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Season 3

Episode 59

(The valuable pendant (3)

Andrew nodded, and said, "Well, affairs in the army can't be delayed."    

Cherry looked at Andrew, and said, "Yes, I know. Grandpa, please sit here and rest for a while, I'll go to the kitchen to help Lily. I'll ask you to eat dinner when it's finished, okay?"    

"Go right ahead," replied Andrew, who was amused by his very polite granddaughter-in-law.     

When Cherry left, she briefly looked at the butler and nodded to greet him.   

The butler also nodded politely to her, and thought, 'She looks gentle and quiet, rather than a scheming and strong woman.'    

After dinner, when Andrew saw that Cherry was going upstairs with Joe, he said to them, "Cherry, Joe, please come here."    

Hearing Andrew calling them, Cherry took her son's hand and went to him. She asked, "Grandpa, what's up?"    

Andrew pointed to the sofa next to him, and said to Cherry and Joe, "Sit down, I have something to tell you."  

"Okay," said Cherry, and as she nodded, she grabbed her son's hand and sat next to Andrew.     

The butler walked upstairs, and returned with two small and exquisite boxes in his hands.     

He then gave the boxes to Andrew.     
Andrew took them, put one box on the table next to him, and opened the other box in his hand. He took out the blue pendant from it, and said to Joe, "Joe, come here."    

Cherry and Joe didn't know what Andrew wanted to do. Joe stood up and walked to Andrew.     

When Joe was standing in front of his Great-Grandpa, he looked at the transparent blue pendant in his hands. The pattern on it was very complicated, and looked like being handmade, and even though he didn't know what it was, the pendant had a noble and attractive aspect to it.   

Andrew glanced at the pendant in his hand and then turned his eyes to Joe. He said tenderly, "Joe, this pendant was bought in a tourist resort when I was young and was travelling abroad with your Great-Grandma. I will now give it to you, and you must take good care of it, okay? This pendant is very important to me, and it not only represents my memory of your Great-Grandma, but also represents our Chu Family."  

When he saw the seriousness in Andrew's eyes, Joe nodded, and said firmly, "Great-Grandpa, I promise that I will protect it well, no matter what!"    

Andrew looked at the lovely boy and then put the pendant on his neck. He still touched it with his hands, feeling somehow wistful.     

"Joe, you must keep it safe and wear it all the time. That way, your Great-Grandpa will stay with you forever," said Andrew firmly.     

"Okay, I will take good care of it. Don't worry, Great-Grandpa," replied Joe.     

Andrew nodded and then looked at Cherry, and said, "Cherry, come here now."  

Cherry also stood up and approached him.     

Andrew then took the other box and got out of it a purple pendant.     

Cherry saw Andrew taking out the purple pendant, which was even more beautiful than the blue one. It was very exquisite, with a delicate pattern on it which symbolized a noble identity. She knew at first sight that the delicate pattern was carefully handmade, even though she didn't know what it actually was.     

Andrew then gave the pendant to Cherry, and said, "These two pendants are a pair. Cherry, I will give the purple pendant to you now."  

"Grandpa, the pendant is too expensive, I can't accept it!" quickly said Cherry. She had never thought that Andrew would give such gifts to her and Joe, and although she knew that Andrew loved Joe very much, she still felt ashamed to accept such a valuable gift from him. He wanted to give the other one to her? How could she accept such an expensive and valuable gift from an old man?     

Andrew didn't worry much when he saw that Cherry refused his gift. He then amiably said to her, "Cherry, I sometimes feel really sorry because I haven't given you anything since you married Jackson. You never have the chance to meet Jackson's parents, nor his Grandma, so you also have no gifts for you from the elders of the Chu Family. Now, I want to give this purple pendant to you, on behalf of all the elders in our Family."  

"But it's too ex..." but before Cherry could finish her words, Andrew put a hand up in the air and stopped her.     

Andrew then put the pendant in Cherry's hand, and as he held her hands up, he said, "Cherry, our Chu Family is in no shortage of money. 

You don't need to care how much it's worth, but just remember that it's a gift for you from the Chu Family's elders. You are Jackson's wife, a member of our Family, so you deserve it, and you must take good care of it."  

Looking at the delicate pendant in her hand, Cherry finally nodded and promised Andrew that she would keep it safe.     

Andrew then relieved with a smile when he saw that Cherry eventually accepted the pendant. He now had finally completed all of his duties for Jackson and for the Chu Family.     
The butler, who was standing beside Andrew, smiled too, but in reality he was brooding his own plan in his mind. The two pendants for Cherry and Joe were just souvenirs, and he didn't care too much about them, no matter how beautiful and expensive they were. 

What he really wanted to get from the Chu Family was their power rather than their money, and he thought that he would eventually figure out a way to strip them of all of their power.




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