, "Right now? But didn't you promise Cherry that you'll go to the JS Group to meet her?"    

Jackson stared at him with an angry gaze, and briefly said, "It's about Jean Shen."    

He was sure that Derek would understand his words, because he knew him better than anyone else.     
"Okay, got it," firmly said Derek as he nodded his head. He immediately understood Jackson's meaning, and knew that Bobby had found something about Jean. After he took things into consideration, it was indeed more important to meet with Bobby first than to see Cherry.




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